Infinity Dreams Award

Hey, y’all, it’s Delia!

I’ve been nominated for the Infinity Dreams Award! 

I was Nominated by (click on their names to check theirs out):




Fatima / Elysia


I suppose I’ll tell you my dreams now…

They aren’t in any order.


1)Be a Valedictorian

I want to be one so  bad. That’s why I’m always working hard, doing extra credits, studying, to get straight A’s and keep my 4.0 GPA in check. It would make me so proud of overcoming struggles, and making it out of school as a someone to people. 

Not to sound ungrateful because I’m already someone to you guys and my other friends. 🙂

2) Go into Medicine and Literature

I love science. I love the idea of helping others feel better and medicine works. I also love writing, writing is sort of my outlet of emotions. 

Medicine would definitely be my major, and Literature might be my minor.

3) Have a job that makes me happy and financially supports me well

This is kind of a necessity for me.

4) Meet My Blogger Friends

I’d love to meet you guys!

5) Learn Vibrato?

No, but seriously. I am so bad at this skill. It hurts when you are among the only ones in your orchestra who can’t do vibrato. Just to sound like I know how to, I lift my finger up and down quickly. 

I am going to suck in high school orchestra.


So there you go!

I tag:




Auburn Cookie



Float In The Cyber Space!


14 thoughts on “Infinity Dreams Award

  1. OH MY GOSH. I still can NOT do vibrato AT ALL. I think it’s because when I hold up my viola, I don’t leave a space between my hand and the neck. Have you been doing that too?

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