Well, I Survived

My friends, I have survived..


That might not seem like an accomplishment but I was trampled several times at Macy’s.

But to be real, I was very tired when I got home because we were goimg all over the place and my mother decided, “Hey, let’s walk out that store to the parking lot then walk ALL the way to the other half of the mall, out in the burning sun for November even though I know the store is at the original side we were on and that we could have gone to the other side in the inside WITH the air conditioning.”

During those walks, my mother said, “Well, think of this as excerise.”

But due to my mother’s ability to low-key throw shade, I was actually thinking about if she said it like I needed it.

In a bad way.

But it was nice getting new clothes.

However, I am not emotionally okay.

So after getting home, I was watching the Criminal Minds marathon and the ,ast episode that was being played for the marathon was Lo-Fi, whivh was the season three finale.

This episode is basically about a terrorist cell in New York and they haven’t tracked them down yet even to the end of the episode.

So they all are getting into their SEPARATE IDENTICAL BLACK SUVS as shown in different cells and then in one image, one car explodes as an attack.


My mouth just dropped and I was blinking, almost wanting to cry a little.

Of course the show is on Season 11 so I KNOW the main characters survived but..  Still!

Here I am wondering if it was SPENCER!   really bad!

You know what, Mark Gordon and Erica Messer? Congrats.


Okay, I found the clip. Here’s a low down on the characters.

The first guy you see with the blonde bob girl is Agent Aaron Hotchner, who is the Unit Chief and basically in charge of the whole BAU unit which is the agency everyone works for and is part of the FBI. The Blonde Bob girl is Agent Joyner who invited the BAU to solve the case.

Next part, the girl with the long brown hair? Agent Emily Prentiss who’s… well, I don’t really know how to describe her..

Next, Penelope Garcia, Tech Analyst/ Communications Director who’s system got hacked into by said Terrorist Cell above.

Blonde Lady kissing that guy? Agent Jennifer Jareau aka J.J., who JUST got engaged to that guy and is pregnant with her first child.

Next person? Senior Agent David Rossi who had JUST rejoined the BAU a couple episodes back replacing Gideon (you won’t know who that is unless you watched the series from the beginning).

THAT FABULOUS PERSON AFTER HIM THAT I HOPE WASN’T  IN THAT SUV THAT EXPLODED? Next BAU member? my love fiveever   Dr. Spencer Reid (Not Agent..


See? But I’m going to be real, even the website says he’s a Supervisory Special Agent.).

large (1)

He’s the youngest member of the Team, a pure genius, has an Eidetic  memory, graduated high school at age twelve, socially awkward, and has 3 PhD’s and everything else above.

not to mention that time in season 2 where he was abducted by a serial killer with multiple personality disorder who kept drugging him with Dilaudid until he became addicted to it and he continued to abuse it until season 3 episode Elephant’s Memory or that was what it appeared to be….

Last but not least, Agent Derek Morgan. He was a high school jock and is kind of a rebel.

So imagine getting attached to these character after 3, give or take, seasons for this:

I’ve refused to spoil it by reading about it and I’m going to watch the season four premiere soon. I’m so nervous right now, you don’t even know.

This show might be the death of me.

Very horrible pun about this show right there.

i think im the only one in the blogging community who is like an avid fangirl of this show.

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16 thoughts on “Well, I Survived

  1. Well damn that is a pretty good cliff hanger. Heh remember the eleven seasons of the show so I know they survived? Sorry I started laughing BC one time I came across a ‘top ten best Sam and Dean deaths’. TOP TEN THERES TWO OF THEM IM

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