How A Group Of 9 Friends Basically Disbanded In Less Than 5 Minutes

It’s Delia!

And so I guess I never Told you this and eh, it would explain some awkwardness between people that will probably still be there by the beginning of 8th grade.

So this is why.

This isn’t between like my main group of best friends, it’s just friends I guess.

Honestly, I feel like this awkwardness starting with Hyssop and the one night stand thing.

Something I don’t like to mention but here I am.

It was a simple night basically we were all kind of bored so there we were texting in the group chat when Hyacinth and Hyssop became out of nowhere with a giant argument they were being extremely vague about.

Everyone else was so confused.

I just watched silently trying to understand the situation while others were just done, or trying to be a mediator.

That confusion turned into frustration and then one by one people just left and said No more.

The fact it happened so quickly…

Cadenza said Hyssop was being to over dramatic these days. I don’t know what that’s about.

Something’s poking me that there’s something else to do this but I’m not going to pry.

Float In The Cyber Space!


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