Some Bad Things Have Happened

Hey, so if you read my ‘So, I’m Happy’ post, I have some things to be happy about, but also.. there are things that aren’t so good.

One, a teacher at school (I’m not specifying) had done something, that no one would imagine they’d do. I’m not mentioning what happened either because it was all over the news and the radio in Georgia. So yeah, big. We looked at a photo in one article and it was so sad.

Of course, the teacher wasn’t at school but that’s what everyone was talking about. But I honestly didn’t know until the day after it happened. Which happened to be the Halloween themed orchestra concert (I’ll tell you about in another post). Then some ignorant people started “rallying” I suppose and instantly people shut them down and told them to shut up.

They weren’t at school for rest of that week and we ended up having Ms. McClendon come in. Which after 3 days of listening to her scarily calm voice, irritates you. They came back the next week but looked really shaken up.

Two, Fletcher is destroying my viola. Just a couple days ago, he ended up having 28 bowhairs come off in a drop. Plus near the frog is getting dirty. I might have to take it to rehaired.

“But he can’t do worse.” I thought before Friday The 13th.

I’ll tell all about in my next post.

Three, my mother is still scarred from my aunt’s death. She still has random bouts of crying and just talking about what aunt Hadessa used to do or like. What’s even worse is that my family is even considering selling her things and my mother has just been upset since.

But now she’s working herself to forget about it. I haven’t seen her since Friday evening, that’s how much she’s working. And it’s concerning my dad a lot.

To add onto this, I think this has shown how selfish Tessa, Harper and Fletcher are. Fletcher was whining about how he didn’t get anything special for his birthday (3 days after her death) other than a cake.

Tessa has been complaing that she wants new dolls not showing any compassion and Harper just been gossiping with her friends and asking consistently for money to go to the mall.

This is why I feel even selfish to even want something for my own birthday which is soon.

I honestly think she’s depressed.

Four, there was a girl named Jacqueline in Haley’s LA class who passed out cold in the middle of the computer lab. And she wouldn’t wake up no matter what they did. They actually thought she was sleeping.

People actually threw things at her trying to wake her up, which was completely unnecessary.

According to Haley, Jaclyn, Max, and Alli, she looked dead just laying there in the clinic.

No one knows what’s going with her now but.. its pretty scary to think that someone like you could be gone in an instant.

5, Lizzy’s onto me.

I think three Mondays ago or so, I was hanging by the Orchestra back door during transitions to talk to Cale while he was going to Spanish.

I straightened out my tan cardigan and began with a simple, “H-”

That’s when she suddenly latched her arms around his neck and glared at me. He looked pretty exhausted and then Lizzy was practically holding on for dear life, “H-, what?” She asked.

I set my boots in a digging motion while I looked down and muttered, “Hello, Cale and Lizzy.”

“How generous of you to include me in this joyous encounter.” She had a smile radiating a sense of manipulative satisfaction as she kissed him on the cheek. He gave her a glare that said she was pushing it.

“Lizzy, don’t you have somewhere else to go? Anywhere else?” He emphasized on the anywhere as he looked as if he was actually yearning for Mr. DeJesus’ yelling.

“I’m just going to go,” I spoke to the ground, “Nice to see you both.” And I sighed as I set for my viola awaiting my playing on the rack.

And last Thursday, Lizzy came to the back door first.

“Oh, Delia, you must be lost.” She gave me a once over before rolling her eyes.

“Um, what do you mean? I’m pretty sure I’m not lost.” But you know what is lost? Your mind if you think Cale is in love with you. My sardonicism nearly fired. I was feeling quite negative that day and even though Torie might have appalauded me but I would have been disappointed in myself for reciprocating bitter remarks.

“Oh, but you are,” she began to move me from the door, “You want to move from the orchestra back door and into the Get-The-H-ll-Away-From-My-Eternal-Love Hallway.”

I was going to interject but then she shoved me into the Wave of 8th Graders and called, “YOU’RE WELCOME.” and laughed as she went to her B connection.

I take that as a warning.

And 6, the ISIS attacks on Paris on 11/14/15.

This was very devastating and my heart is with whom that are grieving/injured or know someone in Paris ❤


To quote/share what cloud82 said over at Fantage Spy: 

“you had once thought the world was a safe

beautiful place

full of beautiful humans;

… except

you were wrong.

full of humans;

but where is humanity?”



We had a moment of silence at our school for who had lost and/or fighting for their lives.

To all my fellow bloggers,

Be Safe Out In This Crazy World


Float In The, Consistently Loving and Losing, Cyber Space.


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