The Cellos In Orchestra Are Upset Now

Hey, it’s Delia!

It’s all because they got Impatiens’ed.

Oh yes.

She has struck again.


The sky was looking dreary, so it looked like it was foreshadowing things. And so it did.

My hair was just not having it today. It ended being like young Hermione Granger’s hair but more flat. Yay. So I watched some Television while waiting for the bus and by the bus came, I realized that I had NO JACKET. Fabulous. The sky was literally the darkest gray I have ever seen.

I think I’ve started something in Tulip. Ever since I let her use the blue pen I was looking for yesterday, she’s been drawing all over herself. And it’s all types of random things like emojis and such.

“You should have never let her use that pen.” Artemisia noted.

“I was just looking for it, I didn’t know.”

“I know but still.”

“It’s not like she’s going to turn to Bloodroot.” I began.

“Who’s Bloodroot?” Tulip chirped.

“She’s a red head who loves drawing all over herself in several mediums.” Artemisia answered.

“Oh…” And Tulip went back to drawing on herself. The irony.

Artemisia gave me a look-what-you’ve-done look.

Once we got to school, the bus driver told  to stay behind as the rest of us got off the bus. Someone actually tried to sneak off the bus but two girls told her to sit back down and that she was going nowhere.

While we were walking, Lantana and I basically talked about the weather and how it was starting to drizzle already. She told me about how she was planning on going to the Decatur Book Festival this weekend, which I hear is a lot of fun. Too bad I never get to go.

When I got to homeroom, most people were looking at me. I didn’t understand why and did not expect the unexpected. I thought I’d never see the unexpected again except for the yearbooks. Yet, there it was, plain as day near my desk.

Can you imagine…


The horror.

You know when I became 13, I said this to myself, “Well, you’re 13. I thought I’d be cute by now but I was mistaken. Can you get any more uglier?”

That picture is one of the several pieces of evidence that yes. Yes, you can, Delia.

When I got to my seat, I quickly grabbed it and hid it in my bag in embarrassment.

“No one saw that, right?” I asked, snippy.

Poppy said emphatically, “Actually, everyone in the class has seen it..”

It was my worst nightmare come true. I wanted to crawl in a hole and die. This was one of the times I was VERY glad Arco wasn’t in my homeroom.

So of course, I was over the moon when Mr. Canto announced that the picture retakes were October 22.

Maybe I’d get cute by then?
LOL, I’m so funny, of course not.

Mrs. Calando let us choose our new assigned seats so I sat next to Lily and Poppy and behind Aria and Coast. At the end of class yesterday, she gave us a hard math problem that Daisy ended up solving before the rest of us. So we spent half of class having Daisy solve the problem and Mrs. Calando explaining. Goldfish were still flying through the air so it was hard to focus when innocent goldfish keep accidentally striking me.

I ended up having pick some of the goldfish from my hair when class ended. It was hilarious though.

In second period, we basically watched videos and did notes on the three main gas laws: Charles’, Boyle’s, and Gay-Lussac’s. And you know boys. They were pretty much ALL cracking up at the last one’s name. It was kind rolling of the eyes worthy and I think most of the girls can agree:

Mrs. Angelonia was back from her 2 day leave in Language Arts. Apparently, she fell sick and left school after 4th period because she was feeling awful. Tuesday, she had a high fever and Wednesday, she felt better but still didn’t go to school because she didn’t want to compromise our health. And today she said she felt about 92.3% Okay. Since she was absent on Tuesday and Wednesday when we going to work on our Passion Papers, she gave people who didn’t turn it then an extension to Friday.

Lucky Ducks. I would gotten to 3 days to finish that paragraph. At least I did it when I was originally told.

Lunch was… interesting.

I had finished yet another book at lunch so Poppy and I were scrolling on Tumblr. Tumblr is hilarious. Aria was scrolling through her phone while she was talking to Coast. And Some of my friends were playing an oh, so wonderful game of “Smash Or Pass” with Bight and Lake. What is Smash or Pass?

When I asked Aria, she responded, “A questioning game when you bring up someone and pass being, well, pass and smash being… How do I put this for you..Have night of intimacy.”

They were doing all types of ‘games’ you could say of rating. I honestly don’t even see the appeal whatsoever.

“Deliaaaa!” I heard my friends call for me.

I slowly turned my head towards them,”Yes, friends?”

“We need you to rate Lake. 1 – 10, one being you hate him and ten being you’d want him to have your children.”


“Just ‘Cause.”

“Okay… Like a 5 because we’re friends.”

“AHHH, my ego! My giant inflated ego! I’m dying, I’m dying….” Lake joked.

A lot of girls like Lake so it wasn’t surprising he’d make a joke out of someone not liking him like that. We all were laughing because he overreacted it so well.

As we were going to the lunch line, my friends saw me waving to Arco and then they all made faces a little similar to this:


You know what I mean.

Willow: So what would you rate Arco, Delia?

Me *mentally*: (imagine as Paramjeet’s Heh?) HEEEEEEEEEEHHHH?

Other Best Friends: *look at me*

Me: Why do we even rate people?

Poppy: Because it’s funnnnnnnnn.

“It’s just for fun, Delia.” Aria said.

But I know my friend too well and I could tell she was thinking about using as a future reference. And then all my friends started rating him in the range from 7.87-8.76.

Oh yes.

They were specific.

Aria:  Girls, we have to be careful because Delia probably burning us to crisps in her head right now.

We all laughed as well we went up the stairs. Speaking of the stairs, the eighth graders have started to look like a giant mob coming to get you when we get on the stairs.

In Social Studies, we had the teacher next door who knew all of our names watching over our class while Mr. Canto was sorting things out at the office. She asked Bight a question from the warmup. Since he didn’t know the answer and as taking up too much time, He tilted my notebook and looked at my answer before answering.
Then I got scolded for giving him the answers!

I mean, in a narrow technicality I did, but how did I know he was going to look at my notebook!

For Spanish, he basically gave us more packets and ‘quiz’ reviews. But today marks a milestone. Why? Because for the first time..
When I had a question…

I know that seems like nothing to y’all but I am CONSTANTLY ignored when I raise my hand in Spanish.

We were actually released early from Spanish so when I entered Orchestra from the back door, People were JUST packing up so it was kind of awkward. Cadenza came from literally nowhere and hug-ambushed me and Arpeggio was basically poking me in the back until he left.

Of course.

During the hug, I could see Arco and Impatiens talking from my peripherals. He seemed… frustrated. And Impatiens had this expression like she was satisfied but she wants to be in control. After Impatiens left, (I quadruple checked because you can never be sure with that girl.), I went to talk to him myself.

“Hey.” I said, a little soft.

He was regaining his composure, “Oh, hey.”

“Is there… anything wrong?”

“N-well, yeah.” He raked his fingers through his hair, “Impatiens. I think your classes’ cellos are about to find out what happened. And.. other things among that. The other instruments are lucky she didn’t do something.’

I was puzzled then but decided not to push, “Oh, well… In Spanish he’s making you do more packets.”

“I hardly even finished the second one. I think Mrs. Anima wants me out by now so I’ll see you later.” And he went to Spanish.

After unpacking, I finally found out what happened. As Mrs. Anima described it, someone/someones had removed the labels and switched the bows to the cellos all around. She thought it was 6th graders.

But I think we all knew who it really was.


The violas were talking a little, the first violins were overpowering us though. Unfortunately, we were blamed and Mrs. Anima said she could separate us by the empty last row by every 4 seats. And then she said she had to do it with the cellos last class. So she didn’t seem like she was in a good mood. We got our test measures in Rosin Eating Zombies From Outer Space which were really easy.

I’ve been disappointed with Ari and Arco’s bus lately. It has been coming early again and I’m like, “DON’T LEAVE ME, FRIENDS.”

And right when I realized that could be our free talk outlet too!

But I mean. they’ve got to go home.

So I was awkwardly sitting around when I decided to go to the front and help with the Cups of Knowledge. Basically each Orchestra period has a cup with sticks with everyone’s name in it and she picks a stick and whoever’s stick she called is who goes. I noticed all of them were refilled. Usually when your stick was pulled, you were out of the running until everyone’s stick was pulled.

‘Mrs. Anima, why are all of them refilled?”

“Oh, because the 6th graders mess around with the sticks that aren’t in the cup so I just kept them all in their cups.”

Someone legitimately snuck his stick out.

Another girl poked around in 8A’s cup before she set it down. I looked away from the cup and drew a stick.

And surely enough..

It was Arco’s.

“Ooh, who’s stick did you pull?” She asked.


“Ooh, let me try-”

One of her chorus friends was screaming for her as chorus came in because their teachers was leaving. I ended up talking to K.C. and Willow until my bus came.



This was the 3rd of September. XD I am behind.

Yeah but Impatiens is well back with her antics that affect a lot of people.

Comes with the person.

Float In The Cyber Space!


23 thoughts on “The Cellos In Orchestra Are Upset Now

  1. I can’t believe all the stuff Lizzy pulls off without getting in trouble.

    How. I hope in highschool she’s not in any of you or Cale’s classes and you and Cale are in many classes together.

    1. And the thing is that, it makes FAR MORE sense for Mrs. Duncan to think it was 6th graders. I bet Lizzy knew that.
      I never understand how either.
      Yeah.. I hope so too.

      1. I mean this isn’t like bullying, it’s plain like evilness. She’s going to seriously hurt someone. And you’re a target bc ur friends with Cale… 😦

      2. Poor vegetable.
        Maybe he just needs some PROPER TLC while growing up to be a mature vegetable.
        Because Lizzy’s farming skills are awful.
        Wow, farming/vegetable puns. I am really lame.

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