Random Thoughts #402791

Ugh, I am so sorry once again for disappearing, I’ve been looking for more volunteer opportunities and it’s just been taking up my time lately. Sorry for being a ghost and I can only hope that I get to blog ore because I really miss y’all.


Why is it that I can’t even pack this bag without more than half of my clothes fitting yet my mother is some folding ninja?

I don’t like people, and sarcasm is my only defense.

Why am I here? Why are you here? Why are any of us here?

Is life just a dream?

Oh, joy. Social Interaction.

God, I can lie better than this in this game.

Why is Inside Out so EMOTIONAL?

I am so out of touch with the new book rages right now. For example, never read the 5th wave. I’ve only heard about because of the Chloe Grace Moretz ads on Spotify.

I’ve never understood the thing about crop tops.. I don’t know why.

Can you please stop devouring each other in a school hallway? Kay, thanks.

Why was I chosen for the problem I didn’t even understand?

So, that happened.

If I was a new dwarf, my name would be Clumsy.

Panic! At The Disco songs just get me.

How did the concept of wooden instruments with strings even happen?

What happens in the house when everyone’s sleeping? It’s not like everything comes to life and talks about how their humans treated them.


Georgia is the new Antarctica. No question.

Wow, when it actually snows and it’s just like 1/3 of an inch.

Feel sorry for people far up north though.

I need blogspiration and fitspiration right about now.

I feel like behind in every thing.

Looking now at my recent poems, they make me come off as depressed.

Never get tired of the classics.

When I see something DIY, I attempt to follow it up to like step 2 and then give up and never attempt it again. Oops.

I should get back into sewing and knitting.

My book bag feels like a 50 pound boulder.

I think my inability of have an ego comes from my insecurities.

Why do the cellos in our orchestra class other than Lily suck?

LGPE is soon and we still can’t get Momentum down.


Maybe I should get into Tumblr.

I’ve become deattached from all my social medias… Oops.

I’ll probably put my poems in a category on this blog.

I’ve never been into changing the blog for seasons and such. It just seems more tiring to me.

I’m not that into YouTube.

I miss 7th grade.

I miss the easiness of 7th grade.

We eat pizza inside out. Whoa.

How do people surf, how does that even work?

Did Word Press change AGAIN?

These Spanish words aren’t so hard.

I’d like to take French in high school.

Wow, Harvard costs THAT much?

This laptop bag is too boxy-ish.

I would like to think I’m funny but in reality my jokes are so bad, mimes laugh at me.

Speaking of mimes, why do people find them creepy?

I feel like Georgia is really average compared to the other states.

I like this small town, its quite quaint.

Is wanting to compose my own string music weird?

Who would we be if we were the opposite of ourselves?

I love how hypocrisy likes taking the reigns over this school’s typical societies and the people who follow it.

Apparently, taking all AP classes in high school is how you start crying.

And… I’ve lost faith in humanity again.

I wish I had made into the science fair.

I sense tension, so I’ll be over here.

I’ve forgotten when my bloggerversary is. If that’s what you call it.

I miss blogging, PERIOD.

I think I’ve missed a lot in the blogosphere.


Float In The Cyberspace!


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