The Wonderful/Embarrassing Day That Was Today

It’s Delia!

Today like any other day had ups and downs. But because of today I’m really excited for things. I’m proud to say my social studies teacher is my teacher.


So I didn’t tell you what happened yesterday. Oh what joy was yesterday afternoon.

So there were these people in the bus in the back who were obnoxiously really loud. The bus driver asked them to be quiet constantly and they kept getting louder. We in the front were trying  to get the people in the back to be quiet but they were just being way more obnoxious. We ended up having to pull over 4 times before the bus driver called for some back up. Thanks to my luck, you can only guess who’s bus it was that had to reroute to speak to us.

Arco and Aria’s.

So their bus driver came on the bus saying we all should behaving well and stop being so loud because my bus driver should be writing us up but he hasn’t yet.

Aria mouthed, “What the f— did y’all do?”

Arco had a similar expression on his face.

So now we have to sit in the bus according to the order of our stops in the morning. So now I can’t sit with Lantana anymore. What a rotten year on the bus. These people decide to KEEP ON BEING OBNOXIOUS. So much that I paid for it but that’s the end of the day.

My bus has been late to school for like 2 days now. Plus today equals 3. So I had to get to my locker and leave quickly. I shouldn’t be so late that I have to be saying the Pledge Of Allegiance in the hallway and not know where to face.

But before that even happened, Mrs. Anima pulled me over to the side. She said that she needed to balance out the cellos and the violas in both classes. She asked me, if I would be that viola to switch over and an A class cello would switch to our class. I had no freaking idea what to say right then and there.
I mean, if I did, I wouldn’t have Spanish with most of my friends and stick with my best viola friend.
But on another note… I get Arco in both connections. But that seemed unfair of me, especially because of yesterday Aria was going to switch when I asked her not to so we could stick together and that Chiuso would be in there.

So I would be a complete hypocrite in the case that I do.

“Um, no, I’m sorry, I can’t because if I do, I wouldn’t feel comfortable with certain people.”

“That’s okay.It’s perfectly fine, enjoy your day!”

“Thanks, you too!”

I saw Lantana on the staircase and I was going to tell her when I remembered once I got on those stairs it was the moment of silence. Then I ended up having to do the Pledge Of Allegiance with not knowing where to face and yeah.

I rushed to Mrs. Dacus’ room right before the bell rang and I sat right into my seat while we went over homework. I didn’t get some of it so I ask some questions and while that Henoc was talking about how he might be in our orchestra class because he got the opportunity first.

He. got. the. opportunity. first. DANG IT, I WAS HOPING CALE WOULD.

Also, we went over the quiz outline and how the questions would be spread out which was really cool and nice. The downside of the quiz is that we are being timed. And I don’t do well on timed tests.

But then again the ACT was timed and we all remember what happened there.

In Science, we got to do all these cool labs like 20 questions which was a lot of fun. And we got to touch things and guess what they were. All of these in the name of physical properties. It was a lot of fun. And we also got to make a Kahoot that we were going to play on Friday. Which should be interesting considering people at my school get SO competitive over Kahoot, it’s not even funny.

We also saw a video on our Savannah field trip. I am really excited for it but that video didn’t tell us much.

For Language Arts, we had to write on this topic on Wednesday about: What talent/passion do you have and how can you use it in a way like Devin Allen. If you don’t know who Devin Allen is, he is a self-taught cameraman who takes photos of many events (some controversial) and shows it differently than the media wants you to believe. But it didn’t have to be identical. I decided to write about writing and playing my viola. I really love those things, I don’t want to know my life without liking to write and never picking up my viola (or having a phone but I have no say in that anymore). So I wrote the best I could. But I couldn’t write any further so I asked my language arts teacher to look at it. And I REALLY REALLY wanted her to like it because she seems like she’s going to be real and direct with you which is what people need sometimes. And I’m a hypocrite because I like fantasy rather than the truth at times (a lot) .(Plus, she’s a copyeditor as well..).

She actually did like it, she just put some notes, and edited some. But then she read Buttercup’s intro and hers pretty much, blew everyone else’s out of the water.


It was about her calling and how she wasn’t afraid to become oblivion and she was going to help someone how it can help everyone. But she said it in such a way, it sounded amazing. At that point, I felt my intro was complete and utter crap.

For The Hype, we had to answer four questions that three had exact same answer and the last was our opinion.

The answers were:
1) Savannah
2) Savannah
3) Savannah

And 4 asked, What do we like about school field trips out of town. I really like it because, duh, ROCK EAGLE = BEST DAYS OF MY LIFE. XD No, but really. It’s because that you can go have fun with your school friends that you don’t really see during summer.

Savannah was referencing to the Savannah trip that we will be taking in March and we are going to be there for three days in fabulous hotels. We watched a video on it (the same video from my science class) and then she elaborated on it.

She told us that for this trip that unless they change their minds we can get a hotel room with anyone from other teams.

People read between the lines (the next part will show you) and screamed, “YES, YAYYY!”

She corrected herself, ” Same-sex though. Nothing “interesting” will be happening on this trip, guys.”

The guys jokingly aww-ed in mock-disappointment. I found it hilarious if any of them actually thought they would get a girl in their room.

We would be doing a lot of walking around the town squares, some shopping, we would go to fancy restaurants, and we would have a lot of fun.

And guess what?




“And guess what? The social studies teacher on this team got our principal to approve it. We will have a DJ in a party hall instead of the confining Gymnasium!” she continued.

People went berserk with excitement.

AT LEAST WE ARE PREPARED TO LOOK AMAZING UNLIKE ROCK EAGLE. *sighs* That dance still gives me emotions though.

“Mr. Canto really planned this out because the day after y’all get home… THERE’S NO SCHOOL.” She finalized.

“MR. CANTO! MR. CANTO!” People began to chant.

It was really cool that he did that for us. I wonder what the theme will be. And if they will let us dance with guys. And if I could actually get a chance to dance with Arco….

Maybe my imagination is reaching too far.

At lunch, I just ate while reading. I wasn’t alone though because Lily was reading at lunch with me too. All of my other friends who are off team were back to me and smiling at me so I did the same. Cadenza told she had to tell me something important after school and then she left. But now I’ll never know what it is.


Arco smiled and waved at me as well and looked like he wanted to say something but how would I ask now?

For Social Studies, we kept working on this project we started on Wednesday with our partners. We basically had to make 3 rides, a Restaurant/Menu and 2 Gift Shop Ideas for each region within my state. It wasn’t that hard except for the fact that I had to do everything because I couldn’t talk to Lily because SWAMP BROKE MY PHONE. We began working on Google Slides where we were going to the presentation and then present by Monday.

In Spanish, we had to go over some homework and he said we needed to bring in clothes so we could have a mock flea market today and most people brought in the clothes. And then he says that we should bring them tomorrow. WHEN HE LITERALLY SAID YESTERDAY, IF WE DON’T BRING THEM IN TOMORROW, WE GET 25 POINTS OFF OUR FINAL GRADE.

Juniper came into Spanish but then he said, ” Well, no violas switched to the other class so you are no longer in this class, SIR!” And sent him out in a really rude way. So he made us to do more work in the books and record ourselves with our phones speaking and asking questions in Spanish. And unfortunately for me, I DIDN’T HAVE A PHONE. So I basically failed that.

2nd week of school and I already got an awful grade.  Good thing is, that whenever he tells to do something like this he never grades it unless  he’s serious this time. 😦

In Orchestra, we had a scale test over 2 octave D major to review and I feel like Amaryllis and I (because we got stand partners on Wednesday) did pretty good. I still feel slightly rusty though. I swear, Arpeggio is literally looking for excuses to come into the Orchestra room during dismissal.

I’m not even joking.

Ever since last Friday, every single day he has come into Orchestra for who knows what. And then ends up talking Aria before he leaves. -.- Are you kidding me?

Or maybe I’m bitter because I only see Arco like 2 minutes a day.. Soon my bus was called and I was out the door about to pass the marketing room when I hear Aria’s bus being called.

“You are SO lucky for your bus’ timing!” I called into the Orchestra.


We were all laughing and having fun and Arco joined us too as we just discussed life. I disbanded towards my bus where the worst part of my day happened.

People were caught up on where to sit and how to sit there when there were others in their seat. Some weren’t even on the bus that morning. So people were screaming and arguing while I was the last one in the bus line and I was waiting at the front inside the bus waiting to get to my seat.

So my bus driver said we needed to pull over and everyone scurried to a seat. Before I knew what was happening, the bus was moving and I flew forward into a seat and fell into it when the bus stopped.

It was embarrassing!

The other buses, like Arco’s and Aria’s, passed by. I don’t really know if they saw me and my disaster.



Considering I typed this up on Thursday and then forgot to post it, I AM SO SORRY. School’s getting a little crazy. Best luck to y’all on your school endeavors because mine have been less than great.

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  1. On my bus, it was the same problem, I was one of the quiet kids in the front and in the back those were the really loud kids. But our bus has the music radio so my bus driver says she’ll turn the radio on only if we’re quiet so now the loud kids got quiet.

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