Messages Finally Read

Hey, it’s Delia.

You may be like, “Messages? But I thought Swamp broke her phone!”

I’ll explain below.


So basically, I finally found my tablet. For some reason, it was under my dresser..?

And since I can take this to school, I’ll probably have school updates uploaded quicker. I guess it’s a replacement for my phone until I get it fixed. Unfortunately, mother says I might need to wait next year.

At least it’s going to get fixed.

So I downloaded Kik on my tablet and logged in so I could work with Aria on the Spanish project that Mr. Firth gave us on Tuesday. If you have Kik, you know what I’m about to say is true (or so I thought).

So of course, I thought my whole Kik would reset when you resign in (which was so annoying). But then I logged in and still had some messages. Surprisingly enough, I had a lot. At least the ones I saw.

I had SEVERAL messages from individuals, Homework Help Group, other group chats. So apparently, HH is running smoothly but they needed my help for some but I wasn’t there, and other personal things.

Then I noticed that I had 16 Kik Messages from Arco.

Two were a response to me asking about the Cellos part in Night Shift ON THE NIGHT my phone broke.

Two were from the 21st of August just saying Hi and How are you?

Two on the 22nd telling me to go on BBC America right then. I am pretty sure there was something about Doctor Who on that day but I wasn’t even able to change the channel that day so I couldn’t have.

One on the 23rd asking if I saw it.

One on the 25th, saying hey.

Six on the 28th, 3 actually from Lobelia so.. I don’t know if it really even counts. Lobelia sent these two messages, “I finally figured out the password to my brother’s phone :E” and “He’ll figure it out eventually.” then “Should I change the password? >:) I probably will.” then 2 hours later “Sorry.”, “My sister just loves messing with my things.” and “Probably should change it now.”

One on the 4th of September, asking if I was on a phone strike. I occasionally have times where I just don’t use my phone or talk to anyone on it andI call them phone strikes. WAIT THAT WAS A PHONE PUN AHHHHHHH I’ve been using puns a lot today and that wasn’t even on purpose. XD

Yeah, so I’ll probably be able to make Lunch posts again if no one sees.

Float In The Cyber Space!


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