Fake Bae Incorporated ~ Showing/Sending You Fictional Contenders For Your Heart Since 2015

All Types Of Cups Of Randomness

It’s Delia!

Here’s something you might enjoy.


*infomercial voice*Who needs a real boyfriend when there are fictional characters? Choose from.a wide selection of many varieties of characters ready to meet YOU!

Had your heart broken by a real person?

Come to us, and we’ll set up with someone who meets all your needs. ALL OF THEM. At least in your eyes.

And as a bonus, they don’t have a problem with your social skills. Call here at 1 800 FAKE BAE! That’s 1 800 FAKE BAE!

*fast voice/ fine print*

We are not responsible for any obsessions or heartbreaks. It is not our fault if the character does not love you back. Because well, they don’t exist. Thank you for using our services. Have fun!


Now, I kind of wish this was real..

Float In The Cyber Space!

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