Did I Really Seem That Anti-Social?

I’m obviously ALWAYS anti-social. i blame Criminal Minds for being a great show, dr. spencer reid for being an adorable genius pipecleaner salesman, and matthew gray gubler for being such a hot, quirky, weirdo who is pretty…. interesting.

But apparently, everyone in my off-internet life seemed to think I was dead or disappeared and they even surproied to see me walk into school today.


Well, for the week of Thanksgiving, we had no school which is why I was more active online and watching Criminal Minds marathons because I’m lonely af. So I was basically having a ball with pretty much no distractions.

And by distractions, I mean messages. Ever since the Saturday after the last Friday we had school, I stopped getting messages through out the break. Like no one spoke to me, or so I thought.

And for my feelings of loneliness, I drowned them in only way known to me other than reading a book. Watching TV and sticking online. The only reasom I didn’t read is because I finished my school library that Friday.

The deeper I got in the fandom hole, the more I began to wonder why no one was messaging me.

I eventually came to the conclusion that everyone was actually having a ton of fun on the break while all I’ve been doing is:

Wake Up.


Change into new pair of comfy clothes.


Wrap self in blanket cocoon.

Watch Criminal Minds amd check tablet while doing so.

Repeat 4,5, and 6 as often as needed.

Take another shower.

Change into pjs.

Sit on bed but not in it.

Watch Daria.

Get into bed.

Contemplate life.

Start looking up random stuff/imagines/fan videos/ fanfics.



So riveting, huh.

So last night/early this morning, I ended up reading Spencer Reid fanfics until 1:09 am, knowing it was going to be time to wake up in roughly 5 hours.


I groggily woke up and went to my mirror, slowly taking out the exhausted green hair tie from my dishelved hair. Suddenly, and I mean this actually scared me, my tablet had a seizure and made several beeping and buzzing noises.

And apparently, those were all my missed messages adding up to a total of 45. But when I peered closer at the time, a look of horror took form as I realized I woke up way later than I had thought, and I began to rush as fast as a Greater Roadrunner. I hadn’t even looked at the messages as I went to school briskly forgetting that the school wifi would only let me see the messages prior to the connection and wouldn’t let me respond there.

But when I walked into homeroom, Poppy announced, “Look, Delia isn’t dead!”

“Thanks to Delia for respomding to me last week,” Torie noted at the lockers, “By the way, check your messages from Arco.”

“Why?” The smile on her face was making me suspicious.

“Just do it.” Her smile was even wider.

And there was a series of random sentences that made absolutely no sense. I looked to her as if she was responsible.

“What?” She asked, “Okay, fine, I took his phone this morning and sent you random sentences for the h— of it.”

The sentences were actually funny and I laughed to myself. Of course that was cut short as my breath hitched in my throat as I read the last messages before Aria’s.

“Can we talk?” It said.




Three simple words, yet I am freaking out… slightly.

What does “Can we talk?” mean?

“Can we talk? I have depressing news.”?

“Can we talk? I’m mad at you.”?

“Can we talk? I’m concerned for you.”?

“Can we talk? I need someone to cheer me up.”?

“Can we talk? I just need to talk to you.”?

“Can we talk? I’m bored and I need to talk to anybody.”?

“Can we talk? Something great has happened.”?

“Can we talk? We need to discuss something.”?

“Can we talk? I’m going to tell you something I need to get off my chest.”?

“Can we talk? I want to ask you out but I’m nervous.”?

in my twisted dreams



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