Happy Turkey Day!

Happy Thanksgiving, my friends!

Benjamin Franklin would have loved to call it National Turkey Day considering that he wanted the Turkey to be the National bird instead of the hawk.

My mother basically cooked a buffet for us and let us choose what we wanted and how much. So like a mini Golden Corral.

Tomorrow is a day even worse than Halloween and Friday the 13th combined…






Everyone knows shopping, roads, and traffic is just horrific that day, and in the next city over, people WILL fight you if you even simply LOOK at the item they want. Three twelve years old nearly killed each other over some clothes at the mall two years ago, I think it was.

So please explain to me why my mother wants for us to go shopping for stuff on our winter trip to Canada tomorrow?

I wasn’t planning on it for a couple years but I think I’ll write my will now.

I honestly don’t want to go because i enjoy being a house hermit, there is a Criminal Minds Marathon on Ion Television starting 10 am tomorrow and ends around 1 am saturday and who doesn’t want to see spencer reid’s adorable face of knowledge  I value my life and shopping with my mother can be tiring.

So how was your thanksgivings and do you plan on shopping tomorrow?

Float In The Turkey of Thankfulness Cyber Space!


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