Why I’m Not On A Flight To Canada Right Now

So apparently my dad messed up with the flights (again).

We were SUPPOSED to go all the way to NEW YORK where we would board and then that plane would stop in ATLANTA and then continue to Canada.


And I even got permission to bring my viola.

My mother is going to cry her eyes out.

Even more specifically because.












And now everyone’s emotional and I’m sitting here like Stonewall Jackson.

I don’t know what to think.

After all that rushing, and yelling and having to do everything early and..

I just don’t know.

And when my father’s in travel mode and something goes wrong, he’s like a crushed piece of paper.

So now there’s a chance I’m not seeing my mother until Azalea’s 7th birthday.

Which means No Christmas.

No New Year’s.

No funeral.


And I even questioned it when I saw that he had two receipts for each of us that had New York to Atlanta and Atlanta to Canada.

But I dedided to keep my mouth shut so I wouldn’t be scolded for my ‘ignorance’.


So apparently there’s a flight tomorrow to Canada.

We are leaving tomorrow apparently.

Unless something else goes wrong.

I sound really bitter..

Time to explain to my teachers tomorrow. Which means I have to take the EOCT tomorrow. Which might not be a bad thing.

I wonder if the ‘I’ll miss you’ hug means anything since I’m not leaving.

By the way, I could hardly focus the whole time we were at the airport.

I was thinking about Arco with some other stuff but mostly him.

Probably because I was talking with him pretty much the whole time I was there. Then my dad got upset because I was up in La-la land.

He’s not wrong.

This airport short didn’t make it easier not to think of him.

I was slightly bored waiting for a response so I tuned into this airport short.

Apparently this girl was trying to get on a flight but there weren’t anymore seats left. So then this lady with her husband, I think, offers her seat. So then she gets on the flight and thanks her profusely saying this wouldn’t go unrewarded and asks where she lives. So then after she got off her flight and she drove fast to her place and looked around. Looking sad, she ran to this lake and looked around but then got disappointed and threw rocks in the lake. Then what I’m guessing is her boyfriend finds her and they have this long kiss and then an even longer hug.

I almost felt awkward watching since there were like more then 50 other people in that room who were looking at the same screen.

So then she tells him about the lady and then went to surprise her for Christmas after her plane came.

I think there might be something wrong if I can’t get Arco out of my mind no matter what.

But a good type of wrong?

I don’t really know.

Mom’s still going to be upset.

Float In Mixed-Up Flights Cyber Space.


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