I am soaking wet.


But lets back track to this morning, shall we?


This morning was pretty sunny but something seemed fishy. I was wondering if I should bring a jacket but Swamp said Mom said no, so I just wore my Rock Eagle shirt, ate breakfast, and left the house. People were watching some vines while sitting in the driveway of our busstop. Begonia’s friend was trailing behind me and Swamp hadn’t even left the house yet. However, right before I left the house, my mother was lecturing Swamp to treat our instrument better or she’d make him play the cello.

The bus ended up being late to our stop. The bus was bustling with noise and I sat downly slowly as there was pandemonium all around. People in the far back were talking about Skechers and people in the front were talking some smack or something about someone’s ex-boyfriend. I, however, was wondering how today was going to end up being like. We actually ended up being the last bus at school.

I got off the bus and waited for Lantana. In process of that happening, Tern was walking by with his giant posterboard. Unfortunately, Lake shoved him and the posterboard ended flying and hitting me in the face.

“Just fabulous.” I thought as I felt the impact.

“Oh, sh–.” Tern cursed.

“That was a swear!” A 6th grader who used to be good friends with me until I went to middle school, complained.

“Really? Sorry, Delia.” And they went towards the school.

“Delia, were you hit by something?” Lantana asked as she was getting off the bus.

“Yeah, a giant posterboard.”

She looked confused but continued on. I thought that she had come to the Beta Club Meeting on Tuesday but as it turns out, she forgot because Labor Day was the day before. I told her about the Beta Club pins, the nominations, the donations, and how I became secretary being unopposed. She was taking it all in and then we realized it was almost dead silent in the halls.

We started to rush up the stairs and she started coming down my hallway. I asked why and she responded that she needed to see the counselor before she went to her classes. So she went to talk to the counselor and I went down the same hallway and walked into homeroom where the announcements were still happening.

The large posterboard earned itself two chairs to be kept in.

The only thing I could pull from the announcements was the fact that there was supposed to be light rain. I didn’t have a jacket so I decided I would use my viola case and hold it on my head during the drizzle.

While we are walking to Math, Aria was talking about what parts of the project were translated and which parts weren’t translated. Coast came out of nowhere and snuck up on Aria.

Unfortunately, I think he forgot one MAJOR fact. If you sneak up on Aria, she’s bound to attack. So she whacked the arm that Coast got stitches on.

“WHO THE F-?” She then looked at Coast who was cringing in pain most likely, “Coast! Oh, wow, I’m really sorry.”

“It’s… fine.” He sighed.

As I sat into Math Class, I realized I forgot to do the practice and I only had done the book work last night. And to make things even better, Mrs. Calando was playing, “Who’s In The Hot Seat?” Basically, she lets the Smart Board’s Calculator pick a random number. Everyone’s seats in this classroom is numbered so what number seat you were sitting is the number you are. And if you were picked you had to explain and solve the problem. Personally, I was getting nervous so I started working on it while people were going up to the board.

We developed a habit of clapping for who ever got chosen.

Meanwhile, Poppy was still coming up with Bear puns, and then the other door to another classroom was opened by someone and she started talking to Mrs. Calando before she went back in but she didn’t close the door.

People began looking in our classroom and us to them. Poppy was trying to get the attention of this girl in the other class. She was smiling and waving back but when she saw Lake, she made a mock cowl.

“That’s not a nice face to make at your ex!” Lake teased.

Then she was laughing as she stuck up her middle finger.

“That’s not a nice finger!”

I was working diligently and eventually I got one problem ahead the demonstrations. I could hear the other class talking about what we were doing, and they didn’t understand i.

Juniper wanted to do the song he got us all to clap to yesterday that Lake ruined the beat.

Eventually near at the end, Mrs. Calando left the class because she had to help the teacher whose room is open.

IMMEDIATELY, after she left, Juniper was like, “Alright. Let’s do the song.”

We all nodded and started clapping to the beat like yesterday.

Juniper started again, “If I got a dollar, then you got a dollar, if you got a dollar, then I got a dollar, keep it going. Keep it going.”

Finch: If I got a dollar, then you got a dollar, if you got a dollar then I got a dollar, keep it going. Keep it going.’ *points to Tern*

So Tern went to Coperti who went to Coast who like yesterday, gave it to Lake. And for the 3RD time, Lake WAS OFF BEAT.

We all groaned as Lake did it again. The other class was listening and wondering what the heck was going on. A girl was recording Lake’s downfall.

Finch organized it so we weren’t as loud but we were still loud. We got a lot farther than the other times. It went around our whole room, actually.

“If I got a doll-” Juniper restarted as we all stopped and laughed because Mrs. Calando had come back.

“If I got an i, then you got an i, If you got an i, then we have negative i. Keep it going, Keep it going.” He was laughing so hard and then everyone else tried to do it when the bell rang.

“Saved by the bell!” Mrs. Calando commented.

In Science, we got test review from the actual test which was cool.

During LA, we had three teachers come in to watch us because there were no available substitutes. Swamp’s homeroom teacher, A new teacher, and the teacher who overviews the Geography Bee came in at different times. I waved a giant hello to her and she waved back. We really didn’t do much except write a essay on the Modern Debtor’s Prison article.

At lunch, however, that was a different story. Being bored out of our minds, we started singing Juniper’s song while eating lunch. It was actually funny and then we started doing random things if we messed up, like Aria took a picture of Poppy making the most ridiculous face she could make with Poppy’s phone and sent it to Bene with a message that said, “So gorgeous.”

The other teams were leaving and so we began choosing, saying the chant to them, and laughing at the reactions. We did it to Arpeggio, Aster, and Cadenza, who still hugged me and actually went to hug Bight. She made a weird face when we started clapping and singing and then she said, “I’m going to go this way, bye you guys.”

Mrs. Calando was coming to the end of our table so we decided to ambush her with the song. She started to say we could change it into something mathy. Which is exactly what Poppy and I were trying to do while we were going up the stairs back to LA.

So we did come up with one, but not nearly as catchy.

“If I got an i, then you got an i, if you got an i then I got an i, i to the 4th, that’s one.”


Thoughout Social Studies, I noticed the sky get darker. It was at a moderate rate, but slightly.. indescribable. People had to present their projects if they did auditory. The auditory projects consisted of partners making a rap or song. Everyone else who didn’t do that knew this was bound to be interesting.

And it was.

Since Chiuso put Juniper on blast in science for Freestyle Writing Wednesday when Juniper wrote a good one and everyone praised him for it.

Everyone wanted to see what either of them would do. So nothing really happened, people did their raps, one was to music, and then we all kind of talked before Mr. Canto made us “grade” how important James Oglethorpe, Mary Musgrove, Tomochichi, The Charter of 1732 and The Reasons For Georgia’s Development were to Georgia’s Development. Then he put us in groups to average it out and put it on posters which would go out into the hallways when we finished.

I got put in a group with Poppy, Buttercup, and Yarrow which was actually good because we all are hard workers and we got done in no time. Buttercup hung ours up in the hall and then we all kind of chilled before we cleaned the room, packed up, and then went to the hallways to finish class. Our poster was up first for presentation and Butterxup gladly presented. Other people did too but they were constantly interrupted by random people going up and down the hallway.

Eventually, the bell rang and we clamored towards Connections. Walking into Spanish, it had pretty much everyone already in class. Today was a packet and test review day. People were begging for Kahoot, but Mr. Firth would not let up.

While we were working on the packet, Thundergeddon was just tiny and starting. Someone then announced it was raining so we all looked outside. The sky was oddly illuminated.

Then someone else realized it, “Guys, the sky is literally being lit up by several lightning strikes!”

Most people still stared outside and then went back to work. We laughed as we pointed out that someone was riding on a giant lawn mower vehicle in the rain.

“Hope he don’t get shocked, though.” A guy commented.

Soon enough, we got surprised by the bright flash of lighting and large, booming thunder afterwards. I was actually pretty scary because it was SO loud. I was leaning over to someone to ask her a question about the packet when a second strike occured. It scared the living daylights out of me and the paper accidentally hit her.

The rain was getting intense and people were beginning to say that they were probably going to make us stay at school during dismissal. I wouldn’t mind it because I had dismissal in Orchestra and Orchestra is always awesome. Amaryllis and I began to beg Lily not to walk home because she usually walks home so Amaryllis arranged her grandparents to pick them up for dismissal. Also, Aria gave me a copy of our project so I could edit it. Mr. Firth gave us a project but we aren’t allowed to work on it in class..

Before we left Spanish, the lights had flickered on and off THREE TIMES. It happened a 4th time but that time it was someone else

The hallways were horribly crowded as Aria and I were trying to get to Orchestra. By the time, we got to the Orchestra room door, there was a sign that read: “Orchestra 8B, meet me up in the 7th grade computer lab.” Most of us groaned as we had to climb up those stairs to the familiar hallway. Even though, Mrs. Crow and Mr. Grouse were teaching, we still waved hi anyways before sitting in the lab. We basically did some Kahoots, one for a grade and others for fun. Coast was on the computer and while doing the Kahoots, he was on this thing where when you shake the mouse too much, there was a color frenzy and could have given anyone a seizure.

We ended up doing one on Instrument Care and we learned that some people aren’t treating their instrument children very carefully.

There was this question asking what do you use clean your instruments.

11 people put glass cleaner.


One other thing, yeah, near the end of computer lab time, Aster, Aria, Coast and I ended being in a triangle-ish. How? So Aria sat on Aster and stretched her legs on Coast who stretched his legs on my legs and then there was this open space. It was only comfortable for like 3 minutes before everyone’s legs began to go to sleep and we disbanded.

Going down to the Orchestra room, I could hear the thunder roaring louder. Then I had a horrible realization.


I realized I was terribly screwed while I was listening to them continuing to dismiss us when there was a HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE STORM OUTSIDE. Since Coast’s bus was called first, Aria and I told him to survive. Aria’s bus wasn’t called early so we were saying Friendship constantly until she sat by me.

Mrs. Anima told us a story about how a 6th grade girl was so excited about her new violin.

But then there was a C string.

The case even said “3/4 sized VIOLIN.”

So Mrs. Anima sent a email that night and the next day, someone from the company came into that class and said the best solution was to restring it with brand new violin strings. Plus they gave her a supply of rosin and more strings so it was all good. And restringing it is exactly what she was doing then.

Suddenly, a man and woman came in, the man holding a large blue ladder.

“Who are they?” Someone asked.

“Oh, they are here to fix my projector’s annoying buzz. See?” Mrs. Anima made everyone get quiet to hear it. And sure enough, there’s was a constant buzz.

Evetually Aria’s and my buses came along and I was reluctant to go outside. But she dragged me outside and I put my instrument case on my head as a last resort. Eventually, Arco came to me and we had a short conversation.

“Look at this mess.” He said.

“I know right?”

“Everyone teased about the hoodies. Now look at the same people getting super-soaked.”

“Yeah, you’re right.”

“If I don’t make it, I’m giving my things to an open flame.”

“Really, why?”

“Well, you and I both know either way it’s going to happen. If I don’t want that to happen, Lobelia’s going to do it her self.”

“That’s true, DANG IT, I CAN’T FIND MY BUS. I’ll talk to you later, I need to find it.” I went back up when I realize I had past ir before I even began talking to anyone. Because I’m intelligent.

By the time I actually got on the bus, I was drenched in water. The case helped a little but not much. People gaped at me as my everything was being dragged down by water. Tulip wanted to sit in the inside so I didn’t get anymore wet. Unfortunately, that hardly worked. I looked behind me and then Swamp was with a jacket, laughing at me,. I wanted to punch him in the face so badly right then.

We had to keep some windows open so the windows wouldn’t clog up but people were constantly screaming about the rain and people had to move while the bus was moving trying to solve the problems.

Girls ended up getting as soaked I was. We high-fived for we were part of the ‘Heavily Covered In Water’ club.

Whenever there was lighting and thunder, people screamed. LOUD. I’m surprised I didn’t go deaf from the intensity of their screaming. They were screaming all types of stuff like:








People kept falling out of their seats and it was just an utter diasaster.

Swamp was still laughing at me as I walked home with my viola case on my head.


It’s official.

I am bringing a freaking jacket.


Float In The Thundergeddoned Cyber Space.


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