Soap Operas Have Taken Over My Afternoons

Its Delia!

And I simply ADORE soap operas. My mom got all my siblings in the habit of it, but Azalea kept crying at the fight scenes and deaths while my brother got into video games. Begonia sometimes watches them but not around me. You know, because she hates me?


They are called Soap Operas because when they first began, they were sponsored by soap producers and some toothpaste ones too but who would want to call them Toothpaste Operas?

Fact of the day, people.

They keep you on the edge of your feet, you know? That’s why I’m also into shows like Pretty Little Liars (And the rumored new series based on another series from Sara Shepard: The Perfectionists [Speaking of which, I need to read The Good Girls] which should be good).

I find it so interesting and I really feel with the characters.

The only ones I watch are: General Hospital, The Bold And The Beautiful, and The Young And The Restless. And good thing because I don’t think my brain can contain anymore info on all these deaths, rivalries, relationships and such.

BUT ITS SO ENTRALLING. And then you have all theories of what happens next.

For example (even though I’m sure no one here watches this); Today’s episode of The Bold And The Beautiful, Steffy killed Aly. Or “killed” Aly. Trust me, in these shows someone who is “dead” can be alive. And since Ivy only saw the part where Steffy pushed Aly onto that rock, Ivy is going to testify against her because of what she saw and/or the fact the Steffy has been trying to steal Liam from her. She was a witness. Steffys Mom killed Aly’s mom. Steffy killed Aly.. You see, even with her deranged ness I can see why Aly wanted revenge before Steffy “killed” her because it was a Hit and Run. And it’s such a shame because Thorne was going to take Aly to the doctor the next morning and then go to Paris with her in the morning and now… Plus, Steffy and Aly are cousins so she killed her own cousin… Yikes. I can definitely see Liam hating Steffy and Steffy going to jail.

That probably makes no sense to you.

But it’s that type of action that just pulls you in.

I think my raving about Soaps ends here.

Float In The Cyber Space!!


5 thoughts on “Soap Operas Have Taken Over My Afternoons

      1. Well, there’s this one that’s my favorite but warning you it’s kind of old (2009), but it always manages to mess with my emotions.
        It’s called “Boys over Flowers”. XD
        I watched every season on Netflix but idk if it’s still there.

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