Update On My Mom

It’s Delia!

So I haven’t really updated y’all on my mother’s health status. I am so thankful and glad that she is okay. She came home from the hospital a week or so ago and I have been the sole person to take care her because, my siblings are pretty darn selfish. Plus, my dad’s in SC every week so he couldn’t be there if he wanted to. Except for the week she came home. Then he was there.

My siblings are helping, the least amount they have to. They were at least quiet because noises gives my mom headaches.

My mom has to breathe in this mechanism that clears her lungs from getting pneumonia after the surgery. And she has to take these pills with a Phillips liquid medicine. She isn’t in much pain anymore just when she coughs and/or sneezes or moves quickly. That’s when she has immense pain. She has stitches (I never knew they kind of looked like staples…) that are being removed soon. And my house is always getting crowded because of her constant visitors and well-wishers. My siblings think they are getting annoying. She’s basically been in bed ever since.

There was this one time she made it to the stairs. Then she nearly slipped and I took her back to bed.

I’ve been basically watching over her while my siblings go on with life.

This is only part of why I can’t trust them.

People have been so kind and I am so happy that my mom made it through the surgery.

And thanks for your prayers as well, I’m really grateful.

Float In The Cyber Space Of Thankfulness!


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