It’s an amazing effort and charity.
~Delia 🙂


Okay so remember I did that post a while back about charity? Well i got more details about it and its called the “40 Hour Famine”

http://www.40hourfamine.com.au/ <<<< website

So here’s what happens.

For 40 hours, I give up something that is very dear to me or I enjoy. And I tell others about it (friends, family etc.) and get them to spread the word and donate some money to my cause. You can choose what you wanna stand for. I was gonna do equality before…but I’m probably gonna go with either global hunger, and education for third world countries.

So I’ll talk about both of these.

As we know in loads of third world countries, there are kids starving and suffering from stuff such as malnutrition etc. These kids are living in conditions worse than you could imagine. They go days without any food! And as you buy that $15…

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