Film Debuts

Hey, it’s Delia.

After a day of performing and viewing a performance, I think I’ve grown very exhausted.


Today, I thought, is going to be the most embarrassing day of my life.

Today  was the day we had to perform the script we made last week. Plus, Aria was begging Mr. Firth for us to go first in presenting our videos. So I thought I was doomed.

I quickly did my morning routine, ate some breakfast, grabbed my “colonial coat” and set out the door. Swamp was maltreating my- OUR instrument as usual and he was sitting on it. But I had to go back inside to remind my mother to order for a new shoulder rest.

My friend and my brother’s friend were talking about water bottles and how Swamp was being ridiculous by saying that they dont make clip-on waterbottles. I simply, mentally, rolled my eyes and stayed silent. I was actively looking for my house keys when I realized they were on my dresser. I left the bus stop to get my keys once my mother opened the door. She also told me to get Swamp a snack so I grabbed one and ran because I thought the bus had driving by.

It was a pickup truck instead, and I wondered why I still fall for that sometimes.

I quickly showed his snack to My friend which I planned to give him once we got to school. But instead She quietly yelled, “Think Fast!” and aimed for his hand but it went into the street.

“Oops.” She said.

Swamp threw the cookies right back in my direction but the bag landed in the grass of the house’s driveway that was our busstop.

But soon after, Swamp placed our instrument and his gym bag in the street.

“Dude, what the h— are you doing?” His friend asked.

“Getting rid of this stupid thing.”

“I threw the cookies, not Delia.” My friend said.

“I know.”

In an attempt to not have our instrument destroyed, I dropped my bags and reached out for it before he pushed me away and got himself as the bus was getting closer. Then he and His friend discussed how cool it would be if the bus had run over it.

Us girls rolled our eyes as we finally got on the bus.

As soon as Tulip and everyone else got on, they immediately started playing Little Alchemy. Myself, included. They were all chatting about different combos and such. I might have an influence on these children after all.

Lantana and I were talking about how we thought the early release schedules were going to be. If you don’t already know, early release is the time where we have conferences and for two days, usually Wednesday and Thursday, we get out of school earlier. Some people inaccurately called it a half day when in actuality, it’s only 2 hours and 30 minutes off usual dismissal time.

Of coirse, we were late and before we reached the stairs, it was the moment of silence and we had to stay where we were until the Pledge was over. It had to have taken at least 7 minutes and Lantana and I rushed to our homerooms.

Once again, I walk into the room with people practically ready for first period. The bell hadn’t rang yet so I sat at my seat. Poppy, Carnation, Daffodil, and Willow were discussing and playing Little Alchemy. Poppy and Daffodil said their ultimate goal was to beat me. I think I might have started something, and it might not be good…

I might actually be getting used to having to sit in a seat next to Chiuso, Lake, and Lily  at the front. Mrs. Calando showed us the Early Release Schedule for Wednesday and Thursday, since Student-Led Conferences are on Wednesday. We would have 1st and 2nd period with Connection A on Wednesday and 3rd and 4th period with Connection B. Since that would make school end at 1:30, people were overjoyed.

“Doesn’t this make it a half day?” Juniper asked.

I was going to say that we only had 2 hours and 30 minutes off, but Coperti and Lake beat me to the punch. Mrs. Calando commented how we were always on each other’s mistakes. That’s just our way of helping kindly. We’re strange, I know.

For Science, we watched a video on Elements, Compounds, and Mixtures, plus we had to take notes. We were told to bring in some food so we would be  make a heterogenous mixture and Koolaid and sugar for a homogenous mixture. Plus, we were given a long list of vocabulary words to define. The group assigned me to bring in some Skittles.

We continued to read The Ransom Of Red Chief in Language Arts  and taking notes on the examples of figurative language in it. We were cutting close with time, so we were given an online quiz to finish before tomorrow. I found the story filled with irony, especially. It’s really funny.

All of everyone at my end of the table at lunch was occupied with Little Alchemy. Apparently, Daffodil is beginning to catch up to me.

I was super nervous about the play in SS and then things happened. We only had five minutes to get everything ready, but things were not there. One of them forgot the powdered wigs, Coast couldn’t find his rubric, Lake lost his final copy for his script, and someone else forgot who he was playing. Luckily, everyone got everything together and we slowly got up, for we were Scene 1 and we were first. After all that hecticness, we didn’t do TOO bad. Everyone who wasn’t presenting was to grade the group up, and take notes. I thought the others were actually good so I gave them all As.                                                  

 “Aren’t you looking forward to Spanish?” Aria asked.

I sighed, “Not really, to be honest-” I stopped when Coast came from nowhere and hugged her before he went off to gym. Immediately after he left, Chiuso began to poke our backs. Aria gave me an I-told-so look since we had spoken about Coast being MIA when he’s needed.

I began to trudge on the way to Spanish while Aria pushed me forward. Luckily, we didn’t end up going first instead he made Corda’s group go first, much to their chagrin. They were king of choppy with their words and that’s when he announced if you read off your script, you would lose ten points. Many people protested to that.  

Thank gosh we didn’t do that, I thought.

But then Aria begged again and we ended up going 2nd. She was smiling while she plugged in the USB drive and sat back down. I heard my voice and was horrified by how it sounded on tape. So I quickly covered my face with my jacket.

“Delia, why are you hiding your face? Your project is going to be really good.” Someone encouraged.

“Yours is probably will be the best.” Another girl added.

For a split second, I wondered if they were saying that because they were in it but I quickly realized that they were being supportive and it was silly to think so.

It was actually REALLY funny. People ACTUALLY liked it and laughed  and ACTUALLY gave us nice comments! We were dying after two girls rose behind the cart and said Adios to the camera. Then there were the bloopers including the ones where I began blabbering nonsense when I missed my line, Aria rolling on the floor when she forgot to yell at the “kid” for touching the glass, and the parts where pretty much everyone walked in front of the camera INCLUDING Mr. Firth who looked at it like it was some new thing.

When it finished, the class gave us A LOT of applause.

“Thank you, girls. Straight 100, both of you. I actually have some hope for other presenting.” Mr. Firth said while giving Aria her flashdrive. Which of course offended Yarrow way more than I think was intended.            

“Mr. Firth, our group did good too!” She complained.

“Uh-huh. YOU ARE NEXT.” He pointed to a poor girl.

Yarrow scowled before she muttered about scowling causing early wrinkles. The other projects were good too, unfortunately most would get 90’s or lower because of reading off the script.

Then he announced we were having yet ANOTHER Spanish project due by next Monday.

“Are you kidding me? We literally JUST finished one.” A girl rolled her eyes.

When it was time to go, Mr. Firth told us to wait and gave us both two tickets with these nifty Spanish bracelets. Other people who were in our video or got 100’s as well got one as well.

“It translates to, “I understand Spanish.” And on the other side, “I love Spanish.” “I commented.

“Can we just have a mini celebration for our grade and work?” Aria asked.

“Let’s do it.”

So we had a little dance party and then Spanish 8B came in. We stopped and then continued.

“We got a 100, and these nifty bracelets.” We quietly chanted.

“And these-” Then I stopped and turned red.

“Hey, you could win the Mirror Ball Trophy with those moves.”

I began to nervously giggle and push my hair from my face from dancing, “Hiiiiiiiii,” I regained my composure, “Mhmm. Hey weirdo.”

“Hey, fellow weirdo.  So I hear you got a 100, congrats, one of probably many.” Arco said.

“You’ll probably do good on yours too.”

“You’re joking, I never get higher than, at most, a 90 on these projects. What else are we doing other than presenting?”

“We have another project.”

“D–n it.”

“It’s disappointing.”

Aria pushed me forward, “We’re going to be late for orchestra. Mush, girl, mush!”

I waved bye as we left.

While being in Orchestra, we played Rosin Eating Zombies From Outer Space and Night Shift. While we played through it, she announced the next plying test which was measure 50 to the end for Violas which features shifting. I suck at shifting towards the bridge, I can only do it away from the bridge without screeching.

At dismissal, after the first bus load, Mrs. Anima told us that she will be leaving early Thursday during dismissal so she would have to separate us among connection teachers. Then everyone wanted to request a teacher but Mrs. Duncan said we couldn’t. I wanted Spanish so I could talk to Arco before his bus comes  work on my project by using the textbooks.


This was September 22nd.

Sorry I disappeared last Friday and Saturday, I was at Lily’s  birthday sleepover which I will blog about it. Her birthday’s really tomorrow though. c:

I am REALLY bad at this.

Float In The Cyber Space!


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