It’s Friday, Friday, Time To Re-Evaluate My Life On Friday

Heysies, it’s Delia.

I really do need to re-evaluate my life though..



He nearly left my instrument at home like it was nothing. I handed to him at the bus stop and he flipped upside down and began grinding the tip of my case on the concrete. Thank god I didn’t have a fabric case like Aria or I would have been really screwed.

“Swamp. Stop that.”

He simply smirked and then did the same with the bottom.

“Just hold it like a normal orchestra student would, geez Louise.”

He rolled his eyes and then held it normally.

“Your brother is annoying.” my friend spoke.

“Tell me about it.” I sighed.

Artemisia wasn’t one the bus once when left her stop.

“Tulip, where’s Artemisia?”

“She’s in New York because her brother’s going to college, remember?”

Then I realized something. As long as I’ve known Artemisia, as many times as I have been over, I have never seen her brother in person before. Interesting…

I decided to wait for Lantana every morning so we could talk. Unfortunately, it was hard to hear her because the bus was going off and she had a sore throat.

When I walked in the classroom, it was buzzing with excitement because it was Friday. The football boys wore their jerseys and everyone else was pretty joyful. It turns out that Lily and I were wearing the same shirt! No one really listened to the announcements and we had to wait 5 minutes after the Pledge before we went to 1st period.

Tern was talking football when Mr. Canto asked what school he wanted to go to.

“Clemson.” Tern answered.

“Clemson? Oh..” Mr. Canto trailed off.

“What’s wrong with Clemson?”

“It’s Clemson.”

Some people laughed and then they continued.

“North Carolina is better.” Mr. Canto said.

“No, they’re not! Have you seen their season?” Tern protested.

“Yeah, actually they are doing pretty bad.” Coperti interjected.

Then the bell rang and we all came into Mrs. Calando’s room a little rowdy but then we all came in very silently. I didn’t get it though. I think the reason why is because we had this substitute…

(I’m so afraid I’m going to say something offensive or religiously generalizing or something, and trust me, those are not my intentions if I end up doing that.)

She had one of those headdresses with a nice pattern on it, like I think Muslim women wear? Yeah, I think they do. If they have a specific name I don’t know. She also had this dress on with the same pattern,but it was long sleeve and down to the floor, and sandals.

We just whispered the whole class. We actually had to turn in something for our first classwork grade in this class.

After we left, Aria told me about she had to play her orchestra piece for Mrs. Anima so she can get advice whether to go auditions for one of honor orchestras in our area and how to play.

For science class, we had to take our test which I felt was pretty easy. I wrote for a long time for the essay though. At least it wasn’t like 3 pages like I did in Mr. Grouse’s class last year. Everyone said I was doing FAR too much.

In ELA, it was Flocab Friday! And you know what that means..! Or maybe you don’t because I don’t think I’ve blogged about Fridays this school year. Okay so there’s this site called Flocabulary where you hear hip-hop sings that incorporate learning in them. So every month, we get lyrics to a new song and every Friday until the month ends, we play the song and go along with the lyrics. If you still don’t know them, you sit down. If you know some, you stand. If you know most, you stand on your chair. If you know all of them, you get to stand on the desk!

Oh, and we get really hype during this. We rushed with The Hype just so we could start Flocab. And when we did, boy was it loud. Some people were literally screaming. It was hilarious. We also took notes on characterization.

For 4th period, we had our first Social Studies test. It was pretty easy and Mr. Canto graded it pretty quickly. We had to give each question a rate though from 1-4. 4 being it was super easy, 1 being that you just guessed and had no clue.

We got our grades back and I was appalled with my grade. It was an 89.
AN 89.
On the first test of the year even! I knew I studied hard for it and I thought I got most of them right.

I had only missed 2 questions and then I read the back where I wrote the essay and it said, “New Technology Missing – 2” The essay was wroth 4 points so I missed basically half of it. I reread my essay and I DID mention new technology from the Archaic Indians. I raised my hand until he reread my essay and corrected my grade. It went up to a 94.1! It’s a low A but better than a B.

No one was enthusiastic about going to Spanish today because we had a ‘quiz’. The quizzes end up being like Tests and the tests end up being like Exams. Luckily, the quiz was actually 20 questions! Unfortunately, Mr. Firth was going really fast. You see, we don’t take quizzes like a sheet with questions. He pulls up the questions from some of our homework assignments (which is actually a little smart because the scores tell you who actually did it) and we have to answer the questions as he shows them.

I asked about 8 – 12 and if we have to write the whole sentences. He said no and people continued. 5 minutes later, he says we HAVE TO write the sentences. -.-

Even better, we had to translate the sentences as 5 other questions. Some of those sentences had words some of us never even learned. Thank gosh, he gave us some of those words. I knew the rest of them due to a long session of looking up Spanish words out of boredom. Then he gave everyone the rest after like 12 minutes. The last two questions were easy but then he crossed one out and gave us this other one that made almost no sense. Thank gosh, it was ALMOST.

During the quiz, Buttercup asked if Lily and I planned to wear the same shirt but I told her no.

People forgot to put their Spanish names on the quiz again. I probably never explained this either. So the Friday we had our pretests and two weeks ago, Mr. Firth made us choose Spanish names to go by in class. People chose some names to be silly. Speaking of which, Buttercup’s name is Margarita.. I chose Catalina and Aria chose Adora. You could call us Dora and Cat!

He graded our quizzes and then bell rang. I got a 100! I’ve had 100’s or a 99 in Spanish as my final grades…

Aria was moving a little slowly because she was nervous about pre-auditions. We were walking out of Spanish and so Aria told Daffodil what the quiz was about while I spoke to Arco.

“Heyo, weirdo.” He said.

“Heyo, fellow weirdo.” I greeted.

“So what’s up in Spanish?” He gave the door a quick glare.

“Oh, the quiz. Luckily, the quiz is only 20 questions. Oh and you have translate 5 sentences.”

“Oh,” he raked his hand through his hair, “So, how-”

And I heard nothing else as I was carried by the tide of many students. Torie was straight behind me as we walked into Orchestra. Like homeroom, we were pretty happy in there. Aria ended up ruffling Ginger’s, Pond’s, and Coast’s hair before we got to our seats. We played through Night Shift and Rosin Eating Zombies From Outer Space before she began working section by section. The cellos were a little eh, the violas could use some polishing, the violins had been pitchy but the basses were pretty on it today, doing really well. Orchestra went by fast and before most of us knew it, it was over.

We began to pack up and Torie was just in a ball in her seat.

I turned around, “What’s wrong friend?”

“Seriously, she could deny me right then and there.” She noted, referring to her pre-audition.

“She wouldn’t just hear four notes and send you off. You are a good viola.”

“I know but still.” She looked at Coast then at me. I was going to have to be the bold one.

“Coast, get over here, you’re not doing your job!”

He came over, “Wait what?”

I made gestures but he clearly wasn’t getting it. I’m usually not this direct like this but: “You are her boyfriend. Console her.”

He just sat by her and they talked it out. I just stood there though not knowing what to do with myself. Aria finally stood after being a ball in her chair. They were whispering something, and then they hugged. He kissed her shoulder and she kissed his cheek before she went into Mrs. Anima’s Office with a stand and her viola.

Third wheel moments are a way of life for me.

We all stacked our chairs and our stands in these special holders specifically for stands and specifically for the special chairs we use for orchestra. I was basically all over the place being weird. I had turned around and I heard the front door open. There’s a short walkway before you actually see everything in the orchestra room from the door so I couldn’t see who it was until 5 seconds after they came in.

You know, I’ve been hoping ever since this year started that Arco would come through that door eventually. But I became done with waiting, so I was near giving up. But then he came in and I couldn’t have been more happy. And slightly embarrassed because I’m sure I looked really weird, and awkwardly slightly tired from being all over. I had removed my bobby pin so my hair was partly in my face.  I’m pretty sure Aria would have used the term L.A.F. (which is also the title of my favorite song right now) L.A.F. is an abbreviation for something, you’ll just need to look up to understand.

Hyacinth immediately yelled, “ARCO!”

He saw me and waved as elaborately as I did that one day when everyone else mimicked my wave. He was talking to Mrs. Anima and as soon she went elsewhere, I went my her office door and stood there.

Aria looked at me and said, “She wants me to go over the G arpeggio.”  She was open to a page in the 7th grade book.

“Oh, see I knew you’d be fine.”

“Yeah, she did pretty well.” Arco interjected. He was on the left side of the door.

Mrs. Anima came back.

“Aria, you did pretty good, so I would recommend you do go tomorrow to the auditions. And you, really should have registered.” Mrs. Anima said.

“Me?” I asked.

She nodded.

“Delia, you are an amazing viola. You really should have.” Aria pointed out.

“I second that. You sound really good. You seem extremely capable of doing this.” Arco agreed.

They all nodded. I was blushing super hard at that point.

“Wow, thanks. But sometimes I don’t do well with judges, and competition and auditions and yeah.” I twisted my leg about.

Mrs. Anima: Arco, get on my laptop, okay?

Arco: Do you want me to bring it or?

Mrs. Anima: Bring it, please.

I kind of followed to read the board.

“Hey.” He was unhooking the Laptop from the wall.

“Hey.” I was reading a 6th graders comment since Mrs. Anima won Teacher of the Year on Thursday while listening to the bus’ being called next.

“Hey, so can I ask you something?”

My heart was beating so hard, my lord. “Shoot.”


“AND BUS 11.’

I looked at screen before I realized my bus was called. I didn’t want to be late and then fly into the seat again. I rushed to my stuff and grabbed them. “I’m sorry, I’ve got to go. My bus was called and I don’t want to fly into my seat again. Long story. BYE ARCO! BYE HYACINTH! GOOD LUCK ARIA!” I was literally hurting inside.

Arco: Bye, Delia. *waves*

Hyacinth: Child, I’m coming, my bus was called too.






Aria, Delia: SHUT UP.

Cadenza and Hyacinth and I ended up talking until we reached each other’s buses. Cadenza was adjusting her shirt part of the time because some girl messed with it.

You know what’s really screwed? Aria and Arco’s Bus was right behind mine but since mine was at the far end, their bus had to wait until they announce the next load.


Yay for the universe.


Yeah, so.. yeah.

I still want to know though!

Float In The Cyber Space!


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