The Infinity Dreams Award

I think I’ve done this before lol

Nevertheless, thanks to Yuki, Nutella Bae, and Elysia for tagging me.

Let’s go!



~Thank the person you were nominated by and follow their blog.
~~Tell everyone 11 facts about you.
~~~Answer the questions that the person gave you.
~~~~Nominate 11 bloggers and give them 11 other questions.


1)I wear glasses.

2) I question my purpose among my life.

3) That second was really deep and I’m usually more happier than that sounds,

4) My hair is… an interesting creature with a habit like Pi.

5) My crush’s birthday is actually National Pie Day.

6) I am Scorpio and proud of it!

7) My best friends and I are insane.

8) When Panic! At The Disco decided to split up, without my permission, it hurt me in the heart. Then I ended up watching Nine In The Afternoon and wondered what happened with Ryan and Brendon.. ;-;

9) I have been blogging since 5th grade, I believe.

10) My viola is consistently attaxked by my brother.

11) I have a crush on a guy with an insane girl as his “girlfriend”.

Yuki’s Questions:

1.) What’s your favourite Movie Genre and why?

Hmm, probably Humor and/or Romance.

They just make me feel really good.

2.) Is Fantage the only game you play (if you play it)?

Oh, I don’t play Fantage. XD

3.) What do you think of K-POP?

I actually never listened to K-POP in the constant fear of the addiction.

4.) Which ship do you like better #Yutella (Yuki + Nutella), #Yuree (Yuki + Tree), #Puki (Panda + Yuki), #Yangie (Yuki + Angie), #Yuki-Dragon (Yuki + GD), #YuBam (Yuki + BamBam), #Vuki (Yuki + V) and I can’t think of the other ships I have >.<




Cake, actually. Although I do like Ice-Cream Cake even though it sometimes tastes like a cold, wet, dough-like disaster.


Considering I like chicken more than fish, I’m going with meat.

7.) What superpower do you wish you had?

Well, not invisibility because I’m already invisible among people.

haha lol im so darn lonely 

Um, probably telepathy..


8.) What do you wanna be when your older and why?

A doctor because medicine has always interested me. What type of doctor is something I’m still trying to figure out.

9.) Apple or Android and why?



I’m going with Apple here, because I like its sleekness and also you can play music from like browsers even when you exit them unlike Samsung which makes you have a split screen. Which is actually pretty cool though. Unforunately since I haven’t touched an Apple device since August, my opinion may be outdated.

10.) Last blog you went on (Like the site)

Haru’s blog

11.) Whats your opinion on #Janna (Jared + Anna)

They are awesome.


Nutella’s Questions

1.) What’s your favorite poem?

Would I seem conceited if I said one of my own?

If not, then my Untitled one that I recently posted to this blog.

If so, then ‘i carry your heart with me’ by E. E. Cummings

2.)?Are you going to Scarborough Fair?

Nope, I’m not from England. (Nor do I listen to Simon and Garfunkel  if that was what the question was pointing to)

3.) Have you ever felt schadenfreude?

Isn’t that hand in hand with sadism?

Either way, no I have not.

4.) Do you know the Gestalt Prayer?

know bits and pieces of it.

5.) Free pizza is cancelled.

Lol, what free pizza?

I’ve never had the free pizza ;-;

6.) What’s your least favourite holiday, and why?

 I don’t think I have a least favorite holiday, because I pretty much love them all.

But I love Valentines Day the least because it makes me realize how lonely I am with my pictures if my frushes instead of like a date or something to do with my life

7.) What’s your favourite baked food?

  Cupcakes :3

8.) History or geography?


9.) What time is it?

Like 11:10 pm.

10.) Yoshi x Seth or Yoshi x Kira?

 Lol, I don’t know what that is!

11.) Will you be my sweet salmon?

 I have no clue what this means, but sure, why not?


1.) Yes

2.) I have actually never made a prank call.

3.) “I looked beautiful.” Today, Daffodil.

4.) I’m getting there.

5.) My greatest strength is my cognition.

6. My perfect pizza is the vegetarian pizza even though i’m not vegetarian.

7. YOU ARE 14, you lonely weirdo

8. My mother and father?

Sure because we just get along.

My siblings.


Because they honestly always behave and tell me they don’t like me and don’t want me around.


Questions for you:

  1. Is the cup half full or half empty?

2) Who is the most influential person you have ever met?

3)If you could get rid any celebrity and/or one of their mistakes, who/what would it be?

4) Have you ever written a song?

5) If you had all of the supplies, what would you invent?

6) What color would you be and why?

7) What’s your most prized possession?

8) What’s your dream job?

9) What’s your favorite type of coffee (if you drink it)?

10) Do you prefer the society in early 2000’s or recent years 2009- now?

I tag anyone who hasn’t done it yet!

Float In The Cyber Space!


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