Lunch Wandering Thoughts

It’s Delia!

I’m at lunch, trying to tune people out, lol. I don’t even know what this will be about.

So we are having Walk and Talk after lunch apparently. Maybe I’ll see and talk to Arco.

It’s funny because it’s so loud in here while everyone’s on their phone. That makes almost zero sense.

I’ll probably won’t go on chatzy at school because of yeah. It’s probably blocked anyways.

They wanted us to choose a club today during homeroom so I had Book Club as my first choice, I don’t remember my second- wait it was Debate Club, and then third was Art.

I also put in something about yearbook.

Since it was drizzling earlier, they might make us have Walk n Talk in the hallways. It’s so cramped that way.

So they have this new thing on the lunch menu and it looks kind of disturbing. It’s melted cheese, chicken, corn and potato mixed up. And they did it in such way that it looks disastrous.

Someone says if she dies from it, tell her mother and reserve a funeral service.

Well, she didn’t die but she hates it.

Arpeggio just scared the heck out of me. I hate that boy. I hope he didn’t see anything. Was probably to busy talking to Aria who was skyping her boyfriend.

It’s amazing what they are allowing this year.

Coast just stole Carnation’s phone and they were play fighting until she got it. I think Coast just gave it to her though.

The same girl has announced that the new menu item is poison. that’s nice. This is why I got a turkey, cheese, lettuce, tomato, this sauce or cream or whatever wrap.

People really hate on school food but I don’t think it’s THAT Bad.

Most of the stuff is fake according to Aria anyways.

AHHH HE JUST WALKED BY. My heart is jumping out of my chest. I waved hi while slightly jamming out to “OctaHate” because it just came on iTunes Radio. I must have looked very weird. He just raisied an eyebrow, smiled, waving back.

Lunch is kind of funny though.

I have a jacket just in case it randomly starts pouring. Okay maybe not pouring since its fabric but yeah. I should check the forecast…

Okay, there’s supposed to be scattered thunderstorms.

Okay, we’re leaving.

Maybe I should do this again…


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