Going Clubbing

It’s Delia!

And since, we FINALLY had clubs, I thought it was reasonable to make another school post (as usual).


Like yesterday, the weather felt like FREEZING even though it was 48 degrees. I grabbed a jacket, a shirt from first grade that mysteriously still fits, dark jeans and my favorite black combat boots, or so I thought. But even after that, my legs still felt very cold when I went outside. I had eaten my breakfast briskly so I could study for the Science Test we were having today. Fletcher continued to abuse my- OUR instrument by constantly hitting it against the walls.

Luckily, my mother began to lecture him again saying if he ends up ruining it by the end of the semester it would be a shame. And that she might make him play the cello or bass…

I told my mother goodbye and that I loved her before she went to the college and I went to the bus stop.

So many sprained ankles these days.

At the bus stop, we ended up talking about Donald Trump and how he is awful and such, then someone started talking about voting for Kanye in 2020. Which is actually nerve-wrecked for me ESPECIALLY because I know that in 2020, I will be graduating and off to college.

On the bus I was attempting to study for the science test today, but the bus was so darn loud that I had to read it loud because my brain couldn’t concentrate.

As per usual, my bus was close to being late for school. The FBLA members were trying to get more members and then Kaidesh saw me and she and Zoe tried to jokingly make me take one. It was hilarious actually and Gracie and I were laughing while we ended up talking about random stuff. She also mentioned that Breanna said that she would be riding our bus on Thursday because, according to Gracie, her mother has a doctor appointment. Problem is that since we have assigned seats and Gracie doesn’t sit by herself, where is Breanna going to sit? I keep forgetting that Gracie goes to the counselor every morning so she goes down the same hallway as me.

We parted ways and I started towards homeroom. When I walked in the announcement were half done and I basically picked at my brown jacket while everyone was talking about the math homework. It really wasn’t that hard, the book literally had the definitions of the words and the formulas right in it, plain as day. Also, they were talking about clubs. I hadn’t seen my assigned club but then Mr. Simons announced everyone’s club. I was excited since Sarah had been in my same club: Book Club. We were to go to clubs right after sceond period.

Before we left homeroom, PDA was inevitable. Henry and Paige and Ben and Torie and I was just done. The universe loves rubbing my singleness in my face. ESPECIALLY WHEN ON 9/11, TORIE AND BEN KISSED and I was just there like, “……hi. i like turtles.” They apologized but like I’m always JUST THERE for things.

I must be extremely lonely.

In Math, we went over and turned in the homework and review the CogAT schedule for Wednesday through Friday. The CogATs are a Cognitive test we take in 1st, 3rd, 5th, and 8th grade and it measures our intelligence. So all academics were going to be 45 minutes long and we would have lunch with 2nd period instead of 3rd. We began to start Advancd Trinomials and as for the challenge problems, Tori beat us out once again. I was all that hungry at the time so I let Cara have my snack, which ended upo being a bag of Cocoa Puffs because I didn’t grab an actual snack. For some reasons, she was having A LOT of fun with it. I think she was throwing one of them at the guys again. Plus, she carefully ended up putting 12 in Torie hood before class ended.

People were still studying for the Science test in the hallway before we walked into Dr. Brannon’s room.The test was fairly easy, but I still took longer than most. There was that one question that once you aren’t taking the test you suddenly remember the answer and I felt so bad after. Now remember how I had said or so I thought when I put on “my favorite black combat boots”, yeah, it turned out that those were my old black worker/hiking boots that SO SIMILIAR to my favorite combat boots. Why is this relevant? Well, once I got up and walked one step to turn in my test, my right sole was hanging of my boott and that when I finally realized I put the wrong ones on. So I was walking very slowly, trying to cover up the fact that my sole was very loose, to book club which was in Mrs. Rivard’s room which if you don’t remember/know was the advisor for second semester newspaper club in 7th grade.

I had finally made to her room door and then I saw people I did not expect to see. And then I finally noticed how Cale was sitting right next to the door and how much a mess I must have looked. Sophie and Sarah beckoned me to their table where I immediately rushed to and we were like, “Yay, same club!” So basically we went over an oerview of the book club and how we would read books and discuss them, like a typical book club. Then Sarah got checked out for her orthodontist appointment.

Mrs. Rivard began to ask for people wanted to be captaains and co-captains. As much as Sophie, Dawn, Meredith and Cale wanted me to run for Captain, I really couldn’t bring myself to do it unlike Beta Club. This was dealing with the prinicipal, and the counselor and I feel was my plate is nearing to be full.

So we had elections and since Sophie was running, I was all for her. Unfortunately, Sophie ran for Captain and Co-Captain and she was SO close but she didn’t make either of them. ;-;

So we began to reccomend books to read. Zoie, the captain, had good books, like Perks Of Being A Wallflower which I REALLY WANTED TO READ. But apparently, we need to make a permission slip or something because of the topics in it. Mrs. Rivard really wanted our books to be unisex so the girls or the boys didn’t feel comfortable or it wasn’t leaning towards anyone.

Mrs. Young came in all of a sudden asking where Mrs. Palmer.

“She’s in Simons’ room.” Mrs. Rivard responded.

“Wait why?”

“Because it’s time for clubbing.”

“Oh, she’s going clubbing, like clubbing nott that type of clubbing, children.” (Inspiration of this title)


Cale recommended this book, Unwind, sounded kind of gory but also interesting so I told myself I would look it up when I went home. He also suggested the Maze Runner series but since most of us already read it, we couldn’t do it even though everyone was like:


(I love this Gif XD)

We didn’t even finish reccomending books because the bell rang on us. Sophie and Zoie stayed behind Mrs. Rivard’s class was their third period. I began hopping about because the boot and then I tripped over a desk leg onto the floor. I spat from the hair in my face and muttered, “Fabulous.”

“Hey, are you okay?” I heard even though I was drawing my hair from my face. But my face went to an immediately red when I realized who had said it.

“Um, well, not really.” Then I realized how awful I must have looked. ‘Great.’ I thought.

He offered his hand to help me up which I took graciously. I dusted myself and thanked him, slightly in a profuse manner. He’s always helping me, if he’s there, when I fall.

“It was really no problem,” We approached the splitting of the hallways and it kind of hurt knowing we wouldn’t be going the same way.  My brain insanely decided that it should say something so, “Friendship! Right?” I smiled while myselves on the inside were facepalming so hard, I could see/even feel it.  He gave me a smile that said, ‘We are friends but you are crazy.’ “Friendship.”

Then we parted ways and then I got, not literally, attacked from an old friend of mine, K.C.

“Hey, Hey!” She smiled.

I haven’t seen her in a long time even though we were in the same team this year.

“Oh, hi K.C.” I began to walk awkwardly.

“You do know the sole of your boot is broken, right?”  I sighed as I nodded and she began to laugh a little.  She stopped  when I gave her a look and apologized, “I’m sorry, but you know me. Always laughing at misfortunate situations, even my own.”  We kept talking as we got to our third period classes.

Mrs. Oates wasn’t in the room when we all walked in, but instead Mrs. Young was watching over us. People began to whisper, asking where Mrs. Oates was. Then the class got SUPER loud and right when Mrs. Young was about to say something, a voice spoke above everyone.

“What on Earth are y’all doing?!” Mrs. Oates was in the doorway, already looking stressed.

“Er, Getting Hype before the Hype?” Davis offered.

“Wow, Davis. Mrs. Young, I got this.” Mrs. Young left and Mrs. Oates’ began to type on her laptop.

“What happened?” Daniel asked.

“My club’s room was constantly being moved, it was upstairs then downstairs then in the lobby. So they still don’t have clubs situated.” She responded, turning on the projector.

“What club do you have Mrs. Oates?” Dylan asked.

“Photography.” Jada answered.

We got started on The Hype and she played this band that I have seen many instagram fan accounts who follow me. Not it’s not One Direction. It’s called Arctic Monkeys. I’ve heard of them but never heard their music until now. The song playing was R U Mine? And I have to admit it was catchy.

We learned about irony and the three different types; Situational, Dramatic, & Verbal. She had us brainstorm an ironic situation. We also learned how SARCASM is always verbal irony but VERBAL IRONY isn’t always sarcasm. The videos we watched were funny and then we did a quick write on a random ironic situation. Chase thought of this: The Blacksmith went to college and didn’t know what irony was.

It took some a while to get it though.

Then Mrs. Oates began to talk about how younger children don’t get irony as much as people as mature as us might and how they can be too sensitive and/or take it WAY too far and literally.

We all began to comment on this and Mrs. Oates just said, “Well, that’s just people for you.”

In Mr. Simons class, he grouped Cara, Dahntay, Henry, Ben-ita, Richaya, and I into a group to write a script for a scene in a class production of the Founding Of Georgia. What’s even more great is that we were put in charge of the first scene.


All our group even got done was casting and part of the script. That part was barely anything.

In Spanish, we had to finish the Spanish test from yesterday because Mr. DeJesus wasn’t here on Monday. I think I did pretty well because I studied hard. I did take a while to finish it however. Mr. DeJesus announced that we were going to grade it tomorrow.

In Orchestra, Mrs. Duncan reexplained the tale of the lying 7th grader like on Monday. And since I didn’t post about Monday, I’ll post that part of it soon. Haley still wasn’t here because she had three of her baby teeth removed. We got a new piece however: THE PINK PANTHER.

You know…

(Not us, or anyone I know, or myself, putting it out there)

Everyone was so happy, but it looked so hard and we sounded like a trainwreck sightreading. Well, we couldn’t be perfect.

Zach came in during bus call as usual, why, I’ll never know.

Nothing else really happened. Now I have to challenge my brain for CogATs.

Wish me luck! c:


This was meant to be written and posted on the 15th, I’m so bad at this.

I think I did really well. There were 3 tests per day which you only had 10 minutes each so obviously I didn’t finish 20+ questions in ten minutes the wole time, I mean think I just didn’t finish 1 test and I was on the last 2 questions. They really pulled at my brain.

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