Governor’s Mansion Performance

Hey, you guys!

So I thought I posted about this last Monday but I didn’t see it my published posts so here goes.

So for the 8th graders in Advanced Orchestra, we get to play at the Governor’s Mansion TOMORROW.

And basically this is a big opportunity because she can only take 12 students and she can only ask every three years. And so I think we have done pretty well.

We had extra rehearsals after school for this Monday and last Monday and they have been pretty fun. We practically were having a lot of fun and I can’t wait for tomorrow. Speaking of which, there are three chaperones who will be driving us.

And I had accidentally signed up for Cadenza’s mom before I knew the latter.

So Cadenza, Arpeggio, Lantana, and I are going in Cadenza’s car, Isthmus, Chiuso, Barchan, and Bugloss are going in Chiuso’s car and Arco, Anemone, Amaryllis, and Ginger are with Arco.

But I’m also glad I didn’t sign up go to in Arco’s dad’s car because his dad honestly SCARES me.

I’m not even joking, he makes me so nervous.

And I know I’ll just screw myself over if I was to go to his dad.



Horribly awkward, weird, too factitiously for my own good..

At this point, I don’t know why people don’t hate me.

Or annoyed with me.

Or don’t talk to me.

Cadenza’s mom loves me though and I’m going with Cadenza and Lantana so I mean it’s all good.

But I’m pretty sure Arpeggio only decided to come along with us so he could embarrass me.

Or mess (aka flirt) with Cadenza.

Either way, someone’s getting embarrassed.

We have to dress in concert black and get to the car rider lane at 8:30 am so we can leave at 8:40.

Problem is, the time was originally for us to get there by 8:40, which is what I told Willow and Daffodil.

Now, they need to know because there’s also a Beta Club Meeting tomorrow and I’m SUPPOSED to be there the whole time and take notes of what happens. So I needed them to cover for me from that point on.

Now I’m only going to be there for like 5 minutes.

And I miss out on the Winter celebration of the movies and food.

But I mean we get Chick-Fil-A when we finish and a tour of the mansion so techinically, who’s winning?

they are, youre playing the same songs for like an hour or so

We also miss pretty much all of school except for 4th period  and Connections.

Funny thing is, people might think we’re going to a funeral.

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