The Tale Of The Lying 7th Grader

It’s Delia!

I told you I’d tell this story.


So two weeks ago, a 7th grader broke her string on her viola. So she said she took it to the shop. When Mrs. Anima. Duncan asked her about her instrumenttby the 1st weeks end, he said that the shop didn’t have the right tools. Then that they ran out of strings. And the final lie that the store refused to give it back.

So Mrs. Anima was already suspicious.

That Monday, Anemone found a viola in the girls’ locker rooms. Mrs. Anima was planning on emailing the store about the girl’s viola.

As it turns out, a lot of bad things on occurred that Monday.

Swamp drew on my viola case with gold sharpie. 2 7th graders broke 2 cello strings. A 7th grader broke the face plate on a cello bow. Endpins were stuck in 3 cellos and 1 bass. Two guys had stolen Amaryllis’s orchestra binder. A 6th grader had stolen a 8th grader’s violin. 6th graders were playing around with someone’s personal cello. A Stand had been cracked.

So Mrs. Anima already was up to here that day.

So when Anemone presented the girl’s viola, Mrs. Anima was just done.

“THAT LITTLE-” And she covered her mouth so she wouldn’t say it but everyone was already like, “OH SNAP.”

All the other issues had to wait because she was going to call the girl’s parents.




Aria: Honestly, I’d probably do that.

The girl’s parents hadn’t answered the phone so she wrote an email instead.

Tuesday, the parents said they will take care of it and that they would pay for the orchestra shirt.

So at Breakfast, Mrs. Anima went up to the girl and asked if she had anything for her. The girl was mumbling and muttering as she gave Mrs. Anima the money. Mrs. Anima asked if she had anything else (like an apology) and she said, “No.” in a very rude tone.

Same day in her Orchestra class, she pulled that girl from the class and gave her a detention. The girl rolled her eyes and went back in the class.

Imagine our reactions.

A guy: GO, MRS. ANIMA, GO.

A girl: She deserves it.

Anemone: *starts clapping, and pretty much everyone else joins in*

Another dude: KICK HER OUT.

Yet, another dude: DON’T LET HER GO ON THE FIELD TRIP.

Then the 7th grader tried to skip detention but her homeroom teacher made her go.

I have a feeling this isn’t the end.

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