How Begonia Nearly Sliced Azalea’s Eye

It’s Delia.

And yes, this title sounds a little gory.

If you didn’t already know, Begonia and Azalea are two of my siblings.

It all happened yesterday…,

So we’re at our house and our cousins were over. Oddly enough, Begonia and one of my cousins were playing around with knives.

Yes, knives. I’m guessing they were trying to do tricks with the knife or something. Even though Begonia would much rather spend her time on social media on her tablet, she was spinning about the kitchen with a small, semi-sharp knife.

I think you can imagine the rest.

I think my cousins saw Azalea coming which is why they warned Begonia to stop,

But it was too late.

Begonia stopped but not before she made a long cut across Azalea’s eyelid and part of her face. Azalea was lucky her eye wasn’t open or she’d be blind or something right now.

There was… Blood gushing from her eyelid as Azalea ran upstairs to tell mom and my Aunt . Luckily, my aunt is a doctor and took care of Azalea.

But now there’s a LONG bandage across her eyes and we have to redress, sanitize, and replace it when the bandage gets old.

And Azalea hates Begonia more than she already did.

So there’s a lot of tension within our house.

Float In The Cyber Space.


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