First Piece of Art

It’s Delia!

Okay, so the irony is..

Even though this blog is called Artists Creativity.. I never posted like an actual drawing.

I really did the other arts like music and photography and writing but drawings were just not here. So the title of this blog might be misleading. Frankly, I like what little me was thinking but I think I’m veering off the course and I might have to rename it. (Thanks to Bridget I have one name I’m considering).

But I’m actually proud of this drawing I worked on all day so, here it is:


By the way, my tablet camera and the lighting kind of sucks, sorry. But basically it’s just a pair of lips, nothing much.

If you could see it in real life, the details would be more prominent and you would the lips’ highlight and fading points better, but oh well.

Tell me what you think, and maybe I will post more art, who knows?

Float In The Cyber Space!


19 thoughts on “First Piece of Art

  1. Wow that’s really good! I know what you mean with the camera not taking a good picture, I try taking pictures of my art and it never looks quite right. I really like the highlighting on it tho, it looks very realistic.

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