I’ve Been Thinking As Usual

There used to be a few group blogs back in the early blogging days. lol, I sound so old but hear me out.

Those blogs were some of the most structural and bustling blogs. They also really fun to own and collaborate with.

I’m not promising anything but… What if only kickstarted one again.

Just one.

I mean we began reviving a lot of things why not this?

Never mind, the blog I wanted to revive I can’t because I’m only a editor and can’t add new authors… Dang it.

What if we started a new one?

It could be…

I don’t know. 

We could just have… Random Everything.

If you get what I mean, but maybe it’s not making sense. 

It’s just an idea.

So if you would like to join me, comment below.

Or not.

I mean it is an idea.


Come on, it can be fun!!!

Float In The Cyber Space Of New Things!


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