So, I’m Happy

Guys, my eyes are the size of moon! (If you got that, you are wonderful) But seriously, I’m really happy due to what happened on last Tuesday.

Since I know If I told you my whole day, it would eternity and a half, let’s look at the highlights.

  • Tim Lester came to our school and spoke to us.

Tim Lester is a former NFL player.

He gave us an inspirational speech and even gave a few autographs which Torie was jumping to the moon and back about. We also watched a few videos and people like Sarah and I were kind of like, “..Um, what’s happening?”

So Torie explained football to us while the videos were rolling. We even saw his highlight tape, his son playing football, and heard some music too, which was cool. Speaking of Sarah and I, we planned to sneak our books in and multitask but then we sat on the floor, making our reading too obvious if we were to do so. Torie was really fangirling because a) she loves football and b) he played for the Steelers which is her favorite team. Apparently not just because she’s from Pennsylvania.

Like Ben said, “It’s about time someone came to this town.”

And now for the thing I was super happy about…

But you know Torie ruined it for me Wednesday.

Hopping on a bass stool, I mused, “Not a lot of 13 year old girl viola players can say that two days in a row, two guy cello players came in during dismissal and played the same part of the same song for them.”

“Technically, they came in because I told them to so.. technically it was really for me.” Torie mentioned.

I slowly stood up and went to another stool.

“What?!” She asked.

“You killed my balloon of happiness and feeling like I was special.. for once.” I muttered the last part under my breath.

She came towards with arms out for a hug and I turned my back on her.

“Well, you’re getting a hug anyway.” She said and hugged me from behind and turned me around.


“You’re welcome, friend.”


So last week I won the class spelling bee with the word ‘buccaneer’ after Landen spelled ‘muumuu’ wrong. I couldn’t blame him, I thought it was like ‘mumu’. So he spelled it ‘moo-moo’.

He was saying he didn’t want to win since we made it to final round, but I kind of knew this was a least part lie.

Landen was competitive whether he wanted to seem like it or not. But he did seem uncomfortable…

Speaking of the spelling bee, on the second day of it (it took us three days), Davis, Reid, and Daniel were dancing and such around the room while we were spelling. I simply ignored them along with Tori and Landen. However, Nicole was one of those people  who end up messing up big time when they are distracted, and so, she spelled ‘desperado’, ‘desprado’.

On addition to that, Terrell said it wasn’t fair that someone with Hispanic/Latina heritage should get a Spanish word.

That did not settle well.

Nicole was upset, frustrated, and trying to keep her tears in while Mrs. Oates’ gave us all a lecture about how comments like can be taken racistly and how it wasn’t fair how people shouod distract people since it was serious.

At the end of the period, Nicole was really crying and Sarah, Torie, Nyla, and I hugged her. She kept repeating this word, which turned out to her saying, “b-tches.” towards the guys in Russian.

But since on those terms, it wasn’t fair, Mrs. Oates let back her back in and made everyone who was purposefully being a distraction apologize.

So now I’m going to the school spelling bee and I’m über excited. I won with the word ‘melee’ which actually sounds like ‘may-lay’ but because I saw before, I knew the right spelling. One, because I read the word in books and two, because it came up in one of Cale and I’s conversation so, I mean, technically I owe to him because he told the right pronunciation.

Anyways, back to what I was saying before I went on a tangent..

That same day Tim Lester came to our school, Cale played a piece of Momentum for me! (Or if you want to look at it like Torie..)

Basically, we played Momentum while looking for a piece for LGPE, the musically judged competitoon or really test that stands for Large Group Performance Evaluation, and then after the class ended, Torie, Ashley, and I had a conversation about the sight-read performance.

Since they already played it in Advanced Orchestra last year and I played it over the summer, we already knew about the song.

“I don’t like this.” Torie said.

“What do you mean, I thought you loved Momentum.” Ashley asks.

“I meant the cello solo, it sounded so awful.” She explained.

“Well, it was a sight read..” I defended.

“Zach did so much better..” Torie mused.

“Of course.” I muttered.

“No, it was actually really beautiful.” Ashley agreed.

“Extremely pretty.” Torie said.

“Cosí bella!”

“Like a halo was floating above his cello.” Torie began.

“Angels were crying when he played.” Ashley continued.

“You know that one heavenly spotlight, it was shining on his cello. Speaking of which, Richard’s (his cello) really pretty..”

“You could see his bow crying.”

I scoffed, “I’ll believe it when I hear it.”

Ashley left to go to the elementary school where her mom works.

“Wasn’t Haley in Advanced Orchestra last year?” Torie asked after saying bye to Ashley.

I nodded.

“ASK HER.” Torie started.

And so I did, and which she replied that, “It was nice, I guess. Wasn’t the most beautiful thing in the world.”

She flew up her arms in frustration and after pacing, she asks me, “Wasn’t Cale in Advanced Orchestra last year too?”


“Come on.” She pulled me towards the back door of the orchestra room, and got Ben to follow.

I didn’t like what I was feeling as we got closer to the door.

“Hold it open.” She stated.

“What are you going to do?” I asked.

“Wait.” She said.

She started making random movements before I realized that she was signaling him. I slowly slid down the door to the floor.

They started mouthing things to each other before he simply said, “Wait.”

I was like, “Why don’t you just go in there talk to him?”

“Delia, how do you possibly expect me to bring a cello into the Spanish classroom?” She said before walked back into the room.

My mind repeated that over and over before my eyes grew wide and it clicked, “TORIE!”



“Because I like to prove a point.”

I sighed, I put myself into this.

“So Mr. DeJesus believed me when I said I had to help the substitute.. What’s up?” Cale walked in.

My eyes were practically glued to the floor because I sensed what she might do next.

“Oh, Delia, look who it is!” Torie said, and I could feel her smiling in satisfaction, “Anyways, Delia would like to hear the cello solo in Momentum.”

And she did it.

I finally looked up and gave her a look. She gave me the ‘just go with it’ look.

So I simply nodded.

He looked at me then Torie then back to me as if seeing something we didn’t think he saw.

“Alright,” He got a cello, “I’m going to need a copy of Momentum , I don’t have my Advanced Orchestra copy with me.”

Torie was bouncing with excitement as she asked the sub for a copy of it.

On the outside, a smile was frozen on my face and I put my hair into a ponytail as internally I was screaming.

Mentally, I did not like this and not because I didn’t want him to play for me, no.

It was because, deep in my deranged head, I didn’t think this was order. What usually was supposed to happen is that we all sit in a chair or stool and wait for our buses.

Deep inside, my brain was yelling, “Disorder! Disorder! Whyiseveryonegoingalongwiththisareweevenallowedtodothisisnooneseeingthisasanissuewhattheheckishappeningsavemeeee.” Exact thoughts.

..I think I have issues.

Nevertheless, I got up to get hand santizer when I finally noticed my hands were sticky from helping pick up Emma’s broken rosin. Then I knocked over the 8A Cup of Knowledge and as I was picking the sticks, I could feel them looking at me like, “Are you stalling?”

Eventually, I finished and grabbed a stand, turned the surface flat, knelt on a chair backwards and watched Torie extreme excitement.

“Well, play Cello boy!” She said. I sat her down. Sometimes she’s too crazy, even for me.

I could already tell inside he was slightly uncomfortable even if he wasn’t showing. The sound in the room drew to close, and when it was quiet, he had a slight insecurity about playing when it was quiet, even though he always look so confident when he plays.

I could understand.

Nevertheless, his face reflected with familiarity of the piece as he played in this nice legato-y type way. For my non-music people or you just don’t know that means, it’s basically a nice smooth, connected way of playing.

I actually shut my eyes because I was enjoying so much and then you could Torie’s incoherent noises in the background. I’m pretty sure Ashley would even think she’s insane. Ben was trying to get her to calm down.

When Cale finished, Torie decides to ask, “Can I just cut that part out and marry it? Please? I have all the marriage costs down and everything!”

“Torie…” Ben tried for the 15th time but she was already rambling on again. I think she had too many candy canes during the day.

Cale hadn’t looked up once after he finished, he was just kind of staring blankly at the music on the stand.

He was probably thinking. Of what?

I could only imagine.

I turned my attention to him as well as my head and he was reaching for the cello and then stopped, before he continued to get it and stood with it, letting out a breath of perhaps relief. Then he looked at me.

He had a nervous smile on his face and he didn’t even have to say the words.

“I really liked it.” I commented, readjusting the stand I rested my arms on.

“Th-” He was interrupted by Torie coming by again.

She began dancing around me, “What did I say! WHAT DID I SAY.”

Ben swept her off her feet and carried her away, “Wheeeeee!” She cried.

He’s too used to this.

Wednesday, she made Zach come in and now, EVERY SINGLE DAY He comes in at the end orchsstra and plays his cello while Torie sits on a bass stool and listens.

But if I really think about this, it’s my fault. I cause my own disasters.

Float In The Cyber Space.


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