Taking Some Quizzes

It’s Delia!

Even though I prefer Buzzfeed (and I will be doing buzzfeed because come on, ITS BUZZFEED!) I decided to use what plethora of time I have on a weekend also watching Hannah Montana (because I’m throwing back XD) to take some quizzes.

So let’s go!


So I took this one:


Its about seeing if they can guess their state. I think y’all already know where I’m from, so when it said TEXAS I was like: What?

I’m Southern but you went too west. I’m from Georgia HAHA. But I couldn’t see some of the images or questions so I tried it again.

Then it said I’m from California. That’s like the next coast OVER. XD I was done after.


Then I did this one:

It’s What Color I should dye my hair for my personality.


They actually got my hair color right, I’m a brunette! So I’m basically keeping my hair color XD.


Can We Guess Your Real Age?

It said I was 29… I’m 13.


Can We Guess Your Age By Making You Pick Random Celebrities?

I’m apparently in my early twenties, now.




Which Comedy TV Show Friend Should Be Your BFF?

I got Charlotte York from Sex And The City (which I didn’t know was also a tv show XD) which sounds a lot like me so Good Job, Buzz Feed!


This one supposedly is supposed to tell me What Type Of Man I Should Marry (AS IF I DIDN’T ALREADY KNOW… I need help.)

I got: Mr. Tall, Dark, And Handsome?



This one told which “Totally Spies” (I LOVED THAT SHOW SO MUCH) Character Would Be My BFF?

I GOT SAM! XD I’ve always wanted to be Sam’s friend anyways YES!


This one told you If You Should Have A Summer Fling?

I already knew I shouldn’t but I still went for it.

I got a Maybe. I was thinking I would get No but okay.


And the Final One:

Which Totally Weird Forever 21 Slogan T-Shirt Are You?

I got a Balzac Quote Tank which actually seem cool!


That’s enough for now but I might do this again 🙂

Float In The Cyber Space!


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