Becoming Who We Didn’t Want To Be

Ugh, so this post is basically about what I have with people in my grade right now. Let’s backtrack so you can get what this post is basically about.

So back when most of us were in the 6th grade, we saw the 8th graders being so obnoxious and weird. They would basically make out in the hallways (if they could be so secretive as not let the principal see them [we had a somewhat strict principal for the 6th grade year]), well really, everywhere.  I once had to go to the old orchestra teacher before Mrs. Anima room to ask about the new playing test and in the cello/bass room, I saw a couple as I passed by to the back orchestra door. Super weird. I’m not even going to go into details, it was just… I don’t even know. So since as 6th graders, we were scared out of our wits about middle school, we were all like, “PSHHH, we are NEVER going to like them, they’re weird.”

*sort of sing-songy* Guess what hap-pened?

I can’t even go down the hallway to first period without seeing two people eating each other’s faces off (which is this random thought was in the last Random Thoughts post: “Can you please stop devouring each other in a school hallway? Kay, thanks.”). It makes me feel terribly single,  a little annoyed with the society of my peers. Even more because now it is like normal. I can’t even innocently put Aria’s viola into it’s rack because she accidentally left it on a bass stool without looking up and see these people kissing by the back door where I usually chill and talk to people are stuck in Spanish during dismissal (*cough, cough* I think we all know who I’m talking about… MR. FIRTH! Just kidding.)

Yeah, it’s slightly needling. But you and I both, I’m just going to accept and move on with my life the best I can.

Like I do with a lot of things.

At least, its not televised high school.

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9 thoughts on “Becoming Who We Didn’t Want To Be

  1. Oh my gosh! That’s unfortunate. RIP eyes.
    I’m in 8th grade, and I haven’t seen that from our grade yet. I think our grade does it more privately when they do.
    The high school is right next to us, and they go on the same buses. They’ve done it before. Couples always hold hands while walking, and I’ve seen a FEW kissing. ONO

    1. RIP Eyes.
      Eyes had a long life ahead of them. They were going to embrace the world. Until people ruined it for them. Now they rest here young and tainted.

      But in all seriousness, 8TH GRADE FELLOW! Ah, my high school isn’t close to the middle school, the middle school actually next to the elementary school.
      You’re lucky, my friend, VERY lucky.

      1. Ah, you see we are near them but like sideways away from them. Like the elementary school’s in the front and the middle school is close but facing a side. So we don’t have contact with them.

  2. My school has couples here and there, but there are two different types of couples in my school. One couple type are modest citizens, that keep a healthy relationship, and don’t do PDA that much. The other type…. well lets just say you wouldn’t want to go to any secluded area in the school any time soon. >.>

    1. 9-9
      I want to hug the modest peoples like thank you for not displaying your “passion”. I feel like for some of them, they just like showing off like, “Look at me, I have a boyfriend. We are doing all this advanced stuff while you sit there SINGLE as f. Bet you wish you were me.”
      And I’m here like, “No, I do not want to be like you because compared to you, I like my morals. Please and Thank You.”
      It just ticks me off sometimes.

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