Continuing On Lunch..

Its Delia!

Here’s what happened after lunch.


So we went out to Walk ‘N’ Talk through the outside lunchroom and it was cold at first and then hot and then like warm More on the cold side.

Everyone was together for 12 minutes before Willow went to talk to Lake, Daffodil was walking really slowly, Poppy went to talk to Bene and Aria chasing Coast around trying to get back at him for continuously poking her.

And Lily and I just discussed books and then started reading while discussing books and improbable situations. XD

About 8 minutes or so while reading, I feel a hand my shoulder and I jumped in fright.

“Wow, Delia,” they laughed, “you are VERY highstrung.”

“I was just in the zone, Hyacinth.” I explained.

“Hey, Delia and Lily.” A voice behind her.

We turned around and said hi to Arco back. And then someone running whizzed past us. Lily was spitting and was trying to get hair out from her mouth.

And then they came back and Lily was still trying to get out the hair out.

“You.” Arpeggio said.

Lily: Me?

Hyacinth: You who?

Arco: Way to be vague.

Delia: Who are you even talking to?

Arpeggio: *points in an angle that no one still understand* You!

Hyacinth: WHO?

Arpeggio : GOD, DELIA, HER.

Arco: What do you want with Delia?

Arpeggio : Doyouknowwhereariaisbecauseineedtotellhersomethingsotellwhereariabecauseireallyneedtotalktoaria.

Hyacinth: Was that a new language or.

Arco: ….

Lily : Um, can you say that slower?

Delia: I understand there was Aria somewhere in that sentence. Do you want to know where she is or?

Arpeggio: YES! Where is she, I need to tell her something important.

Delia: Oh, She’s with ‘Coast’-ita .

Everyone else: ….

Delia: She’s with Coast.

Everyone Else: OH.

Arpeggio: Well, I’m going to find her. *runs to find Aria*

Hyacinth started to walk backwards and looked at us.

“Well, I’m going to make sure he doesn’t screw anything else. Come on, Arco.” she said.

“Actually, I-” He began.

“Come on!” She pulled him with her.

“Just keep walking Arco or she’ll pull your arm from it’s socket!” I called after, jokingly.

He rolled his eyes and smiled as Hyacinth dragged him all the way to the other half of the track.

Minutes after that, the teams began to go in but we were still outside for like 12 minutes after everyone else.

The rest of today was pretty okay, nothing awful as usual.


This was a draft that I started on my phone but then forgot about it because I didn’t have a reminder from my phone to check my drafts-.- .

This is a post continuing from the “Lunch Wandering Thoughts” post which I believe to have posted on the 17th. So that’s the Walk ‘N’ Talk from it.

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