Let’s Count The Damages

Flectcher has done the following to my viola within one semester:

  • Break the sound post and had the bridge INSIDE of it.

Mrs. Anima said in her thirteen years of teaching she had never seen the bridge go IN the instrument and the sound post broken.

  • Cracked the Bridge
  • Left cracks in the instrument
  • Snapped a string

And now…

  • Made the fingerboard shift down an inch or so.

Just so you know HOW BAD I’m talking about-



Yeah, that black thing behind the strings, the fingerboard, down by an inch so it nearly hits the bridge. We use the fingerboard to put down our fingers to play different notes.

Pale brown thing, the bridge, went inside the viola. It keeps the strings up so they can be played right.

There are cracks down both f holes/sound holes.

The sound post, the last image, is the support for the whole instrument and affect the vibrations which affects the sound of my viola.


I think even have a picture of when the bridge was inside and Hyacinth and Anemone got it out.

Isn’t that just beautiful?








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