Feeling Super, Super, SUPER! Sick

I threw up four times at school and my parents couldn’t come pick me up. My stomach was hurting and I fell asleep in Spanish.

I could hardly keep my viola up in orchestra.

I can’t eat anything. Whatever I eat comes back up.

Since I’ve been this way for a little while, I’m going to the hospital tomorrow.

My parents still want me to go to school after.

Aria’s also sick now. I’m surprised Coast wasn’t considering he was sitting next to me when I puked the first and second time.

By the way, the Beta Club meeting was super awkward because Daffodil, Willow, and I were kind trying to get attention from the club but not a lot people were listening.

I can’t find my glasses.

At least Arco has been nice.

He asked if I was okay and such because he saw me looked really tired in transitioning.

So I told him everything.

He said he was sorry I felt like that and suggested the regular thing season to someone who’s throwing up. Unfortunately, I tried to drink water and it came right back up.

As a side note, he’s learning Swahili on top of Spanish.

I don’t know why.

So the title is a song reference that I hope you get or I will cry.

I feel like I’m dying, guys.


19 thoughts on “Feeling Super, Super, SUPER! Sick

  1. Oh my God, I hope you get well soon! 😮
    You might have stomach flu, so don’t try to eat anything. Drink a bit of water and ginger ale to stay hydrated and get lots of rest. Your parents shouldn’t be sending you to school at all until you feel you are well enough to.

    1. Thanks, Grace, I hope so.
      Yeah, I just some like a hour ago. XD
      Yeah, but my parents might say one thing and completely turn it around so I don’t really if that’s going to happen. Unfortunately, it will have to because I have Social Studies and Spanish tests tomorrow and this whole I have to tests per day so attendance is sort or mandatory.

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