• 9/11 •


  Today is 9/11. Exactly 14 years ago, on a Tuesday morning, at about 8:30, a hijacked jet hit one of the twin towers, the South tower, in Manhattan, New York. Fire, smoke, and debris filled the city. Soon after, another hijacked jet, which was hijacked by terrorists, hit the second tower. The North tower. Soon enough, the two buildings collapsed and yet another hijacked plane hit the Pentagon in Washington. Another jet, hijacked, was heading toward the White House. Luckily, the passengers fought and won over the terrorists- causing them to crash in a field in Pennsylvania. Let’s have a moment of silence- for the ones that died, the ones that jumped out of the towers, the ones that died helping- firefighters, police, ambulance, citizens, friends, family, brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, kids, men, and women alike- died. An estimate of 3,000 people died in the tragedy.

Never Forget.


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