How Poppy Lost A Water Bottle At Lunch

Hey, it’s Delia!

Yeah, and the title was my fault, whoops.


Swamp kept on maltreating my, well I guess OUR, viola at the bus stop. It was irritating me badly. You know what else is irritating me now? My shoulder/collar bone. Because he broke my shoulder rest. Oa’si, you were right, it hurts. My posture feels all out of wack now.

I had forgotten to finish one last paragraph for my final draft in Mrs. Angelonia’s class so I was frantically looking for a blue pen on the bus.

“What are you looking for?” Tulip asked.

“A blue pen.”


“I need to finish something.”

“Do you want to borrow mine?”

“Ye-” I found the pen in my bookbag at last, “Nevermind… I just found it.” I started to just doodle a heart on my hand and then began to write when Tulip asks if she can borrow one of my blue pens. I handed her one and while I continued to write my conclusion, she might as well had become part-smurf because her hand was COVERED in blue doodles, back hand and palm. Selena asked her what on earth happened and she innocently said doodles.

After I finished my conclusion, she started trying to draw on her other hand with her non-dominant hand and it ended up being a bunch of jagged lines. So beautiful.

I just stared the scenery outside and began to tune out outside situations. The scenery in my area is so relaxing though, I love it.

While walking into the school, Lantana and I were basically talking about Beta Club and then Tulip and Aster joined the conversation. The conversation was short-lived, however, and they went down the hallways for their teams. I felt lonely going down that long hallway alone. I barely made into homeroom before the moment of silence.

Before we left homeroom, Poppy announced that she was going to cut her hair about a few inches or so. Then Bight and Tern started asking question and saying statements like, “Why do girls say they are cutting their hair when the next day there isn’t even a difference?”

Poppy was explaining split-ends, conditioner, and breakage while I was reading. While we were leaving homeroom, I was talking to Aria, Coast came from nowhere and hugged her before disappearing into the crowd.

“Well, that was… interesting.” I noted awkwardly.

“Yeah… I’m going to get him back because I know he took my lunch box with that hug.” She was laughing a little while she said that. We ended up were standing in the hallway for a while though. So I was wandering about in the area while everyone conversed among themselves. I noticed the other teams transitioning. They just kind of look at us down the hallway and sometimes we look at them. Then there’s those 1 or 2 people who comes on our team for like one class before they go back to their team.

We walked into Math and we still had free island seats. I was the 2nd to last person inside the classroom so I sat by Poppy again. We were reviewing the Powers Of i and simplifying equations with i in them. The concept was confusing at first we eventually got it. I thought Poppy would be up to some antics during the lesson because her glue tricks with my clear glue yesterday. But today it had nothing to do with glue.

You see, Lake was getting on Poppy’s nerves so Poppy decided to throw a goldfish at his face. It was so hilarious, but Mrs. Calando saw nothing. I was focusing but what was going on around me was so funny. Bight started to want Poppy to aim for his mouth. But I was still fine until Lake threw one at my ear by accident while I was writing the answer to i to 96th power. They started laughing and then I threw one and it landed in Jordan’s mouth while I was trying to finish the notes. I was slightly laughing through out the rest of class while goldfish were flying.

In Science class, we had a young substitute that was trying so hard to be strict but she just couldn’t. We had to do several pages of book work, however, and most people were terribly bored. The cool thing is that the substitute knew sign language so she taught us signs like, “I love you,” Boy, purple, early, naked, school, white, pink, cute, shirt, up, ocean, mermaid and other words. Only a few of us even completed 3/4ths of the assignment. Someone asked what surface tension when it was RIGHT ON THE PAGE he was working on. IN BOLD. We all gave him the ‘Boy’ sign.

The language arts teacher was still out so we had another substitute. We had to write notes on Hydrocephalus, a real disease, that a character in the short story that we are reading. When we got to the ELA book that we were reading the story in, we told the substitute that during popcorn reads Coast had a punishment to read at least half the book. This, of course, was referring to 6th grade when we started to pick Coast EVERYTIME we had a popcorn read. It was hilarious. Coast was talking about it on the way down to lunch and Aria made the point that it didn’t matter who he would have picked, even Lily or I, would have picked him.

In the lunch line while Coast was talking to Lake, Aria bent her middle finger and waggled it into Coast’s back. The reaction was priceless. He waggled and then he tried to do it back to Aria but it had no effect on her as she was laughing.  I was snickering as well as I got my lunch and paid for it. I sat the end of the table and I wondered why we didn’t have free seats at this point because it was been a WHOLE MONTH.

I finished the book I was reading and I became terribly bored. Poppy and I just started stacking things while scrolling on her phone through Tumblr. I noticed Arco from afar and rested my face on my fist while watching for at least 5 seconds before Poppy said, “Look it’s still Balancing!”

Then Lake had to knock it down. He just had to. Good thing was a packet of apples ended slapping him in the face. Someone walked by and gave Lake a water bottle in which Lake ended up throwing at them which was looked painful but they were just laughing.

The other team was finally getting up. I was trying to get Poppy’s attention so she could see Bene but she seemed to be tuning things out her music. So I grabbed her cold water bottle and rolled it down her arm. Her arm spazzed and the water bottle went rolling fast.

Arco and this other dude were walking by and talking when the water bottle knocked against Arco’s foot. They didn’t know where it came come until they saw us. They looked at each other and then Arco gave me a, ‘You already know what’s going happen next.’ mischievous grin. That’s when I knew that Poppy wasn’t getting that water bottle back.

I simply turned around and continued to eat. I didn’t mind it none.

Poppy: Your boyfriend has my water bottle.

Delia: Well, I mean, I did call him various vegetables as I could name on Monday. And did you forget that his friend doesn’t like you at all?

Poppy: Ha! You didn’t correct me when I called him your boyfriend. I am very aware of that.

Delia: *thinks* Oh, great.

Then Cadenza comes from nowhere and hugs me. She airhugs Bight too, which I am very sure he valued deeply since he’s in love with her. Though since Dawn got over Henry over the summer, maybe there’s hope for him…?

In 4th period, we had read from the book, then we had to make a sketch for this picture of Hernan DeSoto Crossing The Mississippi. It actually slightly harder than I thought. Plus, we had to incorporate like 29 vocabulary words into the script. It was even harder when you have jokesters like Tern and Bight constantly making jokes.

For Spanish, we had to do 3 packets. THREE. Each of them had at least 6-7 pages and we had to do the rest for homework. It wasn’t like few questions per page and the question were easy, no. It was the complete opposite of that. Mr. Firth loves us so much. After Spanish ended, Aria was talking to the new kid (I still haven’t caught his name) and when I came over, she told him to stop talking because he could tarnish my innocence. I was just confused.

Before we got  into Orchestra, I walked over to Arco and told him about Spanish and I also asked about Water Bottle.

“How’s Water Bottle?” I asked.

“Oh, Water Bottle’s fine.”

“Where IS Water Bottle?”

“In a deep dark abyss.”

“What would you call this abyss?”

“Whatever you want to call it.”

“..We are very weird.”

“Yeah, we are.. So, I-” He began.

The tidal wave of students knocked me into Orchestra before I could hear anything else. When I stumbled in, Aria asked me where I went before we had to rush to try and rotate. We always rotate seats within our section on Wednesdays and that always takes a while. We actually didn’t do much in Orchestra except review Rosin Eating Zombies From Outer Space (Speaking Of Which, I need to update my orchestra songs section now…) and the areas where we had playing tests, and play through Giant Slimy Squid after we crossed out the 15 measures of just whole notes.

I noticed that Amaryllis was staring at Pond The Pacifist (I really need to stop calling him that XD) a lot during class but I said nothing even as I was packing up. My foot still had felt a little sore even though the chairs and the stands fell on me only two days ago. After Amaryllis went walking home with Lily, Pond asked me something: “Does Amaryllis like me? I’m not asking in the way you might think I am.”

I really could not say for sure, and even if I did, Girl Confidentiality. Every sleepover we’ve had since 7th grade, Amaryllis ends up talking about him at least 3 times. And she talked about him at the last Orchestra field trip. Now that I think about it, I’m pretty sure she does now. However, I said: “I’m not really sure yet. She might though.”

“Oh, I just thought so because she’s constantly staring, talking to and/or about me.” He started to close his violin case.

I was listening to the bus calls and Aria’s bus was in first load. So we were just talking as she went to the door and while standing by the door, I waved to Arco.

Nothing else really happened. Except for the fact that my friends and I secretly ate smores on the bus. XD


This was last Wednesday. I’ll probably make posts on the last days of the school weeks because those end up more interesting than Monday or Tuesday.

Harper’s birthday was on the 1st and ever since we had her birthday party yesterday, she’s been acting very spoiled. Even more than usual.

We have Labor Day this Monday so I’ll get posts out by then.

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