Living The Blonde’s Life: Floods

Living The Blonde’s Life


I let Imogen and Liam ride together on the way back while staying with Charlie and Mia. It definitely seemed like they were hitting it off but, I wonder if Immy even thinks of this as scheme anymore as to she actually like Liam as much as Andrew. Maybe even more? What do I know, though.

Sometimes, I think I think too much.

Raindrops began to splatter onto my magenta, flower helmet. I looked around and everyone else seemed to notice as well. We sped up the pac and by the time Charlie and I skidded our bikes to our front door, dripping wet, the pitter-patter felt like hard mini-slaps.

“Let’s go! I don’t want any chances of getting pneumonia people!” Imogen yelled, soaking even more than everything else.
“I’ll see you around.” Mia spat rainwater.
And they rushed off faster than you could say butter-scotch.

As Charlie knocked on the door, my mother’s hands pulled us inside and into the living room. On the couches, laid several blankets. She offered at least two to us as she frantically smashed the T.V. remote with such force.

“You see this?” She waved the remote shakily over the screen where it displayed the weather map. “There’s going to be a freak storm heading to West Virginia.” she declared.
“What about-” Charlie intervened.
“It’s not supposed to be so awful until next Friday, so you will still have school. But I’m not going to let you go out on Thursdays or Fridays.” she announced while keeping her eyes glued on the screen.

My thoughts began spinning out of control. I finally got a date? with the guy I like and Zeus has to ruin it. THANKS SO MUCH.
“Couldn’t you wait until AFTER, Zeus?” I whisper-screamed. The thunder roared very loudly.
“Well, okay then.” I muttered.

Charlie spoke up with concern, “What about dad?”
Mother sighed, “Honey, your father is-”
“Right here.” We turned around as we heard the rain crash into the ground as our father stood in the front of the door dripping wet.

“Alex?” My mother asked in disbelief.
“Rosalie, I’m here.” My dad said and held his arms out.

What happened next can only explained as the rain scene from The Notebook. Yeah, I’m not going into details here.


“So, basically it’s only school and no date?” Imogen asked over the phone.
“Yeah, this storm is ruining my life.”

“This was supposed to be a great milestone in my life and instead, I’m here trapped by barriers of waters.” I thought wistfully looking out my bedroom window wondering how things would move in life.


A/N ~ First time I’ve done this, but hey my readers! Thank you so much for reading so far. To go with the song, there will be a little time jump so our characters will be a little older in high school and things will change. XD This was kind of a short, filler chapter but the raincheck on the weather had to happen.

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