What An Eventful Day

It’s Delia!

Stuff happened.

Especially one thing I want to highlight because it explains particular behaviors in certain people.


So I woke up sort of late this morning.

I woke up multiple times but I THOUGHT it was still dark outside. The world outside my wine red curtains begged to differ.  I was rushing through my routine but Swamp was taking forever in the shower and my mother was using hers.

I literally had to wait 20 minutes to shower. Swamp was mad at me because my parents can’t afford to buy Swamp a violin.

Let me back track. Swamp actually wants to…


And why? I don’t even know.

And then he goes on to bash on violas saying they suck and that violins are better. But since it’s not in the budget, my mother and Swamp were going to the school to ask Mrs. Anima for alternative options.

After my shower, they left and I quickly put on a blouse, some jeans, and flats while pulling my hair into a ponytail. Realizing that I had about 10 minutes before I had to go to the bus stop so I practiced some of my viola and then ate some Cinnamon Crunch waiting.

They came back for 2 minutes before go time and my mother was silent before she said this, “Delia, you’re going to have to share your viola with Swamp until you go off to high school.”

My heart was breaking.

“What? But mom, he doesn’t even want to play it! And he’ll break it or worse.”

“Trust me, he doesn’t want to this either but it’s the only thing we can do or he will complain about unequal love. Besides. we have insurance!”

I reluctantly gave him my viola in the case.

“Don’t worry, mommy. I’ll take good care of it.” He said, sweetly.

Then he gave me this evil look and mouthed, “This thing is gonna get wrecked.”

I literally wanted to cry. Then as I left the house, thoughts circled around my head.  He was going to embarrass me at concerts, and on the Orchestra field trip! I was mortified.

Once I got to the bus stop, I already saw my brother and his friend swinging my viola like crazy.

“Don’t swing it like that.” I said, icily.

“Why not?” My brother dared.

“Because you could accidentally drop it or swing into something! Look, you may not like but we have to share this and if I don’t have an instrument, you don’t have one either. So don’t even.”

He just rolled his eyes and set it down harshly on the concrete driveway while talking to his friend. The bus was late once again.

“Watch him fail the class.”  My friend commented as we got on the bus.

I sat in my seat and as people got on, I talked to Artemisia about her going to New York because her brother is heading to college. People I know have been missing out on school lately because someone they know is going off to college and they go places like Chicago, Indiana, or Helena, Montana. ;-;

The young 6th graders, however, were talking about getting boyfriends, dates, and holding hands, and kissing and how it will all be perfect in middle school and maybe high school with relationships.

Either they have too high hopes or I just happened to have a negative middle school experience.

I got off the bus and waited for Lantana again. I guess it makes sense that it would take forever since she’s 5 seats away from me.

I told her that Mr. Canto said that they would allow us in or that he would stay by the school to get us in and other things while we rushed to get into our homerooms before the announcements were over. When I walked in, everyone was working on some type of homework while the announcements were playing.

I, however, was sitting around while thinking of various things.

After the Moment of Silence and the Pledge Of Allegiance, Mr. Canto began to comment on the many people doing their homework in a kind of funny way.

“Y’all better have my homework, you act like you forgot!” He joked and the class just started laughing.

“MR. CANTO, THAT SONG IS MY JAM!” A girl yelled.

“Wow, maybe I should go on with Rihanna then.” He continued and we all laughed as we left the classroom.

She was too busy being happy to notice that he said that out of sarcasm.

We had a nice substitute in Math, and I ended up helping a few people because Mrs. Calando left us notes and a practice with more advanced Trigonometry.

I had some Cheez-Its so I was eating them and then Juniper just started eating some out of nowhere, and I just let him. XD Honestly, it was just Cheez-Its.

In Science,we did another experiment with properties. This time we mixed Red Bull with Milk…

It did not smell or look attractive.

For Language Arts, we actually went down to the 7th grade hall computer hall. The memories just flooded back in and I waved to my old teachers. Mrs. Angelonia gave us a tutorial on where and how to do the book reviews we needed to for our books that we read for The Power Of 20 to count.

At Lunch, I read while listening and talking to Poppy, Aria, and Coast. Then I had a slap attack.

“AHHHHHH. Isn’t Bene so cute today? He’s wearing a suit and everything.”

You see. have any of you been in this situation. And isn’t it awkward?

Because if you say NO, they could think, ‘How dare you, that’s my boyfriend.’

And if you say YES = ‘How dare you, that’s my boyfriend.’

So all I said was, “He looks nice.” That triggered no negative emotions so saying that was in the clear.

“Where’s Bene now, do you see him? Never mind, I see him.” Poppy stated.

“Where is he then?”

“Oh, he’s at that table, that’s behind the one right behind us. Sitting next to, none other than, ARRRRCOOOOO.” She shook me back and forth.

“Oh, okay.” I stuffed Broccoli because I THOUGHT it could conceal the blush and it would stop me from rambling. I have no idea if it worked.

But then their team started to leave and when he looked at me, I put a piece of cauliflower in my mouth and for what reason? I actually wasn’t even hungry anymore.

He smiled and mouthed, “Just why?”

I shrugged.

He pointed to his lip for no reason I comprehended, then he was mouthing something but I couldn’t see it very well because of people. Cadenza came out of Nowhere and hugged me which I returned. I still hadn’t understood until he had to mouth extremely clearly, “There is. Something. On your Lip.”

And just fabulously, there was a cauliflower leaf I hadn’t felt on my lip.

So attractive.

So trendy.

So Embarrassing.

I rolled my eyes and responded, “I am so weird.”

He rolled his eyes, “We’re both weird.”

I rolled my eyes again, “I know.”

He rolled his eyes, “Okay then.”

We kept rolling our eyes.

“Stop rolling your eyes!” I joked.

He still rolled his eyes. “Whatever.”

“You’re such a weirdo.”

“You are too.”

“Point Taken.”

“See you.”


I turned around and Poppy and Aria were looking at me.

Poppy: Just wow. *gives Aria a look*

Aria: I’m not even going to discuss the case that those two are.

Delia: *tries to wear the blush on her cheeks by drinking her water and reading*

In Mr. Canto’s class, he had to rechoose our seats because some people could not handle it. From there on, we did this review game that was pretty much Connect 4 but with questions and was Girls versus Boys.

The Boys won once.

The Girls were about to the win the second round and then the bell rang.

Today, In Spanish we had a 12 question bell ringer. Most of those 12 questions had 3 parts to them. It was basically a quiz or a test, not a warmup. Then he complained that we were taking too long… -.-

I was nearly hoping for another scary fire drill like on Tuesday.

After going after the bell ringer aka La Campana, he made us review conversation in a store by writing down a scenario and making some of us act it out.

Mr. Firth called on this guy who really didn’t want to but he did because Mr. Firth threatened to sign his agenda to the third level if he didn’t.

“Co-” Mr. Firthstarted.

“No.” Corda crossed her arms.

The class got silent, real quick.

“Corda.” Mr. Firth tried again.

“No, NO WAY!” She was checking her nails and then began to adjust her dress.

“Why not?!” Mr. Firth asked.

“Because I don’t want to.” Corda argued with her same old attitude. It still hasn’t changed since 7th grade.

Mr. Firth sighed, “I’m tired of having to sign your agenda all the time. Anyone- Amaryllis, go.”

Amaryllis sighed and began playing out the presentation but was deciding what she should ‘buy’.

Amaryllis laughing said the crocs. Then most people in the class shouted, “WHAT ARE THOSE?”

Then Mr. Firth told the same guy who didn’t want to present to but did anyway to take Amaryllis to the “fitting room”. And that triggered some reactions.


Another dude: Get some!

Someone else: WHOOOOOOOOO!

A girl: *mutters* Pigs.

How embarrassing.

For the both of them.

We had to do some stem changing verbs review, well the people with the devices. The others who had no devices had to do book work. I didn’t mind doing it because the people using their phones had issues with it. And he made those people with devices work on verbs we weren’t even taught. So maybe that’s a win for me or a disadvantage for the test tomorrow.

However, most of the girls with their phones were taking snaps on snapchats of people, particularly this one guy. Because his annoying-ness and ridiculousness is just that hilarious. (Okay that wasn’t sarcasm, I just noticed how it could be XD)

Eventually, he made everyone do book work so I guess, the people with the online review had somewhat of an advantage. Finally, Spanish was over and as usual, I packed and walked over to Aria.

Aria was talking with someone and then she gasped. She began rushing with her stuff.

“Aria, what’s going on?” I asked, confused.

“I,” she had put her Spanish binder into her bookbag and swung it on, “Have just learned something important in the development of the life on Benita! I need to get to orchestra quick.”

The Spanish 8B class had already started to come in, and she was dodging people. Still slightly confused, I followed until she reached the door.

“Oh my god, I nearly left Stephano!”

“I’ve got him, go, go, go!” I encouraged her while I got Stephano.

I hid my face behind Stephano as moved through the crowd. Suddenly, I felt three slight pats on the case and then someone lightly uncovered my face.

“Hey, Deals.” Arco said, “How are you? What are we doing today?”

“You have a long La campana, you have to write down everything on that board do some book work and act out a scenario. Oh, I’m confused. I mean I’m great.”

“Oh, thanks. And Why were you hiding behind Stephano?”

“How did you know it’s Stephano?”

“It says Stephano on the front of the case in Red Letters. And your viola case doesn’t look like that.”

“Oh, haha, right. Bye!” I dashed into the orchestra room, probably redder than the letters that read Stephano. Then Ben came in behind me.

“Honestly, Aria. He JUST got here.”

Aria came over and pulled Coast and I to the bass area while they talked and then Aria started randomly tickling Coast. They started tickling each other and then I SWEAR I thought I was Coast kiss her hair before they started talking again.

Weird. But I wasn’t about to cross that word from any of their actions.

I awkwardly stood there with Stephano. I wonder Stephano felt awkward too.  After they finished talking, Aria got Stephano from me and said thanks. She also asked me why my face was red.

“Oh, just that I ran.” which was partially true.

“Okay..?” We walked over to the viola section.

A girl asked Aria this: “Are you and Coast dating?”

Aria looked at me for a second with a look that I thought was telling me to answer this for her. So that’s what I did.

Delia: Aster, they aren’t dating. Aria has just been trying this thing to be more nicer to Coast and..

Aria: *darts her eyes to the floor*

Delia: Aria… what’s going on?

Aria: …Surprise? *raises her arms*

A girl: Ooh, a violin and a viola.

I didn’t know how to react. I regained my composure and asked for how long.

Aria: Two days..?

Delia: Isn’t that the exact same number of days you-

Aria: *nods*

Delia: And you just decided not to tell me?

Aria: Well, I didn’t know how you would react, for one. And you didn’t ask, so I didn’t tell.

The same girl: What type of logic is that?

Delia: *breathes in* Who else knows?

Aria: I don’t know who he told but I told Willow and Carnation when it happened.

Delia: You told them when it happened?

Aria: Well it happened that night. And I can’t text or call you, remember? I was going to tell you at lunch yesterday but you seemed too preoccupied…

Delia: Oh, right. That’s True. Well, congrats!

I made awkward celebration hands to lighten everything. She laughed and said thanks. I sat into my seat and pulled out my orchestra binder turned to the page with ‘Night Shift’ on it.

‘Night Shift’ is pretty cool and it’s by Richard Meyer, who also made ‘Rosin Eating Zombies From Outer Space’. The only thing is that in ‘Night Shift’, violas have this similar pattern of eighth notes until measure 30.

-.- Just another day in the life.

Oh, and we have shifting into third position on the A string from measures 50 – 56. I’m still slightly struggling with shifting but I’ll get it down.

I heard flat notes so I turned around, “Aria, that sounds flat.”

“Yeah, I’m learning to play without finger tapes.”


By The Way, Mrs. Anima had to address something. There was a Math substitute for Team 8B named Richard Meyer who I saw walking by in Lunch. So EVERYONE on that team thought that was THE Richard Meyer. So she showed us all a picture of THE Richard Meyer who she met in February.


There were some snickers, and Mrs. Anima reassured that person.

“If you were to look up my full name, you would get a country music star and not a middle school orchestra teacher.” She noted.

She looked it up to prove it.

After we played through and reviewed Night Shift, we got to look at other potential pieces.

Such as this one called ‘Giant Slimy Squid’ by Thom Sharp. Mrs. Anima also noted that violas got some good parts and to that we all cheered.

“Wow. A giant slimy squid isn’t even the first result when you look it up!” Aria laughed.

“Wait.. Oh my gosh, that’s true.” I agreed.

Soon the bell rang and Aria and Coast went back to the Bass section and were talking again.

Aster asked me if those two we dating.

“It happened, Aster.”

“I knew it. You can’t get a lot of things past me. Oh well they just called for walkers, I’m telling them congrats and then leaving.” And that’s what she did.

Honestly, if you even looked at them you felt like you were third wheeling.

“I am such a third wheel.” I said out there.

“What?” Anemone asked.

“Ask anyone, and they will tell you I’m a third wheel.”

“Er, Okay. COAST!” she yelled.

Coast: Whaaaaat?

Anemone: Is Delia a third wheel?

Coast: Kind of, yeah actually.

Anemone: HEY ARIA!

Aria: *hugs Coast as he leaves and then looks at her phone before looking up* What’s up?

Anemone: Is Delia a third wheel?

Aria: Dude, no offense Delia, you’re always a third wheel. She deserves Third Wheel Of The Year.

Delia: You see, I take no offense because it’s SO TRUE.

Anemone: Wow. Bergenia, is Delia a third wheel?

Bergenia: It depends. Who to?

Anemone: Anyone and Everyone.

Bergenia: Well, I mean sometimes she is and sometimes she’s not but more like in the middle of a ship rather.

Anemone: Just wow. Hey, hey person.

Delia: You mean Pond? THE PACIFIST. I almost forgot.

Anemone: Yeah, okay. Pond, is Delia a third wheel?

Pond: Sometimes…

I sat in my third wheel-ness when Aria and my bus was called. I grabbed my stuff quickly and walked to the Bass Section. I called Aria to come on while I held Stephano for her. She finally finished and when we began to set off, I said the word, Friendship.

She repeated and we were joking around with the word.

“I can see that, um, really muscly pegasus saying friendship in ridiculously deep voice like this. FRIENDSHIP.” She went deep.

“Snowflake? Haha, me too!”

“Try it!”

“Okay, FRIENDSHIP.” I attempted.

We were both laughing hard now.

“BYE, MR. CANTO.” Aria continued.

“YEAH, BYE.” I laughed direct after.

“Bye, girls..” He looked slightly confused.

We kind of kicked it into some other gears.



Some 6th graders looked at us very strangely but we were just laughing it up.

I saw Arco and I knew we just had to say hi  GET HIM TO JOIN IN!

Delia: ARCO!


Arco: What in the world are you two doing?






Aria, Delia: FRIENDSHIP.

We just continued yelling random stuff in deep voices. I think I saw Swamp looking at us but to be honest, I didn’t care.

Arco started laughing a little hard.


Arco: There was this one 6th grader I think. He ran down this side of the lane because of when Aria screamed, “PUBERTY!” in his face, and then he ran the other way because he went the wrong way!

We were all dying at this point.

I held my side, “YOU KNOW, SEE Y’ALL TOMORROW.”

“YEAH.” They responded.

I was too joyous to pay mind to conflict on the bus. I think I’ve finally got at least a good 15 minute block of time I could possibly speak to Arco which was pretty good.


Yeah, so this was Thursday, the day after “The Most (For Now) I’ve Spoken To Arco.”

By tomorrow, I should have Friday up because that was just plain interesting.

Float In The Eventful Cyber Space!


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      Yeah, I’m upset with my brother as well right now (he literally broke my shoulder rest on monday)
      LOL Yeah.

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