That Tag Lish Made

XD This title again!


1. One person who you wouldn’t hesitate pushing off a cliff?

I mean as evil as she is, Impatiens. But I also feel like I’m being mean… I don’t know why.

2. What thing that you’ve done do you regret the most?

Crossing Impatiens’s path because I mean I’m in fear she’s going to do something to me on the first day of school or something. She just happened to stop Andante’s skateboard for talking to Arco 2 days ago causing him to have many scrapes on his arm. 2 DAYS AGO PEOPLE. SHE’S PLOTTING.

3. Most recent lie you told?

” I took ALL the plates downstairs, dad.”

4. Weirdest thing you’ve done today?

Trying to flip over and over on my mattress. And vibrating my lips doing it.

5. Would you rather, push a friend off a cliff, or let a serial killer go loose killing off many?

Well, there’s a chance she may survive so… Push a friend off a cliff.

6. Would you rather go to school tomorrow, or jump off a cliff?
So much jumping off cliffs….

I like school but it’s summer…

Still I’d go to school.

7. What’s one thing you do when you’re upset?

Um, well. Either walk in the woods or sit in my room on WordPress, eating some potato chips.

8. Never eat chocolate, or eat only chocolate?

Never eat chocolate, I guess. So many other good foods.

Plus, then I could still eat White Chocolate since it really isn’t chocolate.. XD

9. Do you believe in ghosts?

I don’t really know at this point.

10. If you could be one place in the world right now where would it be?

Either Paris, Vermont, or a French countryside XD

11. Do you make a wish on 11:11?

Eh, not really… sometimes.

12. Do you believe in aliens?

Not really. Maybe they lived once ago (I’m referring to Mars since the other planets are just mainly gas) due to the frozen ice and dry riverbed looking things, but I don’t think so now..

I tag anyone reading this XD

Float In The Cyber Space!


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