The Most (For Now) That I’ve Ever Spoken To Arco

It’s Delia!

And I guess, the title is self explanatory.


My bus wasn’t as late but it was still late this morning.. My brother and his friend were talking about girls and video games, my friend and I were walking about talking about 8th grade day which is in May and Begonia’s friend just stood quietly as usual. I was pretty happy this morning for no reason, I guess.

I sat into my seat and then just kind of looked at my neighborhood’s scenery as Tulip sat into our seat.

Instead of going ahead and waiting for Lantana to catch up to me, I decided to wait for her (And thank god because then something else may not have happened). It took a while, about 2 minutes, but then she came out.

“Hey, Delia.” She adjusted her bookbag.

“Hi, Lantana. Wow, you guys took forever.” I commented.

“Yeah, I felt like I was standing for ages. So how are you?”

“I’m pretty good. A little tired but that’s alright. You?”

“Same. So when you do think we are starting clubs?”

“I’m pretty sure it’s next week. I’m also excited for Junior Beta Club.”

“Yeah… Wait, DO WE NEED A PASS?”

“What do you mean?”

“The meeting are Tuesday morning before the school opens. So what are we going to do?” She asked.

We finally got into the school and we passed by the library when I thought I saw someone rush out from the library. I thought it was someone but I shrugged it off.

“I don’t really know.”

“Me nei-”

“Hey, Delia. Lantana.” a voice interrupted.

Cue instant blushing, “Oh, hey Arco.” I brushed my hair behind my ear.

“Hi.” Lantana waved.

I noticed his eyes were gleaming of mischief.

“Arco.. What did you do?” I asked.

“Nothing Really…” He started, “Just screwed with some library computers.”

“How so?”

‘Well, basically all I did was- And I almost missed the stairs. ” He got on the first steps, “Aren’t you guys coming?”

“Oh, we go on the other stairs on the other side.” Lantana piped.


We shrugged and he waved before going but the other stairwell.

‘Well, that was slightly weird.” Lantana  said after.

“More like odd. I think I have a solution.”

“For Beta Club?” She got on to the first step of stairs and then Bee Balm came up. “Oh, hey Bee Balm.”

Bee Balm just moved back. I have not seen her in 3-4 years. Doubt she even remembers me but that’s cool.

“Hi, Bee Balm.”

I could see her struggle, ” Hi, Lantana and…….. um, D-delia?”

“Yep, that’s me! How’s going back to school been like?”

“Familiar and nice, I suppose. The people are nice.”

I smiled before going back to what I was saying, “Yeah for Beta Club, I’ll just ask Mr. Canto, he’s my homeroom.”

Lantana: That’s cool. *approaches the hallway split* Bye, Delia.

Delia: Bye Lantana. Nice to see you again, Bee Balm.

Bee Balm: Thanks. Bye!

Then I rushed into homeroom before The Pledge Of Allegiance.

For math class, we took short notes on more quadratic functions, did some book work and we were FINALLY allowed to leave our books in her classroom instead of slugging it around or leaving it in our locker. Our teacher told us that she wouldn’ t be here tomorrow because of a veritcal team and Friday because of her daughter’s wedding. We basically just spoke while doing nothing for the rest of class.

For Science class, we did another hands-on experiment. We were testing changes and making sure if they were chemical or physical and why. We had to baking soda and vinegar, vinegar with a sugar cube and fire and a candle. Unfortunately, my group didn’t get to do the baking soda and vinegar because we had to redo vinegar and the sugar cube.I’m always feeling alone in  that class and not only because I have to sit by myself.

In Language Arts class, we had to get others do edit our passion papers. Apparently, she’s taking the grade while we are in the computer lab tomorrow. Also, the genius hour question and timeline was also due tomorrow.

I got Carnation to got edit mine cause after I finished mine, everyone else were already editing other papers. And Buttercup got me to edit hers which was REALLY good, no lie. She had a lot of details and you can tell she gave it some thought. I edited Bight’s paper as well and his was great as well. I’ve just been hype since I won Hypeman on Monday.

During Lunch, was a little uplifting? I was talking to Poppy who was looking for Bene. I noticed Coast  was talking to someone from afar. Then he started pointing at himself and then me and then whoever he was talking to.

“Delia, turn around.” he said.

So I turned around and there they were. My friends from the other team were all waving like crazy at me. We were just waving for like 5 minutes and mouthing words to each other.

“I feel so popular! oh wait..” I joked when I turned back around.

Coast started waving to them as well and then I started eat again when I heard Coast say, “Oh, come on, Arco show me some love.’

I laughed and nearly choked  on some broccoli. I turned only slightly in time to see Arco finally look up.

He was laughing at Coast awkward wave and mouthed. “What the h-ll?’

Then he turned around and saw my friends waving too.

Then he turned back around still laughing and mouthed, “What the actual h-ll?”

So I started waving until my arms got tired. XD



“WHAT?” People were pushing her ahead, “OKAY, TELL ME LATER.”

While in Mr. Canto’s class, we got to pick our own assigned seats for class and homeroom which was nice. We only had a minute to choose. So now I sit at a table with Poppy, Daffodil, and Coast.

Which is pretty cool except Coast and Aria have been acting…. unexplainable. But I just dismiss it and move on.

We had to work on a comic strip for each Native American group we’ve studying lately. I’m not exactly a good drawing so I’m sure a woolly mammoth will look like a VERY hairy tree…

We finally had to have our clothes in today… but we still didn’t do the flea market activity. Because Mr. Firth wants to be contradictory once again. He started putting in grades for people who brought the clothes in. I brought three so i got a 100 and now I still have a 100 in his class but some people’s grades in his class  dragged to like 65’s or lower because he made it a test grade instead of classwork last second and those people either didn’t bring enough or any at all..

He made us do a long ‘La Campana’ and activity. But we never used the clothes.

Once class ended, I waited up for Aria which was complaining about this guy being annoying and weird. As usual. I went to the back door the music room where I told Arco what we were doing in Spanish while Cadenza was holding the door.

“So where are you going next?” she asked.

I slightly laughed and nudged with my viola, “Orchestra.”

“Oh, right duh. I meant where did you come from?”

“Oh, Spanish.”

“Nice. Ahh, I miss you so much. Your brother did what to your phone?”

“Shattered it.”

“I feel so sorry for you. Ugh, got to get to class, BYE!” she hugged me and ran off as I got unpacked quickly.

We played through Rosin Eating Zombies From Outer Space (which is a REALLY good piece) pretty well. We all had some bumps and ridges but it was alright!

Rosin Eating Zombies From Outer Space had went by so fast that it was already time for dismissal and no one realized it. I sat around talking to Anemone and Amaryllis about Wattpad while Coast and Aria were sitting together on stools while talking. They’ve been doing that a lot lately…..

Finally, Aria and I’s buses were called together as usual nowadays.. I gestured Aria to come along after she was taking a while and we came out. I actually kicked the door open and that actually felt slightly good. It also made me feel like I had power because I was wearing black combat boots.. XD

I didn’t see Pond anywhere. And Aria usually waits for Pond.

“Did Pond leave us or did we leave him?”

“I have no idea,” she responded, “BUT THAT’S A RUDE WAY TO LEAVE US.”

“Such a tragedy,” I continued to joke.

“WHY DID HE LEAVE US?” we yelled at once.

“What are they talking about?” I hear Turaco ask in front of us.

“Who?” Arco turned around.

“Hey!” I waved.

“Hey.” He waved back and then Turaco waved it for him.

“Wow, it looks like a muscle spasm.” Turaco mentioned.

“Yeah, this is totally normal.” Arco pointed out, “Hi, Aria.”

“Sup?” Aria said, picking at some thread on her viola case.

“What’s going on?” He asked.

“The usual.” I shrugged.

“Pond the pacifist left us, that’s what happened. I’m so depress- Come here, Arco.”

Arco just looked at her, “Why?”

“Just trust me,” she gestured him over.

“The last time I trusted you, you wanted to slap me, Aria.”

“Well, I have Stephano (what she renamed her viola) and my folders in my hand so I couldn’t slap you if I wanted to.”

“You were going to hit me with your viola that day because I wouldn’t let you touch me.” He countered.

“What is exactly are you guys talking about?” I asked.

Aria started, “I will explain.”

“I’m going to blend back into the crowd and avoid the situation that Arco could hit me.” and there he went.

“He literally can’t escape me. I ride his bus and sit behind him. So one day on the bus, Coby was asking Siri who should he slap: Cale or this other dude I can’t remember. If Siri said Cale, he would slap the other guy and if it said the other guy, he would slap Cale. So Coby gave his phone to me and asked me to ask Siri: it said Cale. Obviously, not figuring out the loophole at first he was prepared not to be slapped. And then he realized it. But before I could get him, it was his bus stop. Still wish I got him.” she said before she got to the buses.

Selena waved to me and then disappeared into the crowd as well.

I laughed to myself before getting on the bus. You know, I like the fact that I got pretty much surrounded by the nicer, younger kids because if I was surrounded by the rude ones, I would wish to jump off that bus.

I wonder if they think they are being middle school cool.

Jada had to come over because her brother was staying at our house. Her brother was staying at our place because their parents were going out all day and he doesn’t know how to get into the house.


Another post I never finish the day it happened.

I need to fix that issue.

It’s going to be Friday in an hour and then my post on today will be out by that afternoon.

Sneak Peek: I scared a 6th graders with two other misfits. XD

Oh, look it’s Friday and I still haven’t posted it.

Oops, now it’s Saturday….

I have an issue.

Float In The Cyber Space!


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  1. Bwaaaaaa it’s so magical!!! It’s makes me wish I knew all of you in real life so I could actually see this stuff happening! Btw Torie is cool (viola buddies).

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