12 Problems I Have With This School Year

It’s Delia!

This is a simple list of my problems with my 8th grade school year. I mean, I know it will get better but for now.. here are my issues.


1)The Odd Schedules

The principal has pretty much screwed the new schedules. IT MAKES NO SENSE. Why would we have Walk and Talk on a Monday? You’re going make them more tired from walking around for 30 minutes. Or maybe it will wake up, but knowing what happened last Walk ‘N’ Talk people were so tired after. Having the master schedules on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday also makes absolutely no sense.

2) No more RAM Time

On the same note, WHY? RAM Time was amazing! People got to go to groups like Advanced Orchestra, Do extra credit assignments, finish uncompleted work, go to the library, have other classes, etc. IT WAS AMAZING.

And now it’s gone.

I WAS SO PLANNING TO JOIN ADVANCED ORCHESTRA THIS YEAR BUT the universe loves me so much. Mrs. Anima might have an underground group so fingers-crossed.

3) The Team Separation

Okay, this isn’t just about me and my friends. This concerns everyone. This year is so contradictory to last year. So two years ago, they basically split the teams up like they are now except then they were less specific. So how they split it made issues between the other teams because my team thought they were superior because they have the advanced kids.

They made our team have a separate counseling session and discipline talks about this. Then they said that we were make us more diverse because of some people. Leading to some of us LEAP students only having Math together last year. Obviously, it worked so what was the point of splitting us up even more obviously than 6th grade?

This year has more people upset so whatever they were trying to achieve by splitting us like this hadn’t worked.

4) Lack Of Other Friends

I love that my best friends were in all the same classes. I really missed it in 7th grade. But now I don’t see my FRIENDS at all. Most of them are on 8B. Cadenza is still is upset about it.

Speaking of which, everyone was waving to me at lunch today. The whole empanada.

Thank god for the three field trips this year!


5) Yearbook Display

Last year they started this thing for graduating 8th graders where they would project ALL three of your middle school yearbook photos and say a Congrats message at the bottom.

I’m bound to screw with some eyeballs. My 6th grade picture especially.

6) Spanish

Don’t get me wrong, I love learning and Spanish class. But Mr. Firth is SO CONTRADICTORY. He says we need something for class. So we bring it in. Then he yells at us for bringing it so we don’t bring it. THEN HE YELLS AT US FOR NOT BRINGING IT.


Just Friday, he says to number through 50. So we do. We only use had to answer 36. Then he gets mad at us for numbering to 50 and wasting paper.
Are you catching my drift?

7) 6th Graders

6th graders. 6th graders.6th graders.

I sure hope WE didn’t come off like the recent ones. Because they are plain rude and think they own everything. We were freaking scared not arrogant.

Most of my misfortune this year so far came from 6th graders. No lie.

They are just…. bad news.

Not all, But a lot.

8) The Fact That The Counselors Constantly Talk To Everyone.

I understand that they are doing their job. But they are CONSTANTLY watching the 8th graders. They are calling some of us one by one to talk about feelings. We didn’t have to do any of this in the other grades.

To be honest, this makes me more stressed than its supposed to make you.

9) The Fact That Some Of Us Still Don’t Get The Abnormal Lockers.

On Team A, one of the teachers have slightly larger lockers than the others. AND THEY LOOK SO MUCH BETTER.

-.- My luck.

10) Orchestra 8B Has Bare Minimum.

We really do. They have more cellos, more violas, and more violins. The only thing we have more of is basses. So we have a unbalanced sound especially because cellos have become the lack with only 4.

8A seriously has too many cellos which is why Mrs. Anima is/was trying to balance us out.

11) Having To Leave It All Behind.

This is my last year in middle school. I have to leave it all behind. We are going to merge with another middle school and its going to become a BIG WORLD.

I’m just not sure if I’m ready for it yet.

12) All The Drama In Between.

All the romance, drama, fights, relationships.

But then again that’s an issue I have every year.

But 8th grade is supposed to really screw with you. Like a pre-high school.

Which actually makes sense considering it’s RIGHT BEFORE high school.

This one is probably irrelevant.


So this was a rant-ish.

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9 thoughts on “12 Problems I Have With This School Year

  1. Reblogged this on Crystallize Echo and commented:
    The grade that’s below us always is terribly annoying They always scream on the bus, and have attempted bullying our grade countless times.
    When they entered the middle school (last year when I was in 7th grade) they were strutting around the school as if they were royalty. Our grade was laughing so hard at those wannabes, cursing everywhere and pushing classmates, like they were so cool that they do that. HAHAHAH
    Everyone was talking about it. They were like, “Omg srsly???? Wowww.” xD


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