Lily’s Sleepover

Hey, it’s Delia!

Yeah, Lily’s birthday sleepover was a lot of fun and I apologize if I missed anything on Friday or Saturday. C:


Once I got home that Friday, I was super excited.

I began to neatly fold the wrapping paper around her birthday present and clean my room. Then I took a shower, changed, and then began folding my clothes and packing in my everything bag. Tessa actually stopped and watched.

“What are you doing?” She asked.



“Hopefully, she’s leaving permanently and I can have two rooms without caring about who it belonged to.” Harper piped in while walking to her room.

They both laughed and I just continued packing.

“No, but seriously.” She persisted.

“I’m going to Sarah’s Sleepover party.”

“Oh wow, you actually got invited somewhere.” Fletcher interjected.

Then you could hear all three of them laughing and then going their own way.

It was only 6:30 when I finished packing so I began to try to get my hair in control because I straightened it that morning. Once I finished with that, I began to watch Daria on my tablet. My mother saw me with my everything bag and told me to put it in my duffel bag.

Since I forgot that my yearbook, orchestra binder, and Spanish were in my duffel bag, I just put my clothes into it and headed downstairs.

I was completely ready to go and I watched the rain fall. I then remembered how Dawn said she was cheering for Youth Night at the Town game even though it was her birthday. I wonder if they are going to cheer in the rain, they made the football team play in the rain several times before, I thought.

When my dad came home, my mom said he would be taking me to Sarah’s house. My dad was going to protest but my mother argued that she had an Online Exam to finish.

So my father took me to Sarah’s while we sat awkwardly in the car. My dad and I aren’t really close. I ended up being 15 minutes later than 7:30. My dad told me that he would like to talk to Sarah’s Dad before he had to leave while I was walking up her porch steps.

When I rang the doorbell, I could hear them coming from upstairs but I was watching the koi in her koi pond in her front yard by the steps. Soon, a breathless Sarah, Nicole, Celia, Emily, and Haley came to the door at once.

Sarah quickly unlocked the door and they all said in unison, “HI DELIAAAAA.”

I removed my jacket, my shoes, and I followed Sarah upstairs to put my bags and jacket before returing to the unusually quiet lower level.

“Hmm.. Where did everyone else go?” Sarah asked, looking around the living room.

“I don’t know, but I think it’s safe to say that they aren’t upstairs since we just came from there.” I pointed out.

“Yeah.” Sarah replied as she leaned on the door between her kitchen and the garage to hear.

We began looking around her garage for our friends but it almost seemed like they disappeared. We climbed back up near the laundry room by the garage entrance door.

“I wonder- ” Sarah stopped when there were screams of ‘BAH!’ filling the air from the laundry room.

We actually got so scared that I slid into the granite kitchen counter and then fell and Sarah fell on the ground as well. However, Celia, Haley, Nicole, and Emily were dying from laughter as they emerged from the dark room. Seeing our situation, Sarah and I began to laugh as well.

“I had to literally hang from the top shelf since the space was getting thin.” Emily explained.

“Sarah, when you were listening through the door, you were looking DIRECTLY at me!” Haley shared.

We continued to laugh and talk some more as Emily began go on her laptop, Nicole ate a pizza slice, I placed my present on the table by the semi-looking bay window, drank some lemonade, Sarah slightly adjusted things and Celia and Haley were talking about some homework. I also took one of the cupcakes she had out for us.

Feeling a little awkward, I suddenly blurted, “Let’s sing the Dollar song!”

Haley: Wait, what?

Celia: What’s the dollar song?

“Oh, its this song that this guy Henoc made up in math class. I’ll start,” Nicole stated, “If I got a dollar then you got a dollar, if you got a dollar then I got a dollar, keep going. Keep it going.”

She pointed to me while we clapped to the beat. I repeated it and Haley, Celia, Emily caught on. I pointed to Sarah and then she ran upstairs. Being confused, we ran up to follow her. She was laughing by the lamp at the front of her room but she didn’t want to go downstairs and sing the song for some odd reason. So in an effort to get her downstairs, we “promised” to not sing the song.

Once we got downstairs, however, Haley yelled, “BARRICADE!” We all blocked exits from the kitchen and began singing the dollar song. Sarah actually escaped slowly through a gap between Haley’s arm and leg.

So in response, we kind of crowded around her like a human jail before we all just disbanded.

“Okay, Sarah, why don’t you want to sing it? It’s just a song.” Celia pointed.

“Yeah, it s not a bad song.” Haley continued.

“Was it because Henoc made it?” I asked and we all laughed a little.

Sarah laughed slightly and shook her head no. But we decided to let it be.

“So what should we do now?” Celia asked.

“We can play one of those team building games while we are a human prison.” I suggested.

“Ooh, can we do the one that was in Good Luck Charlie? Where one of us is in the middle and we are just bobbing that person around?” Emily asked.

“Yeah, let’s do it.” We all were good on the idea.

But since Sarah was a little reluctant, Haley jumped in and Sarah came out. We decide to go in a rotation from where we were standing as the circle. Next was Sarah, then Emily, me, Celia and then Nicole. Haley was basically really calm throughout and we did a pretty good job of not dropping her. That is of course when we realized that we should probably have a time limit if nothing happened so we agreed on a 1 minute. You could tell that Sarah was still nervous and she removed her glasses as she stepped in. We were doing fine until Nicole was trying to swat something away and Sarah was coming her way.

“Nicole!” I whisper-shouted.

“Oh, sorry about that.”

And she moved her in time. Emily, like Haley, was just really calm and before I realized, it was my turn. It didn’t seem frightening UNTIL you are the one in the middle. Although since nothing happened, I was alright. Celia seemed heavier than she looked (DISCLAIMER: That isn’t supposed to have a body shaming or insultive undertone. Just thought I’d add this since some people get offended easily without that intention.) and her boots were swiveling her about every which way, so we all were trying to make sure we got her if she swiveled the other way or something. Nicole was giggling the whole time she was going around, having a lot of fun.

Then we did like the trust fall but it was like one person after the other so it was like Dominoes.

Soon, the bell rang and most of us raced upstairs to hide again. Instead we hid in Sarah’s room while Sarah and Celia stayed behind to welcome our guests. Emily hid in the closet, Nicole was behind the door and Haley was in a lump of blankets leaving me to crouch in a corner with Sarah’s bookbag on my back. Celia found us in a matter of a few minutes however and called me “The Book bag Turtle”. That’s going to stick.

Despite the fact we were discovered, Haley and I each grabbed a blanket and ran down the stairs and then gently jumped off and landed covering over bodies with the blankets while no one else was facing the stairs. Of course, the thud of our bodies gave us away.

Celia: What was that?

Emily: Look, there are little lumps!

Sarah: Oh my gosh, what colorful lumps!

Nicole: *laughs* The lumpiest lumps of all of lumpieland.

Haley and I were snickering among ourselves, enjoying this.

Emily: Let’s go sit on them! The lumps won’t mind!

Oh gosh, I thought.

I began to peek after lifting a flap of the blanket. I noticed that Emily sat on me first and then Nicole. Sarah kind of stood and laughed while Celia sat on Haley.  I began to laugh and everyone was surprised at the thought lumpies made noises. Haley began laugh as well and then Emily rolled off my back and into the couch which was even funnier if you had saw how she rolled.

“We are such weird people!” Katelyn pointed out. Katelyn had arrived when the bell rang with another girl with long brown hair. I didn’t know who she was but I saw her at school around Emily so I assume they were friends.

“So what now?” Haley asked, under the blankets.

“Okay, Katelyn, Aurora, there’s food in the kitchen if you want some and let’s play some games on the Wii U!” Sarah said, much to our excitement.

Of course, due to my slow mind, I didn’t even realize that Aurora was Katelyn and Emily friend’s name. We ended up playing Super Mario 3D World, which is AMAZING. But I mistakened it for Super Mario 3D LAND.

Me: I love this game, I used to play it all the time of the 3DS my parents bought me on Black Friday!

Celia: Black Friday is one of my favorite days of the year.

We all nodded as we agreed and began playing. Haley just wanted to talk while watching us play while it was me, Emily, Nicole, Katelyn and Aurora playing with Sarah and Celia as well. I was playing as Princess Peach and I just absolutely sucked. I was constantly the slowest one, and even had to bubble sometimes because my lag. Then Sarah played as Peach for little bit and then she was just amazing at this. Then I realized I was thinking of 3D Land instead of 3D World. We were constantly eating Goldfish throughout all the playing time. I mean we had other stuff but Goldfish like the main food we ate. While we were playing, we,as in the orchestra people there, were humming the songs for this years concert (Which is REALLY soon). Then I went to get one of my mints that were up in my bag. And while I searched I found some of my school stuff.

Slightly confused, I came back downstairs with my orchestra folder.

“YES, SHE’S GOT THE ORCHESTRA BINDER.” Haley said, as she opened it up and began humming the songs.

“Orchestra is awesome.” I said, slouched on Sarah’s couch while floating onto a platform.

“Orchestra is life.” Nicole spoke while eating some Goldfish.

“No, Chorus is life.” Celia mentioned while watching us play.

“Yes!” Emily high-fived her real quick.

That’s when I sat up, “Emily, you joined Chorus?”

“Unfortunately, yes.” Sarah joked, mock-sullenly.

“HEY!” Celia and Emily chimed.

“You know what’s the best instrument in Orchestra?” Haley asked, grinning.

“VIOLAS!” Nicole, Haley and I laughed.

“Me and Aurora also play viola and they are awesome.” Katelyn pointed out.

“Wait, who’s Aurora?” I asked, confused, and she raised her hand while everyone else pointed.

So I necked myself.

Sarah made this face that was a mix of like laughing, surrendering, and mock-disappointment. She was heavily outnumbered by the violas and she was the only cello player in the room. Emily sided with Sarah, however, and Celia chose violin. We all got up from the games and then I remembered what was in my present.

Me: Stop, stop, stop, stop.

Haley: Wait, what happened?

Me: For Sarah’s birthday, in my present, there’s something I have to do. And everyone watched and laughed as I did the best llama dance I could try to do. Haley was just dying, Sarah was laughing pretty hard and I was actually having a little fun.

I then collapsed in heap of tired llamaness as we walked into the kitchen to look at gifts Sarah got today. Celia pointed out her presents to Sarah AND Emily because she forgot Emily’s birthday before she left because her mom didnt want her to sleep over. Haley got Sarah a Barnes & Noble giftcard, Nicole gave her a mini stuffed Panda, Katelyn & Aurora got her another Barnes & Noble giftcard and, well, I got her a list of my homemade and laminated haikus.

The last one’s last line was something like,  “dance like a llama”. You know, it would have made more sense if I did it AFTER she had read it but you know, I’m crazy so..

So I was in the middle of doing it again when Kevin, her older brother, walked into the kitchen. I wanted to crouch behind the counter but my body wouldn’t let me move fast enough. It wasn’t like I liked him but like he’s in high school and I think he’s like a junior? That’s really embarrassing.

Emily: Oh look, you guys, it’s Kevin!

Sarah: Hi, Kevin.

Haley: *eating another cupcake* Hey, Kevin.

Nicole: *readjusting her hair as usual* Hi.

I said nothing hoping he wouldn’t notice me slowly trying to hide.

Kevin: Hey Em, Sarah, Haley, Nicole.

Haley was laughing while trying to stifle it and nearly choked on her cupcake.

Then Kevin decided to look over the counter, “Delia.”

While I was in an awkward position, I think my voice went up some, “Hi Kevin. This is perfectly normal.”

All of them were snickering now, and then I collapsed again, blushed, and joined in the laughing.

“Alright, I’ll leave to you guys your ‘normalness’.” And with that, he got a cupcake and went upstairs.

“Well, that was interesting.” Haley smiled.

“Superb.” Emily followed.

Sarah: Fanatastic.

Nicole: Beautiful..

Katelyn: Remarkable.

“You guys…” I started.

“What? Our prime goal is take every embarrassing moment..” Haley began.

“Turn into something we don’t talk about?”

“Hilarious stories for high school reunions.” We all smiled at that and played a little with Wii U before we went upstairs.

“Where’s Aurora?” Nicole asked as we climbed the stairs.

“She left when Celia did.” Katelyn answered.


Haley, Sarah, Nicole, and I piled into Sarah’s room while Katelyn and Emily went to Emily’s room and we kind of sat in our spots from the last sleepovers, Haley gets the top bunk, I get the bottom bunk and Sarah and Nicole sleep on the soft, fluffy, comfy, inflatable mattress.

Sarah was fine with it even though Haley offered the top bunk several times. Haley simply put on a big t-shirt over the tank top she was already wearing and then, BOOM, pjs done. I went to change into my pajamas and slid into the bottom bunk while everyone else got changed.

“So what do y’all want to talk about?” Haley asked.

We all shrugged.

“I feel so third-wheeled now.” I said, which they replied with same.

“Thuy-Nhi’s mad at Torie, again.” Nicole said.

“Over what?” Sarah asked.


“Why did I see that coming so clearly?” I asked no one.

“Because she still likes him, even though she ‘got over’ him this summer.” Nicole continued.

“Well, it isn’t like he likes her back, though because he was well aware that she liked him during 7th grade and is dating Torie now.” Haley pointed out.

“Yeah, what do you mean again?” Sarah asked again.

Nicole: Once because she became friends with Nia during Rock Eagle even Thuy-Nhi didn’t like her because of the Wattpad thing, another time because Thuy-Nhi didn’t defend Torie when her mother insulted her constantly, and this other time because in 5th grade, Thuy-Nhi liked Connor A. and as she told her, Torie was like, “YOU LIKE CONNOR A.?!” which Avery, the one who liked gossiping a little, heard in which she told Connor and it really embarrassed her.

Haley: Wow, you know, I think I heard about that.

Sarah: Wait, she liked Connor?

We all nodded.

Sarah: I’m so lost.

Me: Its okay, friend. You know, I thought Ethan was cool and weird, even though I spoke to him like once.

Nicole: Yeah, too bad. Even more bad because Ben kissed Torie at the school event at the skating rink and then Torie felt guilty amd didnt tell him until yesterday. But even I think it was too vague.

All but Nicole: WHAT?!

Nicole looked up from her phone, “Yeah.”

We kind of sat in silence after that. Then Emily poked her head in.

“Sarah, what number do you have in Little Alchemy?”

“Um, 236.”

“Kay, thanks, byeeee! By the way, I have 121 more than you.” And she shut the door behind her.

Sarah sighed.

“You know, I actually completed the game 3 days ago.” Nicole noted non-chalant.

“Really?” And she showed us all.

Haley asked about the game and decided to download it. I still only had 386 at the time and I told everyone else not to ruin anything for me.

Yet Nicole did by telling me how to make tunnel later that morning.

Haley: Josh likes me.

Nicole, Sarah: Which one?

Haley: The one who likes Anime and Manga and that stuff. He’s an ex-viola now violin in our orchestra class.

Sarah, Nicole: Oh….

Me: Whoa, whoa, whoa.

Haley: What?

Me: Josh asked me if you liked him a month or so ago ‘not in that way’ because you kept staring at him and flirted whenever you two would talk. And so he wanted to know so it doesn’t seem like he’s leading you on and such.

Haley: What! I only stare at him because I feel like he’s staring at me and I don’t flirt.

Sarah: Well….

Haley: Well, what?

Sarah: Sometimes, just the littlest of times, you kind of, really, flirt with him.

Haley: ….Really?

Sarah, Nicole, Me: *nod*

Haley: Huh. Well, he told me a couple days ago and I didn’t know what to say. I mean, I don’t think I’m ready for a boyfriend even my grandmother thinks I should.

Nicole: Same, I’m not ready either.

Sarah: *whispers* I don’t think I’ll ever be ready.

Me: I’m waiting until at least 14-15. 13 just feels… young.

Haley: Too young.

Nicole: So Delia, how are you and the vegetable coming along?

Me: Say what now?

Haley: The vegetable…?

Nicole: Obvious code for Cale.

Haley: Oh… Wait, what do you mean?

Nicole: Our friend over here likes him.

Me: *too quick and defensive* Never said that.

Haley: Oh, you like him? *waggles eyebrows awkwardly*

Me: Never said that.

Sarah: But don’t you?

Nicole: You don’t have to say it, your tomato face and awkward movements tell it all.

Me: -_-

Haley: Wait, but what about Liz-

Nicole: We don’t say her name.

Sarah: So she’s Lord V-, now?

Me: She is just as bad.

There was a mumble of agreement.

Me: To answer, we’re fine. In that friend way. Not like I think about being more than that. *nervously laughs and flips her hair* Because that would be weird.

Sarah, Nicole, Haley: Righttttt.

I could tell Haley was starting to sleep. But it was like 12:21 am or 1 am though.

Nicole: So y’all like to open a nice can of Would You Rathers?

Sarah, Me: Sure.

And basically that’s what we did for the rest of the time we were awake. Sarah went to check on Emily and Emily and Katelyn were basically watching videos, listening music, and scrolling through their phones. Haley was asleep by the time we got to the 4th question, Sarah fell asleep reading on her phone while we were playing, and I fell asleep while Nicole was asking me something. I think Nicole got the least amount of sleep.

While I was sleeping, Haley’s phone slipped all the way from under her pillow and onto my nose.

I immediately woke up and the pain was kind of piercing. Did I mention she had a hard case? I felt around for any liquid like blood. I didn’t think it was broken but it took me a while to try to sleep again.

I ended up waking up around 7:50. I looked around to see that Nicole was already or still awake on her phone. If it so happened that she stayed up the whole night, I am concerned for my friend. I got into my blankets and sat back up, trying to find Haley’s phone, hitting my head on the bottom part of the top bunk.

“Mornin’ Delia.” Nicole whispered.

“Why are we whispering?” I asked.

She simply pointed to still sleeping Sarah and Haley. I nodded in understanding and in return we silently went on our devices for a couple hours. My instagram, twitter, and wordpress refused to work though so I was kind of bored, to be honest. So I just played some Plants vs Zombies to occupy time. Slowly but surely, Haley woke up and then Sarah.

“Hola mis amigas.” Nicole looked like she was talking to her phone.

“Heyo.” I spoke up after.

“Hi.” Sarah responded.

Haley fell back to asleep thouhh so we decided not to bother her.

After another hour, Sarah piped up, “Maybe we should go downstairs.”

“Yeah, maybe.” Nicole said.

“Yeah.” I followed.

But then we didn’t leave the room for another 20 minutes. By that time, Haley was awake.

“Maybe we should go downstairs.” Haley suggested. And she left the room to change into other clothes and then came back.

We still stayed in Sarah’s room for at least 40 minutes after that.

“Okay, maybe we should actually get up and move you guys.” I said laughing slightly.

But we were all lazy so I slowly stood from the bed.


“Join me fellow humans as we make our adventure towards what is called ‘downstairs’.”

They fake gasped and joined me on our little adventure.

“Look there’s FOOD.” Haley pointed.

“And comfortable seats!” Nicole says.

“We should have come here earlier!” Sarah joked.

We all laughed as we got breakfast and Katelyn came down slightly later. Emily was still tired, up in her room and Haley was going to bicycle home since her grandparents were going to worry about her whereabouts (She and Sarah live in the same neighborhood). So with our mouths filled with various pieces of savored breakfast, we said our goodbyes as Haley pedaled home.

“So after a long time, I’ve come to a conclusion… Violas are better than Cellos.” Nicole smiled.

Sarah’s mouth dropped jokingly as Katelyn and I giggled to ourselves.

“Yay, violas!” I added, waving an invisible flag.

“Down wit the cellos Sarah, down with the cellos.” Katelyn said as she was making Ramen noodles. I actually did not know you have that for Breakfast but apparently over at Katelyn’s, they do that.

“Down with the cellos!” Nicole said.

“You know Kevin would be with me on this. He even used to play viola before he switched to the cello.” Sarah added.

“Still originally chose viola.” Katelyn said, between slurps of the noodles.

“But don’t you think there was a reason why he switched over?” Sarah mentioned.

“Maybe he wanted to try new things,” Nicole shrugged while texting her mom, “So I have to go home soon since my brothers have a baseball game.”

“Anthony and Brian play baseball?” Sarah asked before taking a bite from her own breakfast.

Nicole simply nodded as Ollie hopped onto her lap. Then I realized something.

“Ollie hasn’t approached me this whole time.” I said to no one.

“Aww, don’t worry. He loves you nevertheless.” Sarah spun the spoon in her bowl.

As if on cue, Ollie begins to stretch on my leg, trying to reach up to my lap.

“See?” Sarah smiled.

I could hear a car’s horn from outside.

“That’s me. Bye, you guys!” Nicole waves as we follow her to the door and say hi to her mom.

I was slightly bored and the wifi still wasn’t working for some odd reason so I began to play more Plants vs Zombies. Katelyn and Sarah were interested and even helped me out while Sarah’s dad was making the sausages he offered to make for us. Sarah went to take a quick shower and change while Katelyn and I were strategizing. Then I went to shower as well as bring my orchestra folder down so I could hum them while playing.

Apparently, the smell of food attracts Kevins and Emilys as they finally came down the stairs as I was standing by the fridge getting a drink of water.

“Hey.” Kevin simply stated as I moved from the fridge so he could get something eat. Emily was buzzing as she was quickly grabbing food and eating while chatting about.

“Ooh, ” Sarah finished her breakfast, “What’s your favorite instrument, Kevin?”

Kevin looked at her as if to ask if that was even a question, “Cello.” He reached for a plate in a cabinet.

“Aww, BOOO.” Katelyn and I yelled at him.

“Why did you switch from viola to cello?” I asked, messing around with my orchestra binder at the table.

“I don’t really know. I liked the cello’s sound better and less restricting of a pose than violas,” Kevin paused, ” And its a well known fact that they are just better.” He and Sarah did a fist pump and an explosion. Katelyn and I looked at them like, “Oh, really now?”

But in my head, I was thinking, Wow, they have a nice sibling relatiomship. They all do here…

But I pushed those thoughts away as everyone ate and then Katelyn left as well when her dad came. Kevin escaped to wherever he disappears off to, and Sarah’s dad went down to the basement. So it was just Sarah, Emily, and I upstairs just playjng Plants vs Zombies for the next 30 – 45 minutes.

It looked like Sarah’s dad was setting up for something as he came back up and questioned me about the games and what we were doing. He was also showing Sarah this movie thing on their tv. You hear football talk on the TV and that’s when we decided to play Super Mario 3D World once again.

If I hadn’t mentioned it before, Sarah is better than me at being Princess Peach in this game than I am. But it was still fun with our cooperation and teamwork. I even found a hidden place that they hadn’t noticed before and we actually finished the game! While we were playing the sky rapidly went from bright to a dismal gray and storms.

We began to play these mini games in what I think you call the Nintendo Land. We first played Pikmin Adventure and switched roles but easily got bored. Next we played the Zelda game which I was pretty awesome at, if I do say so myself. So then, we played Animal Crossing: Sweet Days instead which was really fun and we just chatting and laughing through out. We also played Luigi’s Ghost Mansion and we didn’t even get through 8 minutes before we were done. What really freaked me out is the controllers vibrations. The last game we played with the Game Pad was the Mario Chase, and Sarah and I were always so close to catching Emily but we never did.

The storm was getting increasingly worse and night was falling fast and I was still at Sarah’s, not that I minded. I used her phone to call Dad and Harper picked up.

“What do you want?” She asked.

“Its me.” I responded.

“I know, I got that awful sense. So answer my question.”

“I just want know when dad is coming to pick me up.”

“He’s sleeping.” And she hung up on me.

I sighed as I sat back down on Sarah’s couch. We ended up playing this yarn version of Kirby and Emily was “mad” at me because I kept throwing her at the little guard things.

We also made burritos which was really fun while we snacked and joked around. Sarah’s dad was down in the basement while he and his friends were watching sports and cheering loudly over us.

“This is what people in other countries probably think all American fathers are like.” Emily commented.

We nodded as we all took bites from our burritos. As time passed, I ended up calling home 6 times again, my dad and even my mom and no one answered. “Hey, Em, Dad told me about the watching movies feature, want to try it?” I heard Sarah mention from the living room.


I sighed and I sat back down as we made our movie selection.

We were in the middle of watching Home Alone 2 which they claimed to ever have seen before when my dad finally came. I was actually really surprised they hadn’t seen that one but nevertheless, I found it hilarious. I felt kind of bad too because I think Sarah had plans with Haley to practice for Solo & Ensemble. Nevertheless, I thanked everyone for a good time and then left to my awkward drive home with Dad. When I got home, no one else really cared and my mom was at work so I just went upstairs.

Finally figuring that I had put my tablet on Airplane mode, and these messages started flooding in like crazy.

Especially help ones from Dawn because Derin asked her out for the, what, 18th time this year? I feel sorry for him even because he has guts to do that even though he get turned down:




After responding to several messages, I was bored so I decided to practice for the concert. And thats when I noticed I left my orchestra folder right at the table where I was talking to Kevin.

Isn’t this coming up roses, I thought.



So this post was long overdue, lol

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