Random Research Urges

Its Delia!

Since I was like 10, I would randomly get the urge to look up something. And more often than not, I would find a related topic over and over and again and then find something related to the related topic and so forth.

I guess I am just an avid knowledge seeker.

I would get from clocks to Taylor Swift within a couple hours.. Or bridges to the History of Rice Krispies.. Weird, right?

So I’ve been doing it more often and that’s how I even found out about the Kennedy Family curse, and all their misfortunes. Speaking of which, Arnold Schwarzenegger is related to John F. Kennedy. Just found that out.

And the bad luck (I don’t think it’s bad luck just misfortune) started with Joseph P. Kennedy, Sr.

I look up a lot crazy stuff.. I’m officially a book/research dork. Not that I wasn’t already.

I don’t even know where I was going with this post. Next thing, I’ll probably be looking up WordPress and then end up reading about the creator of street signs.

Currently, I am on my way to North Carolina , WHOOP!

And Lizzie’s right, It would be weird if I went to the city she lives in and she went to the city I live in..

By the way, she’s in Georgia right now which is why she hasn’t been blowing up our feeds. XD

Ever wonder why the country of Georgia is named Georgia?

My brain has lost its way.

Float In The Intelligent Cyber Space! 


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