The Spirit Animal Award


Thank you to Owaysis and inadvertently Grace. Click their names to see how they did their awards.

Rules for accepting this award:

  1. Show off the picture of the award on your blog
  2. Write a short paragraph about yourself and your blog
  3. If you could be ANY animal, what would it be?
  4. Nominate 10 nominees

My paragraph:

I am 14 year old teen living in a small town in the South. If I was to be any southern belle, I’d be the clumsy, weird, socially awakward, introverted one who you never hear about in any movie. I love playing my viola which I started playing 3 years ago who now has battle scars from my brother. I’ve been blogging for also 3 and 3/4th years, so yeah I’m old on WordPress. This site used to have a different url that I envisioned this blog would be about when I was younger but I guess I kind of evolved and my writing style evolved with me. I started this blog as an outlet to talk about my life and the weird occurrences in it when I saw my friends from a site based on the popular book series Dork Diaries after the comments became moderated and our outlet of creativity was limited. So we were like hey, why don’t we have our site and that’s how WordPress and I got acquainted. I’ve seen a lot of changes to this site.

What animal I would be:

I would either be a bunny or a Golden Retriever.

I don’t think I know anyone who hadn’t been tagged for this yet, but if you haven’t..



Float In The Cyber Space!


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