Open House

Its Delia!

And today is Open House for me. My mom said I had to leave the sweatshirt behind and wear something decent. So I’m wearing a button up with flats. Basically what I wear to school anyways.

*Before I left to Open House*

I did not have a fun morning. Begonia decides that it would be a great idea to wake me up at 4:47am to choose between two shirts that almost THE EXACT SAME, the only differences are that one has less sparkles and they say something different yet sounds the same. Other than that, nothing. What’s even better is I said before I went to sleep yesterday that I have several hours of sleep to catch up on so I don’t look like a zombie when I go, and Begonia thinks that if she slaps me awake and pours cold water on me I’m not going to get mad.


I was going to wake at 5 anyways fix up my hair and take a shower before my brother goes in and takes too long. Because God knows my hair is some other creature. To make things better, my aunt decides to give us a surprise visit with my triplet cousins.

And my mom was about to leave for  Begonia and Azalea’s Open House was at 8:30 when the surprise visitors come. So, here’s Begonia complaining that they should go already but as she said, “Mother just drops everything to please my aunt while some of us would love to see some of our crus- friends and know our teacher is.”

The irony is that Begonia has known since EARLY MAY. Before summer even started. And she felt the need to constantly mention her new teacher who, to be honest, I’ve not so nice things about. So my mother tends to everyone’s need and then she leaves.

I was just cleaning about the house when my aunt says, “You know, Bear cleans a lot faster than you are right now. Not there’s anything wrong at least you’re helping out your mother.”

WHOOP, there it is.

Bear: *sighs as she flips through the channel*

They call it being a little annoying, I call it… being observant and comparative. Because we all love those mental Venn diagrams… So I finished cleaning, and then Mom, Azalea, and Begonia come home.

My aunt starts asking my mom about Beta Club and such and then she says, “See? Duck, why can’t you be as focused as Delia. You are making a good effort at least.”

Duck sunk low in her spot on the couch. My brother thinks she doesn’t have a filter. I think she says something not so nice and compliments them to soften the blow.

Aunt Elizabeth: Oh and Bear has a boyfriend. I’m wondering what he sees  in her but I get he thinks she’s darling. Now if Delia wore a little make up, it would definitely fix the problem that is your fac-.

My mother interrupts asks Goose if she does any extracurricular. Goose says she’s plays in the orchestra like me and then guess who.

“Well, she doesn’t practice as much as she should. Her plying sounds a little basic compared to Delia’s. And there was that Halloween concert, she played with a quintet for this one song and her intonation was like a plane constantly dipping and raising,” My aunt said as Goose was turning red, “and she just lends it to random people when they come over without hesitation, that’s why we’ve been constantly having to repair something, it’s ridiculous expensive and embarrassing.”

My aunt: And she just lends it to random people when they come over without hesitation, that’s why we’ve been constantly having to repair something, it’s ridiculous expensive and embarrassing.

Goose: *lets out a little saddening squeak*

My aunt: And then she’s always forgetting it at school. No wonder her performance was mediocre.

Goose’s face crumpled and the rest of us just sat there while my aunt kept going to the point Goose cried and ran upstairs with her sisters following. My mother just glared at my aunt while I joined them upstairs.

There was Goose laying down on my bed, positioned like someone in a casket and said this: “Mother can be so mean sometimes.”

*After Open House*

Well, I’m happy. But at the same time, it feels like my not literal heart is not intact. Why? Well, let’s start from the start. Lol.

So we drive to the school and there is far too many people. People had to park at the park 5 minutes from there, the curb, the elementary school, the front, then people got crafty. Anyways, it was really hot outside and in the car. I stuck my head out do the window, wondering if it would blow back and look amazing.

Silly Delia, Perfection is for Studios!

My hair flew in my face and mouth instead. When I started gagging, all my brother said was, ” Well, now you sound like you look!”

…I wish I could just throw a video game console at his face.

So we parked on the grass and I already saw Ginger walking by. I wave hi but not before Swamp messes up my hair slightly and continues to insult me and embarrass me. That earns me a raise of the eyebrow.

So we walk into the building and surprisingly it’s less crowded than outside. But I knew that was because people were looking for classes.

My mother was just standing there for 6 minutes before she said: “Let’s go find the classes!”

I saw a friend in my neighborhood and said hi as well. I found the list of homerooms but I stayed silent so I could find people I wanted to without being bothered.

A lot of people happened to be in a certain class for homeroom. I wasn’t even looking for Arco’s name until I spot the name his sister’s name.


And I notice, just like most of my friends, he’s in that one teacher’s classroom.

So I navigate to my own name and I see that my homeroom teacher is the Beta Club Leader (different from Arco’s). I can’t wait to see Arco- WAIT, WHAT?”

I read over and over like I was expecting it to change. Silly Delia, Magic’s for Wizards and Witches!


My mother glanced at the list and begins to search for my brother’s homeroom.

“Mom, the 6th grade hall is downstairs, the advanced team is upstairs.”


Then my mother starts looking at lunch information and I go and say Hi to Lily and her family.



“It’s been awhile!”

“Yeah! Say, what did you do this summer?”

Umm… Definitely not role playing situations in which Arco and I are romantically involved and you were kidnapped by a girl with fluorescent green and we tracked around the world and blog all summer sitting alone with a laptop and potato chips and a sweatshirt. You?

“It was more of a staycation. I did go to North Carolina though.”

“Cool beans, We went to Florida, Kentucky, Tennessee, North and South Carolina, went camping, got more Koi for our pond, and My Dad cleaned up some of the Ivy near the court by the garage and above the fire place for the Summer Parties.”

Your summer was far better than mine, by a long shot.

“Oh, that seems like a lot of fun.”

“It was and I got everybody a souvenir from Florida except I sort of, kind d left them at home. But I can definitely give them to you in homeroom, on Monday.”

“You’re in the same homeroom. As me?”

“Yeah and same for Nicole!”

My mom was calling me over.

“Yeah, my mom wants me so I’ll see you later! Bye you guys!”


My mother was talking about the lunch menus and handed me them while I was wondering if there was a possibility I’d see Arco before we left. So I accidentally drop them.

4 times.

My mother asks about Swamp’s class so I lead them down the hallway and I’m shocked. So for some reason, they finally decide to switch up the classrooms. You see, this was 2nd time I mentally counted as things that were slightly irking at me. I don’t even know why they irked me. So now my old 6th grade team is downstairs and the other team have just been switched around

So we went into Swamp’s homeroom teacher’s  room and she seemed nice. The reason I was mentally snickering was because he had this one teacher on the same team who, lord knows, by the way she’s always yelling at her students and people in general, he’s going to hate her.

Ms. Taylor had these braces on that were in a cool color but I can’t really explain the color either.

My mother was filling out papers so I decided “Hey, let’s see if Arco’s sister’s class is down the corridor so I could just “accidentally” bump into- No, that’s. Stalkerish.” I looked anyways and as I figured, Her teachers room wasn’t there.

It was taking my brother forever to work the lockers. We literally stayed in there for at least 17 minutes waiting. Of course, I have to be thankful for that because something else wouldn’t have happened if he had taken forever. So my mom and I began to slowly walk away without Fletcher before he finally  came with us. So I went up to the 8th grade hallway and saw the one teacher that almost everyone had’s class. Some of my last year friends were in there having a blast.. I didn’t see Arco and we looked down the entire hallway to not see my homeroom class.

“Don’t even tell me that what I’m thinking is true.” I thought.

So we went down the hallway next to across from it and Mr. Simons class was there among other, another sign of what I didn’t want to know.

After I looked at my schedule, it reconfirmed the reconfirm, and the other reconfirm , which confirmed the first confirm.

It was time to face it. Unless we have the same order of Spanish and Orchestra connection, the 8th graders still have That free lunch where you sit with whoever and/or wherever you want, (I’m pretty last years 8th graders ruined it for us after that outside food fight on the outdoor lunchroom. I really like that outdoor classroom..) Orchestra field trips and concerts, or clubs, Regular Field trips or Walk ‘n’ Talk, I could almost never have a chance to see him during school hours.See, this is why my life is so great.


We literally talked about this on the second day of summer. But somehow I knew this would happen because my principal said that she might separate the teams into like the Acclerated team, the STEM team and the regular team. Turns out she didn’t separated it that way. She separated it by Regular, Gifted, then Probe Advanced Acclerated.

This is going to be 6th grade all over again. THERE’S A REASON WE HAVE TO CHANGE THE TEAM NAMES EVERY YEAR NOW. Irk Number: 12

No, correction: Irk: 23


So I chose my locker, Mom did the paperwork and we started to go downstairs. Mom said that she was tired and her surgery was hurting  and that she would take the elevator down to lobby and that we should meet her there. So Swamp and I go to the lobby and guess who’s there?

Arco with his dad and his youngest sister’s constant complaining.

I came right on time to hear this one:

“Daddy, we already met my teacher. Let’s go home! Arco isn’t even relevant to our family, our this school or this Earth and unlike him I have places to be after this!” All I could think of is: “Get in loser, we’re going shopping.” She’s sporting the attitude of Regina George.

He lowered his phone, swept his hair from his face and glared at her. So much love between those two. I wanted to hide behind the vending machines. All of sudden, I realized Swamp was hiding behind me.

“What are you doing?”

“That’s Lobelia.”

I wasn’t understanding.

“She’s supposed one of the popular girls of the other Elementary school and I know about her when my friends tell us when talk about g- I just know,” he continued, “being seen with you is like social suicide and would ruin chances with popular people.”

Wow, all about the Mean Girl stuff today.

“You’re almost as lame as they say her brother is.”

I began to defend Arco and saw that Swamp’s grimace was changing into a smirk when I changed my words:

“I mean, how do you know how lame he is? He could be a very nice person.” I said, trying to be nonchalant.

Fletcher stared at me and then rolled his eyes. Then turned away, did the crazy sign and smiled at me. -_-

As soon as my mother came from the elevator, Arco walks close looking a sheet of paper. Then he looks up and sees me. We say hi and then Fletcher gives me a look that says, ” I knew something was up and thanks for ruining me, jerk face.”



So our parents started talking, we started talking while leaning against the wall and most of the time Lobelia was looking at me with this, ” I slightly like you as a person, slightly. But you are still talking to my lame brother and keeping me from going out.”

“So, you have fun this summer?” Arco asks.

“Yeah, you?”

“Well other than Lobelia, sure.”

“Why does she hate you anyways?”

“I actually don’t know. My mom says it was internal frustration with her surroundings and then that and her coping mechanism for Malva because they were close. Dad says she’ll get over it as she’s preparing for college. And being  the only guy other than Dad, they really liked leaving me out.. So do you think 8th grade will be fun?”

Not really.

“Sure. It kind of has to be before we go off high school. Where we come together with the other middle school in this part of towns cluster. That had two elementary schools come together. Which would make a pretty big school in numbers. Which would have a lot of students . And a lot of girls and boys. Those of which may want to be roman-. I’m rambling, aren’t I?”

(You want to know what I was going to say if I didn’t stop myself? “Romantically involved with you. And I don’t want anyone to date you and then have you, because then I will miss you and want you more but I wouldn’t be able to because well, yeah. And then hopefully Impatiens isn’t ruining our lives.”)

He smiles, “Yeah, you are. It’s fine though.”

“So how do you feel about 8th grade?”

“It could be better. Didn’t think when I was in 5th grade, I’d have this crazy stalker who considers me to be her boyfriend. Or I’d know that there was a lot parades and festivals here and I didn’t know,.”

Then Lobelia put on what Arco calls her” I’m going to mess with you smile aka her not resting bitch face” and comes over to us.

“Hello, Delia is it?”

“Um, yeah, Hi Lobelia.” I stuck out my hand.

“How do you know about me?”

“Well, through your brother. Plus your shirt says Lobelia but I didn’t hear you being referred to as that.” She glared at her brother before turning back to me.

“You know about Impatiens right? His GIRLLLLLFRIENDDDDD. I don’t even know why she likes him.”

My face kind of had color drawn from it.


“Well, now I do. I was just spying on you and Andante’s conversation while you play video games and only heard that girlfriend but, but THANKS.”

“Why are you even- Nope not even going to ask.”

“What is your relationship with that?” Lobelia asks.


I nearly choked on air. ON AIR, “He’s my close guyfriend.”

“How does someone as decent looking like you end up with that?”

“Seriously, Lobelia.” He was turning a little red which was kind of cute.

“Um, well I don’t think I even look decent but your brother is just… Very interesting and as a curious person I want to know more.”

“ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Okay, that shouldn’t be called interesting. He’s… He is just UGHHHHHHHHHHHH.” She waved her hand all over his face.


And my mother took Swamp and I out of there because we had to go and down to the lower level.

Where I saw Daffodil, Aria and Chiuso and we literally had a freak out (-minus Chiuso) about how we were in the same classes and such. We must have looked insane.

And Chiuso was standing there like, “Well, isn’t this awkward for me.”

I noticed something on her hair. And she noticed me looking at it.

“What?” She puts her hair in her face and says, “Oh , it’s just from the highlight tube.”

And then I realized what was different. She got highlights. And Aria.. Didn’t dye her hair with streaks of another color.

“You got highlights?”

“Yeah.” Daffodil said.

“And you didn’t dye your hair any other color?”

Aria started, “Yeah, well I didn’t feel like it.”


“And Chase is still….”

“Yep.” They all said.

“Look at us all caught up!”

And then Swamp tugged me out of there and outside where it looked like the storm would be bad and into the car while I waved like that was normal.

And into the car. And then I realized I hadn’t said anything about about not seeing each other. Great.

What was better was the question that My mother asked in the car. “Is that your boyfriend?”


And since I was actually drinking water,I  actually choked on water.

“Mom, we’re just friends.” (We all know what the truth is.)

“Notice how she struggled with that sentence.” Swamp teased.

“I was just choking on water, of course I’m going struggle.”


Mother: Well, then Whats up? You’ve been acting like you lost your best friend all day.

“No, I’m fine.”

Then I went into my room and flopped on my bed and stuffed my pillow in my face. I didn’t even notice Duck was in here until I accidentally threw the pillow at her.

“Wow. Are you upset?” She asked, handing me back the pillow. “Why?”

“Just the matter of some classes.”

“You don’t like them?”

“It’s just that new principal has taken it upon herself to change a lot. Like now we have to wear Gym Uniforms, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday are the new master schedule days, we can’t go to the library as early in the morning for help, and I haven’t finished reading the new agenda.”

WAIT. Oh, God.

Um, you see there was this contest for the design for the new agenda cover. And then Hyacinth won. And they said they would put it on the new agenda. These agendas look the same as last years…

Duck compared the two agendas, “Well, your last years book seems more reasonable.”

“Exactly. Where are Bear and Goose? They went shopping for your mom. By the way, your mother and my mother said that we would  be staying here for like two days since the doctor said that your mom was doing too much and that even your help it was still strainful. And that even though they removed the stitches, they are worried she might do something to that area. So Mothers watching over her.”

“Where are you all going to stay?”

“Well, Azalea and Begonia are sleeping in a sleeping bag in your moms room. Mother will be in their room. Bear and I said we would sleep on couches and Iris stay with you.”

“No, it’s fine. Y’all can stay in my room, we have more sleeping bags and since when. Have we had a sleepover?”

“If it isn’t any trouble sure.”

I then had text alerts from a lot of people since I posted my schedule on Instagram.


She’s saying that because we’ve always been in the same homeroom of the same team every year.

And we would do all types of stuff waiting for the bus in the afternoon together.


So then my heart had a flip when I got this.

Cale: Who’s your homeroom teacher? They took the Probe Advanced Acclerated and Gifted (Our team last year) and mixed us all up. I know that Probe Advanced Acclerated people stuck together though.

Could he be anymore correct? Cause most of us are in the same Homeroom. SCRATCH THAT, I’m pretty sure all of us.


And I looked at Duck because the ‘eee?!??7’ was not intentional.

“Sorry about the pillow. So who were you talking to?” She asked.

“Just a friend.”

“Because friends may your face glow a little red like that. Okay.”

Just then, Bear and Goose were back came back and we all just talked how we haven’t in about 2 years. And I learned all of new things (unfortunately not vibrato. I am not going to do well in high school orchestra…)

Oh, the irony of today.

Er, yesterday.

And I’m  telling you this at 6:16 am because I intended to post this sooner but my cousins were home but now they are sleeping and this was a lot to type with my phone.

You what I should have done?

Check if Impatiens was in my homeroom or Arco’s. Cadenza can and can’t help him there. I’m saying she possibly maybe able but  knowing her, she’d be a little preoccupied with Hyssop and the others or trying find anothe late buddy, to pay attention much to what’s going on.

She told me that’s what she’ll be focused on with Lake and her classes other than that most likely no. On a good note, her hand has healed!

I’m scared for my everything. And I can’t help from a long hallway over. Sorry, if this was EXTREMELY long. I think 7th grade was my best year. 8th grade isn’t looking so hot right now.

Float In The Unexpecting Cyber Space!


8 thoughts on “Open House

  1. Everything I was thinking while reading this.Poor Iris. You and Cale are SO CUTE! Relationship goals over here. You’re not alone by the way, I can’t do vibrato either. Wow, you’re a very good writer because it feels like I’m reading a book. You must have an extremely good memory.

    1. Yeah, I feel bad for Iris. I know like she’s really trying but her mom is just.. Yeah.
      ☺️☺️Yeah, thanks.
      THANK YOU, SOMEONE ELSE UNDERSTANDS THE STRUGGLE. Most, if not, everyone in my orchestra can do it and I’m like: Um, so this awkward..
      Thanks Oa’si XD 😌.
      Yeah, I think I do, but it’s not like I can remember EVERYTHING, it would be kind of cool though.
      Thanks for reading it, I know it was long. 😝

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