Sole Work

Hey, it’s Delia!

And I’m kind of frustrated. Why, you may ask. Because Mr. Canto gave us this project where we had to write a script with a group about on period of time during the Founding of Georgia.

I got put into a group and we had to do England before and on 1732. So Tuesday, we got casting done, a few pictures and little lines. But it was alright because we only had 5 minutes.

That night, I went on to the Google Docs page to continue working and no one came that night.

But then yesterday, we pretty much got nothing done because no one was agreeing on who should be King George II:  and the researchers weren’t getting much research. He even gave us time after the CogAT (It’s a test, testing how smart you are) to work on it but again no one  was agreeing and Coast wasn’t there because he was getting braces.

So then it’s Social Studies time, Coast-ita’s back with braces and then we got something done because Coast-ita doesn’t play all that much when it comes to it being due to tomorrow.

However, since Coast-ita had to go the ER about his stitches and had more appointments, he couldn’t help me last night. AND NO ONE ELSE CCAME ONCE AGAIN.

I fell asleep working on it and I’m still not done.


Float In The Frustrated Cyber Space.


2 thoughts on “Sole Work

    1. I have.
      Cara had dance, then Dahntay said his phone was updating, Henry said he had better things to, Ben was in the hospital, and Richaya said she was texting Paige.
      See what I mean?

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