Random Thoughts #187601

It’s honestly been a while guys, so I hope you enjoy!


Wait, wait, wait.. ADELE IS RELEASING A NEW ALBUM?!! I wonder if I’m emotionally ready,..

Why is the Dropbox taking forever to submit my project, UGH.

Oh god, I’m sitting in the front. Arco’s sitting in the back. If I screw up playing this, I will be screwed.

Why are playing tests so stressful?

What would we call a Pegasus with 2 sets of wings? A double-winged pegasus?

Well, I’m sick and alone. Now what?

I’m slightly crazy if I’m this weird.

This should be good.

What? I swear, this is exactly what I thought was on the study guide! Dang it.

Gets sick. Has to take the same test twice because teacher lost the first makeup. Why am I always misfortunate.

Oh, would you look that? My confidence bar is dropping again.

How did we invent lotion?

So if theres several tiny parts of us that make us who we are, and thread is a little part of a piece of a complete cloth, and lives often intertwine, like thread conjoining pieces of cloth, then aren’t we all just in this quilt together called life?

There are those celebrities.. that no one knows how they even got famous.

Pretty sure I’m on a poetic high.

Wow. So apparently Arco told Mrs. Anima while in Advanced Orchestra and Mr. Firth about me not being here because I was sick, ultimately doing me a favor because Mr. Firth would probably forgotten I wasn’t here and then scrap his tests as usual. AND told my friends that I wouldn’t be here and why and to tell my other teachers. And I only realized this when Lantana told me three days later. I owe him. I’m going to do something without him asking. Just because I’m grateful to know a weirdo such as him.


Apparently, I’m cool and funny. *runs into wall and apologizes to Lincoln poster that was on the other side of the room*


I have been listening too many love songs lately. *turns on Spotify* Oh, there goes another one.

Trying to play your favorite songs that you have no experience of playing on your viola can and will end in disaster.

I wonder if the other middle school we will be playing with at our concert is any good.

I feel like tongues or elbows are the most underrated body part. I mean, you don’t see that many people compaining that their tongue/elbow is too big or small or doesn’t look like right. Not that they should, unless it’s like a disease. Poor tongues and elbows.

I wonder what the world would be like if everyone had their own theme song that played whenever they walked in. The mall and school would be a musical mess.

We have had tests every day for the last two weeks now. We are never catching a break.

What should I do for my 14th birthday?

Wait… I’m going to high school next year.. Then it’s college. I’m turning 14.. OH MY GOSH, I’M GETTING OLDER REALLY QUICKLY.

What is life?

There are a lot shows I haven’t watched in years and they are still on air.

I’ve tried to watch the same episode of Daria for 12 DAYS NOW, and something always happens.

Alternative and Classical music are a part of my life.

There’s actually a scientific term for the feels which is alexithymia. There are scientific terms for pretty much everything.

I’m pretty sure I got the crazy team for 8th grade. And I’m loving it.

Can’t believe Apple got new emojis and I cant even get them because I no longer have a phone. ;-;

Would be lazy of me to think of like a string instrument where you can code it to assist in learning how to play it or a certain song?

I think I’m getting closer and closer to becoming a full-fledged American teenage girl. Which is actually kind of scary to me.

I only have one fictional character crush and one celebrity crush. How am I even considered a typical teen, lol.

I really need to get back to knitting.


Pretty sure I have issues.

“A Question that sometimes drives me hazy: Am I or the others crazy?” ~ Albert Einstein

I seriously now have gone through 19 costume decisions of the Orchestra concert. It’s in 7 days. Haven’t picked one. I might end up going in concert black.

Outside of school, I have no social life.

Tiny apples are kind of cute.

What would my life be like of I joined Band instead?

I miss 7th grade.

Could bunnies mutate into giant ones that take over the world? That would be adorably terrifying.

I am waiting forever for my package to come.

I have only been on a Tumblr site once. Don’t even own an account. Same goings for music.ly, dubsmash, facebook, and snapchat.

I’m so antisocial.

What could we use a yard long sewing needle for?

Wait.. Island could be ISolated LAND. God, I’m dumb.

Don’t play that F-sharp, don’t you dare- Oh my gosh, IT’S AN F NATURAL, NOT SHARP, NOT FLAT, NATURALLLLLLL.

I have best friends made from of pure insanity.

How do teachers never notice the most dangerous stuff going on?


I’m still working on that post on Lily’s sleepover, XD

I’m sorry, school has gotten a little hectic and demandING but I’m still trying. C:

Float In The Cyber Space!


17 thoughts on “Random Thoughts #187601

    1. Oh, lol, I won’t murder you.
      Adele is a very popular British R&B singer who is responsible for the hit songs, “Set Fire To The Rain”, “Rolling in The Deep”, “Rumor Has It” and “Skyfall”. She hasn’t made a song in about 3-4 years. Until now.
      She has been derogatively been referred to as, “The Fat British Cow.”
      I’m actually surprised you’ve never heard of her, she’s about as popular as Taylor Swift.

  1. Ah yes being crazy. Don’t worry I’m crazy too. Oh yeah and that whole IM ALREADY 14 WHAT IM GETTING OLD my mom said that the older we get the shorter a year feels like because it becomes a shorter percentage of our life

      1. YOURE ONLY GETTING OLDER DELIA. but don’t worry it isn’t that bad. What I want to know is how all the freshman when I was in middle school looked so tall yet here I am shorty mc short with my short friends.

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