First Day Of School

Its Delia!

Since my mother wanted me to dress for first impressions, I wore a white lace blouse, jeans, and white flats. So.. School was not typical. In fact, it was little odd.


I woke at 5 am with inability to go back to sleep. So I trudged out of bed, brushed my teeth, and looking in the mirror. Do you remember me said my hair is a different creature? Well, today. It decided to be VERY DIFFICULT with me. It was like a war between me and what’s on my head. Fortunately, it came to a straight compromise. That is by 6:38. By this point,my sisterswere awake getting ready for school. And of course when Begonia sees me with my hair, she has to sneer.

Does it look like I was born with your easy to manage straight hair? Obviously not.

Mother made me wake up Swamp and honestly, I wish she hadn’t. Because when he woke up, he rolled over, suddenly sticking open his hand, and he hit me! My sisters went downstairs to eat breakfast. My mom suggested that Swamp and I stay upstairs since Azalea and Begonia had to leave before us.

So what I did to pass the time was clean my room and do some laundry. . I literally had nothing else to do. It didn’t take me long to clean my room because it was okay looking. Although, I think I put too much detergent in the wash. I also organized my book bag because for like the first few days, I care a lot about organization, but by 3/4ths through the year, I’m just done with it.

I began to sweep with my mother and my sisters downstairs. I was done when I was getting a call. I didn’t get to my phone fast enough, so I called back. Then I realized it was Torie who had called.

“Hey!” I started.

“Hello, fellow weirdo!” She responded.

I went up to my room to continue the conversation, “So what’s up?”

“Are we supposed to bring our instruments? I can’t remember what we did last year.” She asked.

I could hear something in the background, “Lantana asked me too, and I don’t remember that either.”

Now I was sure it was a guy’s voice and I knew for a fact it wasn’t her brothers voice. It sounded almost like Lake’s. Which left me to wonder, if that was Lake, why was he at her house at like 7:37?

“D–n ittt.”

“Yeah, no one really knows what to do.”

“I called Coast, didn’t answer of course. But when Willow calls he’s like Walmart. Available 24/7.”

We both laughed before she continued.

“Then I called everyone. So then I called you and then you didn’t answer but then you called back.”

“Yeah, I had just finished sweeping and I didn’t get to the phone in time.”

“Thank god you returned my call though. I was about call CHIUSO. Can you imagine the conversation? …Exactly. So what have you been up to?”

“Well, I stayed up until 1 because I ended not being able to sleep because my neighbors were having ANOTHER party.”

“Whoop! You stayed up until 1? YOU ARE BECOMING A NIGHT OWL MY FRIEND. Just kidding.”

We both were laughing and then I heard the same guy voice again.

“SHUT UP! I’m sorry, just ignore him. So then, what time did you wake up?”

“5 AM..”

Aria: Lol, you only got 4 hours of sleep? Why did you wake up that early?”

Delia: I don’t really know, but I couldn’t go back to sleep, so I decided to deal with my hair. And do some stuff.

Aria: Coolio.

The anonymous male wanted to talk, but Aria kept shutting him up while I was dying. And only then, I did I feel that it was important to ask who this was. She revealed that it was Shelf, they were talking skype, and they are dating.



Backstory time! In 7th grade, Aria began going on these two sites where you could do role playing with your OCs (Original Characters) or pony characters because she watches MLP. As much as I watch it (All of us do, but Aster because she doesn’t have time for it), I suggested against it because she doesn’t know if these people were Pervy Perv Perverts. They are on the Internet and she didn’t really know them.

But then you could say I’m a hypocrite because.. What am I posting on right now? And I Can’t even say it’s different because it really isn’t. I never told them about my blog though. Maybe never. She was doing a lot of stuff with strangers though. But you know she really doesn’t even care. I don’t really either because y’all are my friends, so I guess we both are in the same bout.

And then she found this dude (This isn’t Shelf but I’m getting there.). And then she said he was kind of her dream guy because yeah. None of us didn’t even think “Dream Guy” would come from her mouth, yet, It did.

Willow immediately bashed on it saying that she can’t just start conversations with random people on the web they could pretend to be this person or even guy you don’t know. Carnation agreed.

“This guy going to knock her up, next thing you know she will be crying with ice cream while she try to comfort her.” Aster commented.

“THAT’S TRUE THOUGH. Don’t forget during all that ice cream I still wouldn’t get fat because of all of this quick metabolism.” Aria mentioned.

Daffodil simply said she’ll learn her lesson and Lily really didn’t know what to say.  Most of us agreed that his story was fake. Well, Willow called bulls–t. Lily didn’t know what to make of it and I thought that only some of it could possibly be true.

The story: He was born in Russia. He moved to Estonia when he was one, Germany when he was two. Then he moved to Uganda by age 5, South Africa by age 8, Florida at age 9, New York in the same year, North Carolina by 10 1/2, France by 12, Germany again at 13, Cameroon at 14, Germany at 14 1/2, and Russia from 14 1/2 to now. His father has a job which makes him have to move everywhere. He owns a snow leopard.

And from this I call oddity. Can you even own a snow leopard in any of those countries? And a snowy owl, with an arctic fox. So eventually she kept poking around and found Shelf on one of the sites. And Shelf stopped going on Skype and the site for like three months. Aria literally had a freak out before she came to the very drastic conclusion that he was dead. Of course we all knew she was kidding. She constantly joked about us going on a road trip to Kansas to find him. I guess you can guess what happened next considering what happening now.



After saying hi, he proceeded to say, “This is your future husband/murderer. I’m going to need your address, sexual orientation, hobbies and how you like organs cooked. I am a total stalker and eat you like sautéed vegetables. And I like my people extra rare, and sides on the special menu.”

I knew he was joking so we were all laughing really hard. Aria said that she needed to give Shelf a lesson on being normal and hung up.


Swamp was playing video games to pass time and I’m pretty sure my neighbors on both sides could hear it and his rages. No one wants to. Azalea and Begonia left the house without even a goodbye. So when my mother asked, I said they did to spare her feelings and to lower her emotional levels. The doctor said that sadness and anger were definite ones to avoid so, yeah.

So then my mother, Swamp and I went to eat some breakfast. Fletcher got his book bag and I just came with myself. I went slowly downstairs because for the past 4 days my hip bone has been aching like I don’t know what. I got some Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Fletcher ate Lucky Charms, and my mother just ate a bagel.

I was charging my phone while eating because I wanted to write some of this post. Which I ended up doing before Swamp began to give me a rundown of what to do to make sure we don’t run into each other. Because evidently, I am a HUGE embarrassment to the human species.


My mother began to lecture Swamp on behavior while I was washing dishes. Time flies when you have some fun because surely enough it was almost time to go. My mother gave Swamp his phone back and I was grabbing a snack and I was going to leave when one of my favorite songs come on. So I jam out until my mom makes Swamp take a get ready for the first day pictures and then sees us off.

I skipped to the bus stop while my brother ran to talk to his gaming buddy. One of the few nice friends of Harper’s was coming down the path holding a lot of bags. My brother and his friend were just talking about s chocolate and video games while I was waiting for my 8th grade friend because we were the seniors among them and it felt pretty cool being the upperclassmen.

“So how was your summer, Delia?” My friend asks.

“Umm, pretty good. I had some really great fun.”

“Cool. I had a good summer too.”

I replied, “Good. It seems as usual the bus is late.”

“Yeah, it never really gets old.”

“How’s your sister?” I ask.

“She’s alright. Yours?”

“Still fighting.”


And we keep talking until our bus comes at last. It was a different bus but it still was the same bus number and driver to my relief. Suddenly, it struck me that this was happening. I was going to school. I was an 8th grader. This was my last year in middle school. High school is so soon.

I began to have clammy hands while holding my Viola case. Getting on the bus I see the seat opposite of Lantana empty so I swing into and plop everything down. That was kind of what we did. If one of us sat one side, the other would sit on the other side of the same seat number. Reasoning was that we both have a lot and sitting in one seat together is stressful for both of us.


We kept talking until we got to school. The thing I noticed is that the kids who get off at the local high school have  to sit in the last four rows on the bus. Then the bus pulled into the school. And of course we were late, because it’s my bus. So we were all getting off and then out nowhere a loud, blaring. Horn came from the bus which was repeating the same pattern. I knew the bus driver wasn’t pressing the horn so something was going off.

The noise really startled me though and I thought that would drop my case because I was becoming a nervous wreck and that didn’t help.

“We are so grownup now.” I said.

“Well, yeah. If this was the speed middle school passed then high school will go in two winks of an eye.”

“Most definitely.” I agreed as we climbed the stairs all the way to the top level. Then I noticed someone on the stairs and I instantly did not even want to be here.

That person didn’t even notice until Lantana and I parted ways.

“Hello Delia.” They said behind me.

“Hi, Arpeggio.” I replied feigning optimism.

“This year’s going to be interesting, don’t you think?”

He wasn’t being arrogant or annoying. I know with him, you have wait for it though.

“You don’t even know half of it.”

“Yeah because it just presents more moments for you to embarrass yourself, and then occasional help from others.”

Whoop! There it is.

“Of course, it does.”

“Got to go, don’t embarrass yourself too much.”

I glared at him before continuing towards my homeroom. When I walked in, it was quiet. Odd considering there as always hustle and bustle in homerooms. I searched for my seat and then sat down this table.

I saw my name and sighed, “Guess this where I sit.”


Everyone was on their phones… Why was everyone their phones?

Well, at least I wasn’t with strangers. Up on the board, there was a message displayed. Apparently, we were to take out our phones, text this code to some code number and then answer the questions on the board.

So that explained It. I didn’t understand why everyone was taking so long. I was done quickly. And your answers present themselves on the board which was cool I guess. Mr. Canto said we all had pretty good answers. And the. He started calling out names with post it notes.



“Did you get your locker information, yet?”

“Oh, no.” I got up to get my locker information and sat back down.

I kind of put my things on the desk into my new book bag and things were beginning not to fit. In fact it looked too small. I continued to try until I noticed it was time to do the Pledge of Allegiance. Oops.

It was time for first period and my math teacher’s homeroom students hadn’t come out yet and we were still waiting. We were socializing a lot and an AP came down the hallway.

“Shouldn’t you be in class?” She asked.

“Yeah, but her homerooms isn’t out.” Someone replied.

The AP looked in her classroom, “Well, her class is about to be released so after, you go straight into class. Understood?”

“Understood.” All of us said in one voice.

3 minutes later, her homeroom finally poured out and we rushed right in. Apparently we had assigned seats alphabetically by last name so I just with Lake and Coperti at this small table. I was fiddling with my math binder when she called for our attention.

“Hello, students. I am Mrs. Calando and I have been teaching at this school for 2 years but teaching in general for 26. Now all of you took Advanced Algebra Two during 7th grade, correct?”

There was a series of yeses and then one no. It was Daffodil because She had to take the course during the summer. But now she was in Probe so all was good.

“Ah, you’re the one who took it in the summer. Are you all caught up?” She asked.

“Yes, ma’am.” Daffodil replied.

“Good to know,” she said, turning on the projector,  “well, guys this is Accelerated Geometry and the cool thing is that you can use this class and apply to high school credit.”

A lot of goods rang in through the classroom.

“Yeah, I knew you’d be excited for that.  So for this class you will need a 1 1/2 binder, loose leaf and graph paper and pocket dividers. While we do the bell ringer I will call attendance.

(By the way, if you didn’t already know. I don’t go by Delia at school. Almost no one knows me by that name. Either they call me my nickname or my first name. So I let you call me by my middle and use to replace my first name. )

Everyone got out their supplies and we did something called a bell ringer. That’s what they were calling warmups now. I would have preferred warmups though. So the questions were mainly about what we expected from this course, from the teacher, from ourselves and the liberties we should have. Everyone was so shy to answer. But of course they are always talking so.

Class went by really fast though because we were hardly in it. She gave us this sheet for homework though before we left.

Next was Science and we got in pretty quickly. The hard part was finding a seat. Willow and Aria sat at a table and waved the rest of us over and then some boys filled the space instead. Then Daffodil and Lily sat this other table ushering Poppy and I over then people filled that too.


Then Poppy found an empty seat and sat there but I still had no seat.

“Okay, it’s time to start class, did anyone come in this class for open house? If you didn’t, then take this syllabus and the remind sheet.” The teacher began. Then I was nearly trampled by people trying to secure their seats.

He walked back to his seat, “Okay, it’s time for taking attendance, if you go by another name or your name was mispronounced, let me know.”

“Um…” My friends said gesturing towards me.

“I don’t have a seat.”

“Oh, well you can pull up a chair by that last table in the back, okay?”

“Okay. ” And I shuffled to the back.

I honestly haven’t felt this alone in a long time. And I didn’t even have a lab.. Partner. And the last lab partner I had, was on another team. In another hallway. I sighed while putting in the code to get homework reminders in this class. He explained how he works his classes is more laid back compared to other classes even though This is High School Physical Science. And on Fridays , we had freestyle Friday where we were to sing, Make a story, a poem, rap, or something of that sort improvising. Oh yay, I can’t wait embarrass myself once again.

At least Arco won’t see me crash and burn.

So the first thing we did was kind of like the Marshmallow challenge at the end of last year. But it as with 20 pieces of spaghetti, 6 gumdrops and a yard of tape. We didn’t need to have any thing at the top, we just had to make the tallest tower.

Dang it, another reminder of Arco and it wasn’t even noon yet.

We were having the most while we failed. But not by a lot like last year! We didn’t even make a base and we kept accidentally breaking the spaghetti but we ended up with a decent tower. Only problem, the top was leaning.

We kept trying new ideas to keep the tower up and it kept leaning further left and we were laugh-screaming trying to fix it. It looked/sounded kind of like we were crazy trying to fix it and the others laughed. Eventually, Daffodil comes up with an idea to sort of fix the lean by putting the top spaghetti stick in the middle of the gumdrop. It worked but it was still leaning. Just less than before.

We were actually close to winning but Aria and Willow’s group had one inch on us. But then it stopped leaning as much and Buttercup was like, “Mr. Arioso, you need to check it again!”

He checked it again and they still had, like, 3/4ths of an inch over us. So they all won a homework pass and our group was like, “A for Effort.”

Bight’s group had a tower that slightly taller than last years. If you remember, last year’s was nothing. They said it was long, going underground but then everyone laughed when Mr. Arioso quickly measured the tower and moved on.

What we were to do next was to answer these test questions, but it wasn’t a test, while looking at the science safety rules.


Quickly grabbing my stuff, I rushed into the language arts room where once again most of the seats were taken and Poppy and I had nowhere to sit. I found a seat by these two girls with the same name. There are actually three but she didn’t come into class. Then Poppy had to sit in the very front of the class alone.

When the teacher walked in, I’m not going to lie, I was a little intimidated.  Why?

I’m sure I’ve told you guys before, but tattoos and piercings kind of freak me out. I don’t know why they just do, and I can’t control that. Seriously, I cannot. I think it’s a very deep rooted fear of them but I don’t really know… So anyways, she had tattoos up her right arm and only some on her other arm and one on each leg and a nose ring.

“Okay, class. I am Mrs. Angelonia and I’ll be your language arts teacher for this year.” She said, going to the front of room, “Oh, sorry you have sit up here alone. But hey, now the spotlights on you.” She told Poppy.

We all laughed and then I was fiddling with my pencils While she was calling for attendance. And then I remembered that one of my friends moved away even though we’ve been saying that in every classroom. I’m slow.


“Oh, yes, that’s me I go by Delia though.”

“Hm, cool.” And she continued with attendance and I just looked around the room.

This is not your typical ELA classroom. There were books on this thing that looked like a wooden ladder but it wasn’t. And there were odd decroations hanging around. Plus, there were posters up about controversy. It was going to be interesting.

“Well, I’m supposed to give you a bell ringer and I am. But here’s the thing, we are not going to call them bell ringers anymore. The name is too bland and office like, you know?”

We all concurred before she continued, “So for now on, we’re going to call it The Hype. And it’s referring to how fast you can come into the class and chill. I really want you guys not to feel like you are being told what to do like a 6 year old who can’t comprehend.”

She pulled up this file and in our ELA notebook, we were to write about things we noticed in the classrooms. I already wrote the locations of certain and there was a question about what did we think the odd decorations were for. She was going to tell us about the umbrella thing later but the wooden structure was a pallet and that the area was considered to be the Reading Pallet.

We went over some questions and then Mrs. Angelonia interrupted us with this: “Okay, guys, it’s time for Advisement.”

Everyone was confused because since when did have Advisement on Mondays? We always had that or Walk ‘n’ Talk on Friday. It’s what I was looking forward to so I could talk to Arco and my other friends. It was the highlight of our Fridays!

“Yeah, I see your confusion. Unfortunately, the principal decided it would be a good idea to move Walk ‘N’ Talk and Advisement to Mondays.”

Cue VERY LOUD groans and protests.

“Yeah, I know it’s really sucks. So for advisement, we have to go over the agenda. And I’m going to paraphrase some because to be honest, some of this is really boring. Even as a teacher.”

So apparently, now Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday had the Master Schedule. Monday and Tuesday were the days for clubs, Advisement, and Walk ‘N’ Talk. AND THERE IS NO MORE RAM TIME. If y’all didn’t already know, RAM TIME WAS MY LIFE. We were allowed to go to the library, complete incomplete work, finish a class if you couldn’t take it, go to RAM Time Classes like Guitar, Spanish, Advanced Orchestra. I feared that now I couldn’t join Advanced Orchestra and I knew Arco was going to sign up for it if there was going to be one. And I really wanted to join but I wasn’t able to because of Last year’s debacle. It was like free period but not really.

I don’t even know what life is anymore.

And dress code was changed. Now we were Allowed to wear tank tops that covered our shoulder and leggings as pants…LEGGINGS AS PANTS. My school is becoming basic.

After we finished advisement, Coast asks, “When’s lunch?”

The teacher laughed before saying, “Trust me… Coast? I want to eat lunch too. And here’s a great thing. Y’all can use your phones at lunch.”

Everyone was screaming yes. The teacher told us to lower the voices but she’s glad we are hype. She also said that the principal made the rule, no arguing about it. Well, it’s one thing that wasn’t screwed up. So then it was time for ELA. And so she wanted to take today’s time to tell us about her because she thinks that if you know what a teachers all about, you can understand more their thought process behind what they give you.

She’s really this abstract teacher who doesn’t really stick to the stereotype of teachers are supposed to be. She runs a underground organization where it’s about donating for the homeless in Georgia. She’s a copyright editor and a indie released author.

She believes that at this age we should be treated as adults and that we have a right as much as anyone to know the current events in this country. Even the controversial ones. And That we are lied too much to as we are young to shelter us from the problems. But we will adopt those mistakes again if we don’t learn from it. She’s into underground and indie music because she thinks that commercial music isn’t as meaningful as it used to be. That’s where we left off before lunch.

“Oh and y’all can’t sit in free seats yet. They are still trying to figure things out so we will sit on the tables in front of the registers And the one behind the one on the right. You guys can walk to lunch by yourselves now, just don’t be too loud.”

So we all walked together to lunch, it looked same old except everyone was on their phones. I sat with my best friends but then Lily wasn’t there.

“Where’s Lily?” Poppy asked.

“The lunch monitors made her sit at the other table to fill it up.” Daffodil told.

“Oh, poor Lily. All those guys who are so juvenile.” Aria pointed out while texting someone.

I basically read and then wrote some of this post and checked WordPress. The other teams were walking by to throw their stuff away and go back to class. And there he was. He just finished talking someone, turned around and waved at me. When I finally realized he was waving at me, I was waving really hard while laughing and he was too.

“Who are you waving at like that?” Poppy turned around.

“Oh, look it’s Arco! Let’s all say hi,shall we?” Aria suggested .

And they all mimicked me, waving like crazy. He smiled while raising an eyebrow. I smiled back shrugging and mouthing, “They are my weird friends!”

And then Impatiens pulled him off. -_- Of course.

I was blushing as pointed out by my friends, and then my other friends walked by who were complaining about how we weren’t on the same team.

Once we got back to the classroom, she told us a little more about her like her husband is a multimedia artist and then she asked if there were any questions. I was going to ask about the tattoos but I didn’t want to be impolite. So this kid blurts it out instead.

“Okay, first things first. I am not a stamp. You are not a stamp. Do not get a tattoo because ‘Oh, it’s a tattoo lets slap it on my body’. Because these things hurt to remove and to put them on. Make it something important and not something you aren’t going to want in two months. And you don’t even have to get one especially one that looks like this.”

And she pulled up a picture of Discord. We all laughed.

She began to explain the intense meaning behind each and every one of her tattoos which kind of made me feel like we were closer to her, even though we had just met.


Then the bell had rung and we left her class. But what she said was still in my head. It wasn’t like I was too cool. I’m too afraid. And I really like him and just… I don’t even see him much anymore.



In Mr. Canto’s class, it was sort of… Strange. We took out our spiral notebooks, made a table of contents and glued the syllabus in. We went over the syllabus which we needed to get signed. And then we did a warmup (he didn’t call it bell ringer which is great).

That’s where things got weird. So we did something called a “Brain Gym”. Since the right side of our brain controls the left side of our body and vice versa, that was to make both sides of our brain work. We first had to put one finger on our nose and and the finger on the opposite hand on our ear and do back and forth as fast as we could. Then we had to cross arms and touch all of fingers to that hand’s thumbs. It helps with memory. Then we had to make a figure 8 with a finger. After that, we touched our elbows on the opposite knee.

Now I think that Mr. Grouse’s class was above Mr. Canto’s class. It would explain all the projector shaking. In every class except math, they have made us go over these hand signals and the same rules. Social studies was no exception. •_•

The thing was we also had to do gestures with them as well. Then we had turn to the the person beside us and I repeat it to them and they repeat it to you. Which was a lot funnier if you can’t keep track like me. We had this slide filled with various photos of things and we had to guess what they had to do with Mr. Canto. Carnation wasn’t allowed to answer because she already knew these things because he was her basketball coach last year.

We actually made some accurate guesses. Then we were going to do something in the textbooks but then the bell rang. I couldn’t get my locker open so I ran to Spanish. Then I slowed when. I noticed this class was way larger than than last year’s. In fact, Spanish 7B was way larger than our old class. Plus, our counselor, just dropped off more students. I eagerly checked for Arco or anyone I actually want in my class.

But alas,except for a few people missing from last year and other people who were added into this class, there was practically the same old.  Most if not all of the new people were in chorus though so maybe something’s going on in there.

There were three new students.

One of them was seeming pretty normals and was from Indiana. The other was from Peru but lived in Georgia for a couple of years. Some of the popular girls were like, “Oooh, Peru!”

And the last, Rafael, came from this really prestigious school to here? Like I would go and stay in that school though, at this school is wack sauce. I never heard of that school name before so so asked what it was and the giggling popular girls all glared at me.

“It’s only like one of the local big schools. Duh?”

“It’s very prestigious and-”

“And I happened to work there before here. ” Mr. Firth interrupted and began asking questions taking up a lot class time.

“Then when don’t you just go back there?” Someone asked and everyone started laughing.

The little amount class Time, we had he made us answer questions in Spanish. I had To go first. Now I had to be glad Arco wasn’t in this class because I really embarrassed myself. Tripping and all. The bell rang when Lily was about to go so she was “Saved By The Bell”.( I really liked that show….)

I waited for Aria we grabbed our instruments and we began walking to orchestra. I stopped to talk Daffodil about what we were doing in class. And Arco was behind her.



We were smiling at each other when Aria asks, “Do you understand any other language other than smiling? Are the smiles sending and receiving receptors, we’ll never know.”

I was going to ask about school when I was carried away by the great force called the Sea of Monster of students.

“Let’s ride it out, Juliet.” Aria said before we made it to orchestra.

“I am not Juliet.”

“May want to reevaluate that.”

And we stepped into the orchestra class. There were a lot familiar faces from last year’s orchestra class. Then some replaced by others from Orchestra A.

Mrs. Anima introduced herself and went through the years schedule. For our first concert, it was going to be at the local high school where I happen to live close to. It was Halloween themed and people where dressing up as a lot of things. Considering the last time I went trick or treating was never, I was probably going to be in normal concert attire.

Mrs. Anima said she’d still want to have an advanced orchestra group even though there is no more RAM time and that we’d meet on the morning. I was down for that and Aria and Aster were too.

After Mrs. Anima is 3/4ths done, Aria started to randomly ask her this: “Is Arpeggio in this class?”

Aster was crossing her legs and arms that he wasn’t. And he wasn’t.

“No, I DEMAND that he be put into this class! And be in here so I can have funnnnn.” She was laughing while she was saying this but I could tell she was still being serious.

Aster just said this, “I’m glad that boy isn’t in this classroom. There’s only so much you can take before you want to murder him with a ceiling fan.”

We laughed while we continue to listen about our projects in the future. Then Aria fell asleep while Mrs. Anima was talking about our first class work grade.

It was supposed to be a poster of a word then we would draw a picture depicting it.

We only had class time to ponder. Mrs. Anima still didn’t see Aria sleeping. Or maybe she just let her.

Aster and I decided on The word Ritardando. It means to gradually get slower for all you non-music players. And throughout the noise Aria didn’t wake up once. Trey offered to tip her off her chair to wake her up.

And THAT’S when I noticed what was different. There was no more traces of green in her hair and she dyed those part blonde as well. I told Aster and she said, “You have been with her all day and now you notice?”

I nodded.

“Don’t worry, I just noticed too.”

And with that, the bell rang.  Everyone packed up and started for the door when Mrs. Anima looks up from her laptop and stopped us.

“Yeah, no. 8th graders are dismissed from their Connection B.”

There was a series of ohs and we all sat back down quietly. THEN Aria decides to wake up.

“What the h*ll is going on?” She rushed while sitting up.

“Bus Call.” Coast answered.

“Why aren’t we in homeroom?”

“We dismiss from here now.” Aster said.

“Ugh, Arpeggio needs to be in here. He’s the one I actually want to play with.” She sighed.

Amaryllis, Aster, Lily and I looked at her.

“The only guy player I actually want to play with.”

Ginger, Coast, and Pond looked at her.

“The guy cello player I actually want to play with.”

Creek and Gulf looked at her.

“OKAY. The only guy cello player that is arrogant. Why am I even sparing your  feelings?”

They called for people who had to walk to the local elementary school because their parents work there. So Aster left us and then came back 8 minutes later.

“Apparently, now we need a pass to go to the elementary so I have to wait until the other walkers go.” And she sat back with us.

I didn’t really have any to do so I read some posts while listening to music and texting some people. Meanwhile, Aria and Pond were sharing music and Aster was pacing. And these people were messing around on the pianos and making different sound effects and some were pretty funny. Plenty of buses were being called but not mine and some others. After like 4:30, I was still at school and then They called for the walkers. Then the room was even more empty.


And then her bus came, and she said, “THANK GOD HE ANSWERED, ADIOS.”

“Take me with youuuu!” I called.

“I wishhhhhh!” She called back before she left. I stood outside the door and saw Arco.

“Hey! Arco!”

He came over, “Hey.”

“How was the first day of school for you?”

“It went by fast. And I’m Glad it’s over. I hate this new system.”

“My day was a little abstract and my teachers are little more abstract but it was cool. And I don’t like this new system either. Sorry, For keeping you. ”

“It’s cool,” he swept his hair from his face, “I like being last on the bus anyway.”

“I’ll text you later, okay?”

“Okay.” And he went off to the lobby.



Hiya, friends! I’ve had an interesting and busy week and so I struggled to get this done BUT I DID YAY! Apologies that it was SO LATE, my first day was August 10th. I will still try to wrench in posts. Speaking of which, because of the new principal’s new rule, I can be on in the early mornings, around 12 – 1 pm, and late afternoons and evenings depending on homework and if I’m talking to other people about like homework or something.

And sorry this is long again XD. Gratitude to who reads it at least 1/4 or any of it.

Float In The Initial Days Cyber Space!


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