Personality Tests

So, amy recommended some personality tests to take when you need to waste time and I needed to do just that. If you want access the links/tests, click here. If the link doesn’t work, I put the links with each test.

MBTI: I got: Advocate (INFJ-T). I kind of broke the rules with this one because there was plenty of these I was really neutral on and I couldn’t take a side.

Mind: I got 89% Introverted and 11% Extroverted.

I am really introverted outside the internet.

Energy: 68% Intuitive and 32% Observant.

I feel I’m actually in the middle of these, rather than being more intuitive because I like to observe sometimes and when I do it’s often deep and I do act intuitive so.. yeah.

Nature: Feeling 61% Thinking 39%

I also feel like this should have been half and half because I’m pretty thoughtful and somewhat emotional.

Tactics: Judging 68% Prospecting 32%

This confused me. I didn’t think I was judgy, I saw myself more prospective.

Identity: Turbulent 54% Assertive 46%

Turbulent probably should have outweighed assertive by more than this. I am not assertive and in any way, shape, or form.

EnneagramI was most likely a type 5, and wing 5w6.

AlignmentI got Lawful Good.

Kinsey: I got 0 but I kind of feel like 1, I don’t really know.

Hogwarts House: I got Ravenclaw but then tied at 64% for Griffindor and Hufflepuff and had 43% Slytherin.

Temperament: I got Phlegmatic but Melancholic was a very close second.


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