The Party Was… Interesting

It’s Delia!

If you remember from three days ago, it was my mothers birthday.

So I thought I might as well tell you how it went. And basically after 45 minutes, it all went downhill.

*Before 45 minutes in*

We were all waiting for my mother to come down the stairs so we could surprise her. Eventually, she did come downstairs but she wasn’t looking all good. She was a little pale and looked tired.

“Can you turn down the AC? It’s hot upstairs. Oh, what a nice little party, who is it for?” My mother said.

Silence fell over us as my aunt turns down the AC. I don’t really even understand why no one really said anything. Of course when someone did talk, it would have been better if they hadn’t said something.

Begonia: How do you not know your own birthday? I mean, it’s-

Bear nudged her hard in the stomach before smiling as if she did nothing.

Goose: Um, Aunt? It’s for you.

My mom narrows her eyes and says, “For me? Why? Oh, wait,” she scurries over to the calendar, “OHHHH! Oh, it’s my birthday! I can’t believe I forgot.”

Begonia: Duh, we can’t either.

Bear: *nudges her in the stomach again and glares at her*

“I’ll be back.” My mom goes upstairs and then my aunt follows.

“So what now?” Swamp asks.

Goose went back to the kitchen to frost the cake while the rest of us just started watching TV.

Bear: Let’s watch some Pretty Little Liars.

Duck, I: Yeah, let’s do that.

Father: I was hoping to watch some news.

Swamp: Well, I want to watch some of The Amazing World Of Gumball so hand over the remote.

Bear: You have your own TV in your room.

Swamp: Oh, yeah… *goes to watch TV*

“Dad, do you still want to watch any news?” I asked.

“Nah, I’ll watch it on my phone.” my dad replied.

Soon, my mom and my aunt came downstairs and my mom looked amazing. My mom then skips over to my father and kisses him.


Azalea covered her own eyes. My aunt stood awkwardly on the staircase like, “Well, okay then.” Iris was carefully and sloth slowly putting each candle into the cake.

“Are you done yet? Or does our Aunt  need to be 50 before you finish?” Bear called over from the living room.

Goose simply stuck her tongue at her sister before saying, “I’M DONE!”

She slowly came into the scene of my mother and father hugging, her mom on the stairs and the rest of awkwardly standing around the couches. We complimented her cake appearance. Bear dimmed the room lights and looking at the bright candles illuminating the room, we all softly sang Happy Birthday.

*After 45 minutes*

My mother helped cut the cake and everyone got a piece and dug in. Then my aunt, once again, be comparative.

“Goose, the frosting looks a little sloppy,” she started. Goose was already starting to look like she was feeling Awful.

She continues, ” And it seems like you didn’t try as much with smoothing it out. And the design seems a little childish.”

Goose squinted and then went upstairs with a can of Minute Maid Pink Lemonade and the other triplets and I went to join her. We stayed upstairs for quite awhile while my aunt was asking why they were so sensitive. And that’s when the party basically disbanded.

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