Little Updates

Hey, it’s Delia.

Since I haven’t told you about my life recently and I can’t remember enough of when these events happened, here you go.

  • We have a new girl in school, and she’s kind of mockery. On her first day, Mr. Simons asked her questions to get the class to know her.

“Mr. Canto messed up her name, “Sorry, I’ll try to remember, So where are you from?”


“Oh, is that in Georgia or Oregon?” He asked.

“It’s in De-kalb.” She answered.

From there, people were already beginning to softly laugh from the way she answered and the way she said it. (As a side note, it’s kind of a Georgia thing, but if you are from Cobb, Dekalb, or even certain parts of Butts (Oh, yes we have a county named that.) County, you are considered to be stereotypically “ghetto” and “hoodish”. ESPECIALLY in my county, that’s what we stereotypically consider people from those areas.)

“Oh, so in Georgia?” He asked.

“No, De-kalb!” She repeated and she was being serious.

Guys began dying of laughter, and one actually fell out of his chair. Someone else looked out the window, trying not to laugh. Tern buried his head in his arms as he laughed really hard. Everyone was giggling, and then Daffodil was really confused because she just walked in. People started telling other people and the first thing they asked after was, “Is she ghetto? How ghetto is she?”

I applaud my peers.

  • I got back in contact with Cambiare.

Yeah, Cambiare. She moved to her mother’s plantation in Southern Georgia, while her younger sister stayed with her grandparents. She says she just had to get away from the drama and start a new life. And she has. She cut her long hair, cut it short, and dyed it blonde. I miss her though.

I can now understand what she meant by get away from the drama.

  • I got the Beta Club two service projects. So it’s for Veterans Day and Winter in (insert towns name).

I’m actually really excited for the meeting tomorrow because Daffodil, Willow, Mound and I worked really hard on the organization (with assistance).

  • Advanced Orchestra

Advanced Orchestra is as fun as I thought it would be, and I’m conflicted with myself to play in the Chamber group we’re putting together for the Veterans Day Celebration in school. There’s actually only-

Let’s see..

Only Twelve (13?) 8th graders out of 42 members of advanced orchestra. We are clearly outnumbered.

We are also going to have the playing at the Christmas town celebration/ Winter in (insert towns name here), Fine Arts Night, and the Beta Club induction ceremony, probably. (Did I ever tell you guys about when I went? I’m going to have to tell you about it.) And of course I can’t be at two places in the same room at the same time, because I’m a secretary and I HAVE to be there either way.

  • I’m finally back in the swing of my poetic days.

As I said, I was in a poetic rut but I’m right in it again. The one I shared earlier was just one of my darker ones, I’m not depressed or anything. I don’t think.. No, I’m actually pretty good guys. Apparently, after I said I have nothing else at around 6:40 am, I had a MASSIVE writing epiphany.

Ironic, isn’t it?

  • I was punched in the jaw.

It was an accident though. So we were putting away the orchestra chairs and Aria was going around the room with Coast’s arm in her hand. I was putting the final chair up and finished when I turned my face, and Coast’s fist hit my jaw.

“Oh gosh, are you okay?” They asked.

“Sorry.”  Coast apologized.

“Why were you going around the room with Coast’s fist, Aria?”

“It seemed fun.” She shrugged. “But I’m sorry about that.”

“COAST-ITA. SEE WHAT YOU DID?” I joked, then there was a sharp pain in my jaw.

“You see, Aria was controlling my arm, so your see what had happend was..”

“I was jush joking.” My cheek began to swell.

“Oh thish ish jush great.”

And that’s how I spoke the rest of the day. And people of course asked and asked. My mother saw my face and asked if I got into an altercation.

  • On a related note, They broke up Saturday night.

Coast and Aria, if that wasn’t clear.

And I asked her if she was okay, that night. I said I was sorry. She didnt want to hear it and said, “Tell it to Coast not me.”

She kept saying she was fine but you know, I have that best friend intuition. So I offered an online hug, and I should have known she would think I was pitying her since he dumped her instead of it being mutaul or she dumping him.

So then Sunday night/Today, she fell apart. I knew she wasn’t okay.

She started ranting and raving and saying she was used to being a disappointment, she thinks she was to demanding while Ben is one of those go with the flow people how upset she Really was because she invested herself in the relationship, she was crying and she called herself a complete mess.

(Which is now what I think probably gave me the idea for that poem. If that is, then I will feel bad because I benefitted from my best friends heartbreak.)

I gave her a lot of virtual hugs.

I think this lies deeper than the breakup. I think the breakup put her on the edge. After paying close attention to my friend, I think she’s depressed.

And I don’t know what to do.

At all.

  • I got nearly got a C (A C PEOPLE) on a quiz.

I actually thought I did pretty well on it but nope. I got an 81 and a 1/2.

Most of the class actually failed or got low C’s.

Then you have people like Juniper and Carnation who got 100s. And everyone “hates” them for it. But to be honest, I suck at timed things especially when we only had 20 minutes.

But then she gave us 10 extra minutes but there was 14 LONG QUESTIONS. In fact part of my awful grade was because I didn’t finish a question  or two.

Buttercup and I were horrified by our grades but hers was more then mine by 6 points.

This is where we are closest.

Grades. Because we take them seriously.

And less than A at the end of semester is pretty much game over.

The quiz lowered my grade to an 89.

And now theres a quiz retake. The catch is, that even if we get a 100 that grade isn’t going in the gradebook. She’s averaging the old grade with the new grade to give us a new grade.


I need to keep that 4.0 GPA which has no doubt dropped.

And now Math is my only B.

  • I pushed us past the awkwardness.

It was hard trying not to sound pushy but I did it. We are in the our strange swing of things.

Speaking of which, we are in this “fight” to see who can come up with more nicknames for the other. He’s winning.

I got my ideas from my imagination and my good friends Google and the dictionary.

This was intended to be posted on the 12th lol

Float in the Cyber Space!


5 thoughts on “Little Updates

  1. Wow, you got punched in the jaw! 😮 Hope that heals quickly.
    Also, about that friend thing, you should directly go up to her and ask her if anything is wrong. People don’t tend to tell anyone their problems unless you actually try to pry it out of them. Support her as much as you can. 🙂

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