Veteran’s Day

Happy Veteran’s Day, y’all.

Today is the day we commerate who is serving, still serving, died serving or died after retirement. They fight long and hard so we survive. Unfortunately, they don’t always get the rewards or recognition they deserve which to me is depressing.

Some of them are on the streets, suffering because we don’t take care of them as we should. Instead, we turn the other cheek and scold them for being in a rather not controlled situation.

They defend our country for god’s sake!

They even suffer from things we don’t even see on the outside like PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) and we assume they’re insane. The things they see is scarring for life and we cant even begin to imagine.

So for the Veteran’s Day Celebration at school last night (which I’ll tell you about later), in LA we wrote a poem that we wrote on a paper leaf and glued them on to a poet-tree.

I really wish i took a picture of it so you could see. ;-;

Here was mine:


Is a sound as familar to our veterans as their family.

It triggers pain like an internal fang,

You never see.


The scent of firearms will stain,

To never be forgotten,

Etched into their brain,

Eternally tauten.

The eyes,

Stripped of their innocence,

As they watch bodies bleed and die,

And they panic with their intense sense of vigilance.

They risk their lives,

Knowing they may never return,

So you can thrive,

While they become someone they can’t discern.

A shell of their former self,

They will never be the same again,

As there is a deterioration of their physical and mental health,

Beyond our ken.


We should give more help where it’s needed and more credit where it’s due,

To their contributions, we should loudly and proudly proclaim.

Wouldn’t you,

For them, expect the same?

They go through so many hurdles and hoops,

Yet they charge on through like a bull.

This is why our troops,

Are Honorable.


Thank our troops, show your appreciation.

What would your life even be without them?


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